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BAP Token – Begins The Journey, As The First Dividends Starts

September 30, 2021 GMT

The BAP team is proud to introduce its platform, and equally happy to announce the beginning of the first Dividends.

The BAP token team is proud to introduce its platform, and equally happy to announce the beginning of the first Dividends.

The BAP Token is built by Bitcoin ATM Pros, which has professionalized the usage of crypto ATMs and are currently following the vision to make crypto accessible to as many people as possible around the globe. They will help countries and areas in need of a financial revolution. With many licenses under BAP, they are able to exceed their competition.

The starting mark:

Bitcoin ATM Pros was founded by Michael Cuillard in 2017. Below is the transcript of the exclusive interview of Michael, which should help understand the current and future plans of BAP and their growing ecosystem.


Q. What motivated you to start Bitcoin ATM Pros and BAP Token? How did the idea come about?

“I worked higher up at Verizon for several years, then turned to run a Solar company for a few years, excelling at each individually. We’ve worked extremely hard to obtain the necessary licenses, including an MTL-409, enabling us to transmit cryptocurrency to anyone anywhere in the entire world.

With this ability, we decided it would be wise to create a cryptocurrency ATM company that would sell and buy different digital assets from each customer. This is an exceptional ability as most crypto ATMs only allow their customers to purchase crypto and not sell it in exchange for cash.

The original creation of the project was because I personally felt governments had too much control over us and our money. Many countries in Africa change currencies so often, farmers and citizens go broke every 5 years because the money they made is now obsolete. I want to be able to put our token into those communities with some ATMs and give the power back to the people and bring back the barter system. They can use the ATMs as personal banks to buy and sell crypto in their area as they need, without any governmental control.”

Q. Currently most investors only care about profits at the moment, but ignore the long-term benefits. So, can you give them some reasons why they should buy and hold your token in the long term?

Michael further added:

“The beauty of the BAP token is our already profitable utilities and our dividend structure for token holders. 10% of all the profits from our ATMs and Over The Counter exchange will be given back to the token holders every quarter in the form of tokens then Ethereum. The first payout is right around the corner on the 3rd of October. You will be paid out in BAP tokens until they are all gone, then you will be paid in Ethereum from then on out. So, the longer you hold the tokens the more money you will make regardless of the price. This is a residual income token.


After you’re in the BAP family you just sit back and watch the quarterly dividends come rolling in, as our way of thanking you for the investment and faith in us! The BAP family will not let you down! We are a community-based team, driven to take care of those in financial hardships.

We plan to open many financial companies within the BAP ecosystem; such as a platform for processing fiat and crypto payment, debit cards for our users of the exchange, more OTCs, 3D printing house projects in countries that need financial services, and a better life that we can help them with.

Our project as a whole, is much bigger than just one company, one person or one token. It’s about changing the world for the better wherever we can, and the token holders get paid for helping us help others.”

The benefits for early investors and the ways to buy:

Early investors have the opportunity to benefit more on the dividends as the price is low now and will equate to more tokens. At the current rate of $0.05, the Dividend payout will be much larger since after the pre-sale it will be at $0.58 a token. The first Dividend payout will be on the 3rd of October and includes an extra bonus to thank our early investors.

One can buy BAP Tokens at or the exchange The Coinpros exchange is Baptoken’s own crypto exchange that is in the developing stage. Bap token will be using Refinitiv, Ciphertrace, and WorldCheck for the KYC/AML and compliance onboarding process for Coinpros. Since there are many banking regulations in place (which can be found on under “Bitcoin ATM Pros”), a crypto exchange where people can buy and sell the Bap token in time, just seemed perfect.

The vision to spread Crypto usage through ATM:

There are many plans by BAP token to have many virtual communities in several countries to make sure the word is spread, as BAP token aims to help any underserved areas in many ways including, but definitely not limited to, financial services. The plan is to go to each country and find the areas that are in the most need and start setting up systems in those one by one.

In time, there will be setting up a call line where people can ask any questions about crypto or how it can better serve them in their needs. This call line and service will be absolutely free. As the aim is towards educating the masses on this glorious opportunity that cryptocurrency and the BAP token have to offer. It’s more about getting the people in need, to a place of peace and wellness with their finances, life is hard enough as it is, we all need a helping hand every now and again. BAP aims to be that hand for you!

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