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Menopausal Woman Leaves the NHS to Work with the Fairies: Creates a Wonderful free, three-day Fairy Course on Facebook.

July 6, 2022 GMT

Northamptonshire, England, United Kingdom - July 6, 2022 —

Julie-Sian, an award winning, international, intuitive card reader with over two decades of experience, announces the creation of a free, engaging, educative and wonderful three-day course on Facebook. The free three-day fairy course on Facebook, titled “Elemental Fairies and the 5 Elements” is scheduled to start on 12th and end on 14th July will anchor on “Introduction to the Elemental Fairies and the 5 elements: earth, air, fire, water and spirit”. The course will introduce people to the wonderful world of the Elemental Fairies and show them how to connect with the Fairies and elements to manifest their dreams into reality.

Julie-Sian started interacting with the elemental fairies when she felt there is more to life. She says, “During my time, working for the NHS, I never felt complete. I always felt something was missing. I felt there must be more to life than the life I was living. My children were leaving home, and I was suffering from the “empty nest syndrome”. “My life was consisting of daily hot flushes, boredom, loneliness, I felt worthless, was suffering from lack of confidence, and there seemed to be no meaning to my life at all. I felt overwhelmed and lacked focus. My life had been focused on my children, now they had left home, I did not know what to do. I had an empty void within me”, Julie-Sian stated.


The only time Julie-Sian felt “whole” and in alignment with her mind, body and spirit was when she was creating meditations, and doing readings and healings for people and animals. She was at her happiest when she connected with the elemental fairies, unicorns, and dragons, who are the earth angels. She would engage in long conversations with the elemental fairies, explaining about her dream to work full-time with the elementals, and to create her own deck of cards. “The Elemental Fairies heard my dream and showed me how I could manifest it into a reality. They showed me how to achieve my dream, by just believing in it, and trusting them and the Universe. And the more I believed, the more whole I became, no longer feeling lonely, worthless, unwanted, and empty. My life was full of abundance of joy, peace, and happiness” Julie-Sian stated.

During the conversations with the fairies, she would receive messages, which later became the foundations to the affirmations that would appear on the Elemental Fairies Affirmation Cards. She said, “One of the messages I received was “As I dream it, I will believe it and so I will achieve it”. The Elemental Fairies Affirmation Cards containing such messages was released on my sixtieth birthday and became an Amazon 10 top seller within 24 hours of being released”, Julie-Sian stated.

When this was happening many sceptics, including immediate family and friends, doubted what she was doing. They doubted that she could create the life she had wanted and doubted that she would be financially secure. However, she never once stopped believing that she could and would achieve her dream. The fairies manifested for her several things in her life including the way to leave the NHS and pursue her dreams, the perfect home to live in, the perfect clients and her financial security. She said, “I had never felt so aligned and so happy and content. Not once did I doubt, I always believed that the fairies would not let me down, and they have not”.


Julie-Sian says, “The fairies also showed me how my dream that everyone could have access to their very own Reiki Master, day or night could become a reality. The fairies helped me to manifest Reiki Teddy into a reality. Reiki Teddy became the bear with a healing hug that has helped hundreds of people with healing and comfort. Children with additional needs and people with Alzheimer’s have benefited from him. Reiki Teddy has grown from a single idea, to having his own website, being trade-marked, with sales across the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, and Australia.

To enable people benefit from her experience, Julie-Sian has created the three-day course and developed journals to help people write down their dreams and wishes, so they too, can tap in with the elementals to manifest abundance into their life, just as she has done. She also created an in depth nine module, on-line course which will help people to manifest their dreams into a reality, by connecting with the Elemental Fairies and the elements, earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. She also created a wonderful Elemental Fairy Manifesting Kit, to compliment the on-line course, which contains all the necessary tools people need to manifest abundance into their life and to achieve their own dreams.


About Julie-Sian

Julie-Sian is an award winning, international, intuitive card reader with over 20 years of experience. She is a certified Reiki Master, working with horses and dogs as well as humans! She specialises in meditations, with many thousands of views on YouTube channel. She has created a very popular range of journals for helping people achieve their dreams. She is the creator of Reiki Teddy©, the bear with a healing hug, attuned to the wonderful healing energies of Reiki and Angelic Reiki, with customers across the UK, Ireland, Australia, USA, and Canada.

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About Us: Julie-Sian, ex NHS worker now an award winning, international, intuitive card reader with over two decades of experience, announces the creation of a free, engaging, educative and wonderful three-day fairy course on Facebook. Join here

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