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Press release content from NewMediaWire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.

Five Tips for Successful SAP Implementation by Chris Salis

July 12, 2020 GMT

San Francisco, CA - ( NewMediaWire ) - July 12, 2020 - Chris Salis has become a prominent name in the sector of technology with his industrious efforts. While at SAP, he helped commercialize the Digital business unit and shortened the average time to market for new developments from 12 months to 90 days. Another accomplishment during his two years as Global Vice president and Head of Portfolio Go to Market was creating a strategy to reposition select zero revenue products through low touch channels. The result was a small portfolio of products going from zero revenue to several million of ARR.


Five Tips to Manage a Successful SAP Implementation

The right preparation and the right team are essential for success. SAP implementation is intricate, and understanding certain aspects can enhance the delivery of SAP projects. Here are four tips for managing a successful SAP Implementation:

See the Broader Picture

SAP Implementations ought to be set up and supervised at a Project and Program level. The SAP project requires getting requirements and influencing stakeholders throughout the business. SAP Projects can be essential for enterprise transformations.  They can come with many benefits but also many pitfalls. These projects need the involvement and buy-in of senior management in planning, execution, taking decisions, and support. A wiser suggestion is to identify, plan, handle, and track business benefits associated with specified responsibilities. Then communicate, communicate, communicate.

Business Involvement and Acceptance is Essential

A successful SAP implementation might struggle to keep up because of insufficient business acceptances and lack of cross-functional participation. If the SAP solution does not ally with business expectations, it can bring repeated work, time, and costs. To avoid non- acceptance:

-  Check infrastructure and competencies.

- Work on stakeholder communication

-Ensure stakeholder understanding and acceptance.

- Instead of new business processes, implement current methodologies.

-Focus on training.

-Maintain a continuous feedback loop.

-Don’t forget the underlying Why?  Why did your organization take on this project?  What does the future state look like.  Continue to remind the business not just what they are building, but why they are building it.  Remember to regularly communicate and connect the project to the larger transformation goals and ROI.


Anticipate Problems and Stay Prepared

No matter what you’re implementing, SAP is going to be a big project.  There will be issues, conflicts, and changes. These can impact the implementation heavily and affect the project badly. Thus it is crucial to take charge and recognize the possible uncertainties in advance. The project manager needs to be ready to identify the risk, respond, and implement an appropriate strategy altogether. For this:

-  Keep a business-focused approach.

-  Understand the strategy of the business.

- Understand the goal of the SAP project and its aim with the business strategy of the organization.

-  Get guidance and management’s approval.

- Join forces with the project team and stakeholders to understand their influence on the implementation of SAP project and vice-versa.

Emphasize the Planning and Execution

There can be different approaches to implementing SAP that is dependent on different organizational environments. However, the concern should be more focused on correct planning and implementation.  Methods should be selected based on maturity, availability, and alignment as per the requirement. Lack of proper planning can cause delays, missed deliverables, which will ultimately impact the success of the project.  However, changes needed for final needed goals are ought to be incorporated as important.

About Chris Salis

With extensive experience stretching over two decades, Christopher Salis has become an expert in the tech industry and can be connected through his official Linkedin profile.  He has emphasized productivity at every corporation he has worked with. Apart from the multinational corporations, Chris Salis has employed his insights to help many startups of startups and is an advocate (GTD) Getting Things Done and lean startup philosophies.

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