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Health Benefits of Magnets

July 24, 2020 GMT

New York, NY - ( NewMediaWire ) - July 24, 2020 - Magnetic field therapy makes use of magnets of various kinds to improve your overall health. Magnetic therapy can also prove beneficial in treating certain diseases and conditions.

There are multiple types of magnetic field therapies:

Static: This therapy involves connecting a magnet to your skin. This is most commonly achieved through a magnetic bracelet or a piece of jewelry. Other methods include wearing magnetic bandages or placing a magnet inside the soles of your shoes. You can even sleep on one of those special types of mattress pads that have magnets connected underneath them.


Electromagnetic: The magnets in question in this type of therapy, contain electrical charges. Electromagnetic therapy involves treatment via an electrical pulse.

Magnetic therapy plus acupuncture: The magnets are placed on the same regions of your body that an acupuncturist concentrates on during the treatment procedure. These regions are often referred to as ‘energy channels’ or ‘energy pathways’.

How does magnetic therapy work?

Your body contains natural electrical and magnetic fields. Every molecule contains magnetic energy in tiny amounts. It is believed that you suffer from certain issues because your internal magnetic fields are imbalanced. Magnetic therapy revolves around the idea that placing a magnet close to your body will help your magnetic fields regain their regularity and balance.

There are certain ions - such as potassium and calcium - that play an important role in enabling the cells to transmit signals. During tests, scientists have observed that magnets alter the actions and behavior of these ions.

Uses/benefits of magnetic field therapy:

There are a number of reported benefits, which include:

Improved circulation: When you wear a magnetic bracelet, the magnets attract blood towards the arm, since our blood contains iron. Improved circulation leads to better health and quicker recoveries from injuries or accidents. Moreover, enhanced blood flow eliminates toxins from our bodies. For optimal benefits, you should wear a magnetic bracelet on either arm or keep switching it from one arm to the other, so that you get an improved flow of blood in both the arms.

Alleviates inflammation: Normally, inflammation is good, since it is an indication that your body is taking action to fend of an infectious attack. However, certain conditions, such as arthritis, can lead to excessive inflammation, which has an adverse health impact. Through better circulation, magnets can increase the blood flow in the inflamed regions, leading to better, quicker healing, alongside causing a reduction in any swelling or redness.


Calming effects: Magnetic therapy causes magnetic waves to travel through the body, which leads to the relaxation of our soft tissues. Moreover, by improving health in general, magnetic field therapy causes feelings of calmness and relaxation.

Fights insomnia: Magnets lead to a greater production of melatonin - a sleep regulating hormone - within our bodies. Even though there are melatonin supplements on offer for people who struggle to sleep, magnetic field therapy is a natural method of inducing deep, high-quality sleep.

Eases pain: Excessive amounts of calcium and lactic acid can cause pain in the body - particularly in the joints. Magnets force the calcium ions to travel quicker through your body, thereby catalysing the healing cycles for bones and nervous tissues. Additionally, magnetic therapy promotes endorphin production, which leads to a reduction in pain and an increase in a general feeling of wellness.

Any risks or side-effects?

Normally, there are no problems associated with wearing static magnets with low intensity. However, in some cases, magnetic field therapy might pose a few problems. You should not go for magnetic therapy, if:

-       You are on a pacemaker.

-       You have an insulin pump attached to your body.

-       You are pregnant.

Also, make sure to remove any magnets attached to your body, before going for an MRI or X-ray.

Certain people might encounter side-effects of magnetic therapy, which include:

-       Nausea.

-       Pain.

-       Dizziness.

However, these side-effects rarely ever occur, and, if they do, are mild.

Even though magnetic field therapy is a new type of treatment and the scientific community is busy researching its therapeutic effects, there have been plenty of reported benefits from people who have tried this treatment method. It is also important to purchase medical magnets from reputed sources such as Nikken. To know more about Nikken magnets, feel free to visit their website.