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Health Expert Bobby Chacko on the Importance of a Wellness Coach for Chronic Conditions

November 25, 2020 GMT

Boston, MA - ( NewMediaWire ) - November 25, 2020 - Bobby Chacko turned to wellness coaching as a way to make an impact on those struggling with chronic health conditions. Chronic conditions can have a severely detrimental effect on a person’s mental state. Unfortunately, many healthcare providers offer acute care to patients with ongoing health problems. Bobby Chacko says this makes it imperative that patients with chronic medical issues seek a wellness coach for guidance.

Why a Wellness Coach?

Wellness coaching involves handing over the right tools to make positive decisions. Those who work with a wellness coach won’t receive commands to change their lives. Instead, they learn to rewire their mindsets. Each person has a unique path to follow to achieve wellness. A healthier lifestyle not only promotes physical health but also nurtures the mind and the spirit. Wellness coaches look deeper to find ways to help their clients. Negative thinking is often the root of all bad decisions in our lives. Although a doctor can instruct a person to exercise more and eat better, a wellness coach helps the person get into the headspace to achieve these goals.


Benefits of a Wellness Coach for Patients

Bobby Chacko’s specialization is working with clients diagnosed with chronic medical conditions. His client base includes patients with multiple sclerosis, heart disease, cancer, depression, and anxiety. These conditions are often lifelong and can feel draining on the mind, body, and spirit. Studies have shown the profound effect wellness coaching can have on those with chronic health conditions. During wellness coaching, the participant learns how to lose weight, eat healthier, and increase activity levels. Clients become better educated about their health and how healthier choices can improve the overall quality of life.

Another benefit of wellness coaching for clients is learning how to manage a potentially debilitating disease. When a person is first diagnosed with a chronic condition, the mindset may be to give up and let the disease take over. You may feel pressure not only to manage your symptoms but also to work still or take care of your family. Financial stress can also impact those with ongoing medical issues. Wellness coaching inspires you to take control of your life and health. Self-care is a critical step in managing any medical condition.

Wellness coach, Bobby Chacko has a well-rounded background in both the business world and a lifestyle coach. Understanding the pressures of the corporate world and struggling with chronic health conditions has inspired Bobby Chacko to help others like himself. His dedication to whole-body wellness makes him an inspiration to his clients from around the globe.