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Dr. Scott Zack Gives Us the Top 5 Reasons to See a Chiropractor

August 12, 2020 GMT

Michigan - ( NewMediaWire ) - August 12, 2020 - Back pain, neck pain, tingling fingers, sciatic twinges, misaligned hips - all of these maladies can cause a distressing amount of pain and distract us from enjoying our everyday lives. But there is good news, Scott Zack from Michigan assures us. All of these pains can be treated with relatively simple chiropractic care.  

Scott Zack  Michigan is a chiropractor specializing in the treatment of musculoskeletal problems and irregularities. Musculoskeletal problems are usually related to the alignment and condition of your spine and how that affects the push and pull of your muscles. Scott Zack Michigan is a strong believer in the healing power of yoga and chiropractic exercises to bring your body back into its proper alignment. 


People Come to Chiropractors For Back Pain Says

Scott Zack From Michigan

“Back pain is the number one reason that my patients come to see me,” says Scott Zack Michigan. “Specifically lower back pain. As we’re all sitting in front of our computers more and more, our bodies are struggling to compensate for the pressure being put on our musculoskeletal system. Our bodies are meant to move and operate upright.”

Luckily, Scott Zack Michigan says that a combination of yoga and chiropractic treatment can help with lower back pain - and in some cases eliminate it almost completely. “People with bad posture typically started standing and sitting that way because their spine is out of alignment. As they shift to accommodate, that pulls on the muscles and other vertebrae, causing even more pain and misalignment. It’s a vicious cycle.” 

Neck Pain Is Becoming More and More Common Warns Scott Zack Michigan

Neck pain is often the result of poor posture. “We spend all day looking down at our keyboards, looking down at our phones, craning to see the TV - it takes a toll on the dozens of tiny muscles that compose our necks, jaws, and upper shoulders. They end up sort of freezing in place. Since the mobility of our head is controlled by our neck muscles, this can create serious problems,” says  Scott Zack Michigan


One of the best ways to prevent chronic neck pain? Scott Zach Michigan advises that you take a break each hour and roll your neck in a circular motion. Hang your head forward for a few seconds, then towards your left shoulder, back, then to your right. Gently twist your head from side to side. Raise your shoulders towards your ears and lower them in a shrugging motion. “If simple stretching exercises aren’t helping, try some yoga for the neck and upper back,” suggests Scott Zack Michigan. “And if that doesn’t help, your neck may be out of alignment, in which case you should seek chiropractic treatment.”

Headaches Can Benefit From Chiropractic Care Says Scott Zack Michigan

Everyone gets headaches from time to time. But if you’re popping ibuprofen and Tylenol every day,  Scott Zack Michigan  says you could be suffering from tension headaches. “When your spine is out of alignment or your neck starts to lose its curve, it pulls on all the little muscles in your scalp, face, jaw, neck, and shoulders. This causes pain and, at their worst, these headaches can be completely debilitating.” Luckily, Scott Zack says that just one chiropractic appointment can be of great help. 

“In conjunction with yoga and some ergonomic changes, chiropractic treatment can relieve a lot of pain in the neck and back. Many studies have shown that chiropractic treatments often work better than over the counter medication for treating headaches.”