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Noisebuds X Reviews - Are NoisebudsX Earbuds Legit or Cheap?

December 24, 2020 GMT

Homewood, IL - ( NewMediaWire ) - December 24, 2020 - The NoisebudsX-Buds is an amazing wireless gadget that never compromises on quality. Despite having a reasonable price, bass lovers will get a resounding sound from this earphone. What’s more, the earphone has detailed highs and lows, which makes different tracks sound appealing. It also contains a number of essential features including Bluetooth accessibility, voice assistant, touch built-in controls and sweat resistance.

Noisebuds X Pros


  • Stylish design
  • Comfortable fit
  • AptX support
  • Detailed mids and highs
  • Cons
  • Inefficient microphone
  • Underwhelming bass sound
  • Unintuitive controls
  • Underwhelming bass response
  • Inefficient microphone

NoisebudsX Features

While this stylish earphone comes with a myriad of features, some are a miss to say the least. For starters, the Noisebuds X earphone doesn’t have touch controls and instead has an archaic control system.

The control system enables one to adjust the volume, skip tracks, reject and accept calls, or play previous tracks, and launch the voice assistant. But despite having touch-enabled controls, operating the earphones is counterintuitive since you need to use complex touch combos to perform a specific action.

What’s the issue, you ask? Performing a simple task can be difficult sometimes. The earphones can register a triple tap incorrectly and adjust the volume. As a result, this can become aggravating till you are accustomed to the controls.

The stylish Noisebuds X earphones are sweat-resistant as well. That means they can brave through sweat-inducing activities. Additionally, the earphones support Bluetooth pairing, auto power, AAC codec support, and auto power functionality. The earphones have micro-USB charging that is a nuisance since one is required to carry two chargers.

These earphones also shine the vocals and make the sound crystal clear. Moreover, the Noisebuds X also helps with noise cancellation as one can wear the snug fit in the ear. Additionally, even after you switch the music off, the sounds in the surrounding seem quite diminished. Noisebuds X also have minimal sound leakage.

Perfect for watching media

Watching Hotstar, Youtube and Netflix using Noisebuds X earphones is an enjoyable experience and doesn’t have any latency issues. It has superb sound quality when played on the mobile phone as well. Additionally, it has stereo sound that is commendable as it can easily pinpoint directional gunshots and footsteps when watching movies.


However, using these earphones for calls is somewhat limited. The microphone seems slow and doesn’t pick up the voice easily. Users often report that the sound coming from the microphone is usually muffled. On the other hand, the receiver’s voice is quite clear.

Overall, the earphone has detailed treble range and mid-range while the vocals are clear. The manufacturer tried to install an audiophile profile to enhance the sound. However, this would have been successful if the bass sound was improved just a bit more. That said, the Noisebuds X headphones is still a better option as it is budget-friendly than most wireless earphones on the market.

Exceptional design and build

After unboxing the stylish earphones, customers get a chance to marvel at the black matte charging chase alongside a charging cable and easy-to-understand user manual. Also, the earphones come with extra ear tips that come in multiple sizes (L, M, and S). The charging’s matte finish has a premium, pleasant touch despite having a plastic body.

The logo is neatly engraved at the center of the case that gives it an understated look. On the other hand, the engraved case is sealed without having to apply extra pressure. The portable case comes in handy as it can fit easily in women’s clothing. Moreover, it’s lightweight even when the earphones are inside the case. That makes it easy to carry on the go and hence is suitable for trips or working out.


Unlike most wireless earphones in the market, the Noisebuds X is reasonably priced and comes with an array of exceptional features. The earphones have a detailed and balanced treble and midrange performance. But bass enthusiasts should refrain from purchasing these modern earphones since their bass response is underwhelming. Overall, the Noisebuds X is an excellent choice of headphones without denting the pocket.

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