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Erase My Back Pain Review: Emily Lark Back to Life Exercises

July 24, 2020 GMT

Homewood, IL - ( NewMediaWire ) - July 24, 2020 - Back To Life by Emily Lark is known as a complete healthy back system to “erase my back pain” that provides easy to follow stretching exercises based on yoga and Pilates training concepts. Found only at, Emily Lark’s Back To Life uses a therapeutic method that can help naturally unlock the body’s inherent strength and start working towards a strong toned core and tall effortless posture with just ten minutes a day.

Did you know that at least 80% of Americans are likely to experience back health concerns at some point in their life? Imagine what the numbers look like globally, it’s quite frightening isn’t it? Though taken so lightly by the general population, back pain isn’t only linked to poor physical health, but it could extend as far as destroying one’s mental health.


For starters, the limitations that come with back issues can easily demotivate consumers, leading up to confusion, lack of confidence and self-doubt among others. Unfortunately, when proper care isn’t sought for, things can quickly accelerate to the point where one is left with feelings of hopelessness, irritability and possibly depression.

Back to Life has been put together to avoid all of the aforementioned health damages. With this system, individuals will learn to react differently to pain and seek natural solutions that improve flexibility and strength among others. Want in on everything shared via the system? This review presents a complete overview of what  Back to Life  stands for:

What is Back to Life?

Back to Life is a video system that aids individuals in achieving a healthy back. With the use of simple and cutting-edge tools, this system is anticipated to resolve back pain naturally. What makes it an exception is that the entirety of Back to Life focuses on select movements that help to protect the back, while bringing the spine and hips into the ideal placement.

What is there to learn from Back to Life?

The Back to Life Erase My Back Pain system  will educate individuals on the power select movements have in repairing the body’s fault lines and supporting a healthy spine, mind, and appearance. To achieve the suggested benefits, Back to Life will direct one’s attention towards:


  • The significance of sciatica pain and how it can be resolved with a 30-second chair stretch
  • Core moves that can be done anytime for a stronger and tighter core
  • Seated moves that keep the spine as youthful as possible
  • Daily tips and tricks that can be easily incorporated to support spine and back health

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Hailed as Emily Lark’s Revolutionary Fitness Method for Relieving Back Pain, the Back To Life program for erasing back pain in men and women combines both ancient yoga knowledge and cutting-edge modern exercise science research. Set out to correct postural imbalances and simultaneously build up core strength, the Emily Lark’s Back To Life program is meant to support a healthy stable spine.

Here are the most popular questions pertaining to the Erase My Back Pain program from Emily Lark that people want to know about the trending success of the  Back To Life exercises and stretching routines.

Who is Back to Life suitable for?

Back to Life is suitable for back pain issues. Age is not a factor to worry about here, as each phase of the program comes in multiple levels and modifications. So, individuals can customize the program according to their age, shape, flexibility and condition.

What are the benefits of practices Back to Life?

With time, Back to Life can help with stress relief, increase energy levels, strength and flexibility, improve one’s mood and core, and help build slimmer, and toned hips and thighs. Most of all, individuals can finally free themselves of the restrictions associated with stiff and achy muscles.

How often should Back to Life be practiced?

This depends heavily on one’s schedule, and level of pain. Back to Life should be practiced either once a day or every other day. Given that Level 1 is only 10 minutes, it can be done twice a day. Having said all that, the body decides whether it can do another set or not. If individuals are sore the following day, a day should suffice for recovery.

Will the exercises interfere with existing medical conditions?

According to Lark, the exercises in Back to Life are designed to be of low impact, hence, allowing anyone with pain to achieve some relief. That said, there are select moves including twists, and side, front and back bends that might not be suitable for everyone. To prevent any injuries, a health practitioner should be consulted regarding such moves prior to executing them.

When is it ideal to advance to different Back to Life levels?

While there are no particularities in how fast one should be advancing from level to level, individuals are suggested to spend a couple of weeks on Level 1 before moving forward. The goal is to do all of the exercises with precision and control. Above all, they should be done easily and without much strain.

How long will it take to receive Back to Life?

Back to Life is offered in both physical and digital versions. For the physical orders, it can take anywhere between 5 and 7 days for U.S. orders and 12 to 14 days for international orders.

Is Back to Life supported by a long refund policy?

Back to Life is supported by a 60-day money back guarantee, so that gives individuals a little under two months to assess their back health. If Back to Life fails to deliver, customer service can help in getting a refund.

How to continue with the refund process?

To continue with the refund process, individuals are strongly recommended to contact customer service. Here are some convenient ways to go about it:

  • Product support:
  • Phone:
    • Toll-free: 1 (800) 390-6035
    • International: 1 (208) 345-4245
  • Address: 5940 S Rainbow Blvd Ste 400 #45247 Las Vegas, Nevada 89118 – 2507

How much does Back to Life cost?

As mentioned above,  Back to Life is offered in both digital and physical versions. Obviously, with the physical version, individuals will be subjected to shipping and handling fees. Aside from that, both versions are currently offered at $37 each, which has been reduced from an original price of $99.95.

What does each purchase of Back to Life entail?

Besides the Back to Life system, individuals will gain immediate access to the following bonuses:

#1. The Back to Life Full-Color Companion Manual

This manual was put together for people to see full color instruction pictures. This might be helpful for those who would much rather read than watch the videos.

#2. The Healthy Back Checklist

For a pain free back, The Healthy Back Checklist includes simple tricks that should not be neglected. This includes ideal standing and sleeping positions, the role diet and nutrition plays in easing pain, the right types of shoes to wear to lower back pain, and many others.

Who is Emily Lark?

Fitness and wellness coach,  Emily Lark is the creator behind the Back to Life system. She currently has an E-RYT designation, which is tied to a Yoga Alliance. Yoga Alliance is simply a registry for yoga teachers with credentials to teach others. In addition to being a yoga and wellness coach, Lark is widely known as a fitness studio owner, pilates instructor, and speaker.

Her passion for back relief comes from her personal hurdles, as 12-year-old Lark was left with chronic back pain because of a car accident. This pain continued well into her adulthood, which prevented her from working for nearly a year. Through extensive research, she used certain techniques for optimal healing, and these are fundamental in Back to Life. Check out her social media account  here.

Final Thoughts

Back pain is an important issue that needs to be addressed the moment it is felt. Not only does it limit one’s independence, it also has the potential to prevent one from sitting, standing or even bending over. In fact, when the pain is excruciating, it can extend down to the leg or even upwards, resulting in extreme stiffness and bed rest.

With Back to Life, individuals will be introduced to an array of movements that claim to rid one of back-related issues. Though diet evidently plays a role here, individuals will no longer need to worry about prescription drugs of any sort. This process is as natural as it gets, which is likely reassuring for most consumers. In addition, Emily Lark’s experience in the field, especially as an instructor (since 2004), appears to validate the system in place.

Finally, price appears to be the least of one’s worries, as individuals are presented with helpful knowledge at a significantly reduced price. To add to that, the entire system is now considered risk-free because of the money back guarantee in place.  To find out more about Emily Lark’s Back to Life stretches and exercise program to erase back pain, click here.