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GoHire Introduces Apply By Text for Effectively Automating Post COVID-19 Hiring

March 31, 2021 GMT

GoHire has announced “Apply by Text″ which allows job seekers to send a text message to a given phone number.

Candidates get an instant response with pre-screening questions. Employers then receive the shortlisted candidate profiles via email, and they can use the text recruiting software to send replies.

Covid-19 pandemic is far from over, but it has already sent the business world into a tizzy, where many businesses had to shut shop for good. Small businesses like restaurants, hotels, retailers, and manufacturers, lost their employees during lockdown, because they could no longer afford to pay the salaries with no revenues coming in.


Now that the lockdowns have been eased and most businesses are allowed to resume their operations, they are scrambling to hire new employees. Restaurants, retailers, manufacturers, and hospitality employers need to rebuild, but they will need a proper workforce to bounce back and start generating revenues. Most of them are looking for recruitment solutions that allow them to engage with the right candidates on tight budgets.

Many companies are trying to automate the recruiting processes, because they need to “do more with less”. Sending candidates to their career sites to apply isn’t working either. In the 2021, Cost Per Hire reports from Appcast, less than 6% of corporate career site visitors complete an application. That means that 94% of visitors are leaving without employers having any way to communicate with the candidate.

Text to Apply by GoHire is fast becoming the best solution for streamlining the recruitment process. They offer incoming phone numbers or a shortcode to their clients for recruitment advertising. Employers can use the codes on job portals with a Call-to-Action like - Text JOBS to 415-980-1270.

Although there are many communication modes like social media and voice chats, phone calls and SMS are still the primary contact source for most people. So GoHire has come up with the idea of Text To Hire, where the candidates get immediate text responses with pre-screening questions.

Once the candidates are screened as per the requirement, their profiles will be emailed to the employers. Employers can use their Text to Apply software to send text to the candidates, and also get direct replies. The software also provides the option of scheduling the interview with the candidates who pass the screening text.


Apply By Text allows job seekers to submit their profiles, and get fast responses from recruiters and hiring managers, without having to waste time waiting to know about their application status. With this recruiting automation solution, companies are able to get applications from more candidates, so that they get the required workforce without spending a lot of time, efforts, resources, and money.

Recruitment automation using chatbots can help companies in connecting with 500% more candidates. The best part is that 9 out of 10 candidates will complete the application and pre-screening process.

These chatbots can be programmed to do automated interview scheduling for the shortlisted job seekers. Apply By Text can be easily integrated with the existing recruitment systems of employers. Complete details are available on this website, https://gohire.com/apply-by-text/

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