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StrictionD Review: Advanced Blood Sugar Formula or Scam Pill

August 21, 2020 GMT

Los Angeles, CA - ( NewMediaWire ) - August 21, 2020 -  Regulating blood sugar levels  is something that needs to be taken care of early. According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), well over 100 million Americans have been diagnosed with health issues related to fluctuating blood sugar levels.

When these levels are abnormally high, one is likely to experience an increased risk of heart disease and stroke. In contrast, low levels can lead to blurry vision, dizziness, sweating, and unexplained tiredness among several others.

To avoid any drastic consequences from blood sugar imbalances, Optimal Health & Wellness claims their StrictionD is an alternative solution to prescription drugs. In what ways is StrictionD superior to the general solutions recommended by health professionals? Here’s what we’ve managed to summarize regarding StrictionD.


What is StrictionD?

StrictionD is an advanced formula  that aims to deliver blood-sugar support. According to Optimal Health & Wellness’ senior nutritionist, Matt, it can potentially aid in reducing blood sugar and pressure levels, lowering blood lipid levels, improving insulin response. To see what makes this solution advanced, let’s take a closer look at its function and ingredients list.

How does StrictionD work?

StrictionD has been formulated to work in several ways, some of which include  rebalancing blood sugar levels  and reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Above all, it seems to deliver the necessary antioxidants deemed appropriate for advanced immunity. That said, the main ingredients used in StrictionD, according to each serving, are as follows:

Thiamin (1.5mg)

Thiamin is also referred to as vitamin B, which is typically found in food and extracted for dietary supplement purposes. According to the claims made, consumers with thiamin-deficiency are commonly faced with increased oxidative stress, inflammation, and endothelial dysfunction. In fact, it can go as far as leading to hyperglycaemic-induced damage, which simply means that individuals diagnosed with type 1 and 2 diabetes are likely to experience high blood sugar and its associated symptoms.

Zinc (15mg)

When blood sugar levels are high, zinc (i.e., a mineral) is usually removed from the body via urine. The problem that arises with a zinc deficiency is that it leads to a decrease in insulin secretion. Insulin is important, especially for those with diabetes, because it’s what helps to regulate blood glucose levels. In particular, this is done by signaling the liver, muscle, and fat cells to take in glucose from the bloodstream.

Chromium (400mcg)


The chromium found in  StrictionD comes from Crominex(R)3+, which is also considered as a unique trivalent chromium supplement. It has since been clinically studied and, as a result, is believed to be the most efficacious of all oral chromium. As for its health benefits, it can help support healthy blood glucose levels, endothelial function, and cholesterol levels. Above all, its bioavailability has been praised, considering that the average chromium not that absorbable.

Ceylon Cinnamon (1000mg)

Cinnamon is a spice that is extracted from the barks of Cinnamomum trees. To date, several varieties are offered, but two that stand out are Ceylon and Cassia. The difference between the two is that the former is a far more expensive and purer source of cinnamon with enhanced antioxidants, whereas the latter undergoes far more processing. Nonetheless, research has since found that Ceylon cinnamon can mimic the role of insulin and can lower blood sugar levels and risks of diabetes-related symptoms.

Corosolic Acid (480mcg)

Banaba is an herbal remedy extracted from its very leaves. This extraction is also referred to as Corosolic acid.  StrictionD contains the GlucoHelp(R)  version, which is standardized to 18% Corosolic acid. As for its benefits, select studies were able to find that it can help maintain fasting, after-meals, and overall glucose levels while ridding one of the common issues such as increased thirst, and drowsiness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)How does StrictionD compare to its competition?

In contrast to existing competition, what makes StrictionD stand out is its purported ability to boost and fortify antioxidants in the body, lower blood sugar, pressure, and cholesterol levels, and increase insulin sensitivity, cardiovascular support, and metabolic function.

Besides, this respective formula is 100% natural, has been certified non-GMO, and went through quality control processes. Other leading supplements are limited in the sense that they are only capable of lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels while enhancing cardiovascular health.

How to take StrictionD?

Based on the supplement facts, the serving size is two capsules. Hence individuals should restrict themselves to one serving per day.

Is StrictionD generally safe?

Given that StrictionD is a certified Non-GMO and 100% all-natural solution with nothing but natural ingredients, it is deemed generally safe. However, it is always best to consult a health practitioner before using, as StrictionD is not meant to treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. It is simply meant to help drive better results given measures that are already in place.

How long will it take to receive StrictionD?

For domestic orders, StrictionD is expected to arrive within 5 to 7 days, while international orders can take up to 14 days.

How many bottles of StrictionD should be purchased?

It seems like the supply of StrictionD varies from consumer to consumer. In particular, for those with fasting glucose of anywhere between 150 and 199, three months’ worth of supply has been suggested, whereas, for anyone above 200, six months is deemed sufficient.

What if StrictionD doesn’t work as suggested?

To ensure consumers have peace of mind, each StrictionD purchase has been backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee. If, for whatever reason, one feels that the results obtained are minimal, which can happen, customer service can be contacted for a complete refund. To initiate the return/refund processes, customer service needs to be contacted first. Here’s how:

  • Call: 1 (844) 248-3717
  • Email:
  • U.S. Address: 1608 S. Ashland Ave. Suite 73005, Chicago, IL, 60608, USA
  • Canada Address: 111 Farquhar Street, Suite 120, Guelph ON, N1H 3N4, Canada

How much does StrictionD cost?

StrictionD prices vary according to the number of bottles purchased. Below are the  listed prices for both one-time purchases:

  • 1 Bottle of StrictionD: $63.39 per bottle
  • 3 Bottles of StrictionD: $42.26 per bottle
  • 6 Bottles of StrictionD: $38.04 per bottle

Bear in mind that if one were to go with the subscription plan, each bottle comes out to roughly $47.54 per bottle.

Meet Optimal Health & Wellness

Optimal Health & Wellness is the brains behind StrictionD. Trusted as a premium nutrition brand, the team claims to focus on factors including “product quality, purity, level of potency, and overall effectiveness,” adding that conscious decisions go into making each and every solution offered.

Final Thoughts

StrictionD is a dietary supplement meant to support blood sugar levels. Through the use of select. Natural ingredients, individuals are getting all-around support that improves one’s overall health and not just insulin resistance.

As for its affordability, the StrictionD formula seems straightforward and straightforward. This is reassuring because most of the ingredients have been extensively studied, hence, making it a potentially valuable solution. In fact, a press release reported that StrictionD resulted in an improvement of 12 to 26% in total cholesterol and a reduction in bad cholesterol by 7 to 27%. To learn more about StrictionD, click  here.

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