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Bullseye Trades Review: Raging Bull Jeff Bishop Trading Scam?

August 18, 2020 GMT

Chicago, IL - ( NewMediaWire ) - August 18, 2020 - Bullseye Trades by Jeff Bishop of Raging Bull is a new program where the millionaire trader reveals his top trade each and every week for his loyal followers. Found exclusively at, Jeff Bishop’s Bullseye Trades will give subscribers one high conviction trading strategy per week that can give members the ability to capitalize on the expert’s insights and analysis.

The key to earning big profits is not to trade more, but to trade less. To help people understand the intrigues of options trading, Jeff Bishop brings his latest production of a trade that has 100% profit potential. Each Monday, Jeff e-mails or texts his subscribers one simple option trade just before the markets open.


This is an honest review of what Bullseye Trades is,  what Jeff Bishop has to offer, how industry-leading Raging Bull works, and importantly, how much it costs. This review aims to help you make a decision based on the information and tips provided by Jeff Bishop.

What is Bullseye Trades?

Bullseye Trades is a new concept in options trading developed by Jeff Bishop. It comes in the form of a trading alert service where Jeff picks his best trading idea for the week and sends it to his subscribers. In the end, those who subscribe to the service can share the accomplishments of his trade for that week.

If you’re a subscriber to the service, the trading concept takes only five minutes of your time to help you make a target goal of 100 percent profit for the week. According to Jeff, with just one best trading idea per week, subscribers may earn from 50 up to 300 percent profit on a single win.

Not every trade can be a winner. However, according to the system proponents, it’s possible to earn at least $1000 per month by operating a small dollar account. By providing his members with just a simple trading tip each week,  Bullseye removes the complicated guesswork  that exists when dealing with options trading.

Who is Jeff Bishop?

Jeff Bishop is the Founder and President of Bullseye Trades. The millionaire options trader has a wealth of experience spanning over 20 years in stock trading. A holder of finance and economics degrees from the University of Texas, Jeff has featured in different mainstream financial publications, including the U.S. News & World Report, Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, and The Wall Street Journal.


A decade ago, Jeff, together with his colleagues Allan Marshall and Jason Bond, created the Raging Bulls—which is a successful trading company. Based on his knowledge and experience in the trading world, Jeff belongs to the category of other legendary trading gurus like Russ Horn and Toshko Raychev.

Jeff developed the Bullseye Trades program intending  to provide his subscribers with a single alert every Monday morning, just before the stock markets open. Every weekend, he analyses and picks his very best trading idea for the upcoming week. He then sends the idea to his members via texts or emails.

In addition to the Bullseye Trades program, Jeff sells other trading prediction systems and services, including the Weekly Money Multiplier. He’s an entrepreneurial founder of various businesses and an angel investor. Jeff has earned millions of dollars in profits by investing in small companies that were set to experience enormous growth.

In summary, Jeff isn’t just some random newcomer on the internet who accidentally got rich through options trading. He understands his game and knows what he’s doing. Importantly, he wants to help other people excel too.

In the Bullseye Trades program, he furnishes his members with  top-notch trading education and recommendations. Once you subscribe to the service, Jeff does all the research and estimation on your behalf. He does the hardest part and then tells you what to buy.

How Does Bullseye Trading Work and Is It a Scam?

The idea behind Bullseye Trades is one trade per week. This implies no day trading. As a member of the program, you receive direct email or text from Jeff on Monday about his best trading idea for that week. You then ride his coattail.

The goal for Jeff’s weekly picks and purchases hovers between 50 and 300 percent profit gains. Every subscriber gets screenshots of his trading, so they remain updated. The secret of this success lies in Jeff’s ability to predict the market. He uses a specific pattern when deliberating on a trade, which eventually reveals the best pick for the week.

Jeff himself is a beneficiary of the program, having used the  same trading strategies to earn millions of dollars in profits. Therefore, he knows what he’s doing, and he wants more people to benefit from his strategies.

Since an expert with sound credentials in options trading delivers this program, it is safe to say that Bullseye Trades is NOT a scam. Jeff Bishop is a highly respected household name on high-ranking financial media outlets in the U.S. and around the world.

The program runs under the umbrella of the Raging Bulls professionals, which includes renowned stock trader Jason Bond. Its impressive record and the low price point per month for the service do it an affordable options trading service.

The program works for literally anyone interested in  making money through options trading  without having to analyze the markets or invest in long hours of research.

What Is Not Covered in Bullseye Trades

It’s important to note that Bullseye Trades is quite simple compared to other trading systems in the market that offer similar services. In his weekly deliveries, Jeff provides simple and straightforward trading ideas, unlike other websites loaded with complicated, overly detailed, and many dazzling trading ideas.

With Bullseye Trades, you don’t have to sit at the edge of your seat scanning frantically through several trading ideas each Monday morning. Besides, it doesn’t do all the work for you. The program comes with no trading bot feature or automatic trading service.

This means that you have to manually enter your stock options trades through a third-party brokerage platform. You have to identify set up your account with a chosen trading brokerage firm such as MetaTrader, Scottrade, or TD Ameritrade.

Jeff doesn’t decide on your behalf regarding which brokers or platforms you would like to trade with. When it comes to setting up your account and choosing a broker or a platform to trade with, there is no official recommendation from Jeff.

However,  Bullseye Trades gives you what many other competing systems fail to do. It brings right into your account a simple trading tool that even a schoolchild could follow. At the beginning of each week, you’ll get a single options trading idea, carefully picked by Jeff himself for the week.

The weekly trading idea comes with the entry, exit, profit, stop, and loss points included upfront. Should there be any changes or updates, Jeff sends timely alerts as necessary. You don’t have to sift through or pick and choose from a host of trading ideas. You only need to focus on the trading idea provided and execute your trade.

What You Receive With Bullseye Trades

The Bullseye Trades focuses on the single options trading idea per week, which  Jeff releases to subscribers in the form of alerts  each Monday morning. All the same, once you subscribe to the service, you get instant access to many other benefits:

Monday Morning Trade Pick: This is the main objective of the Bullseye Trades. Each Monday morning before markets open, you’ll get in your inbox a single stock options trading idea complete with entry and exit points. This weekly resource lands in your inbox via text or e-mail message.

Weekly Money Multiplier: Jeff himself founded this resource as an option trading educational system. The objective behind this service is to educate members in options trading and equip them with trading guidance. As a subscriber, you should carefully follow Jeff and master how he buys and sells options contracts on the internet.

Jeff wants you to learn his options trading strategy so you can apply them and strike out potentially lucrative markets. With the Weekly Money Multiplier service, you get access to more trading alerts and much more educational resources compared to the Bullseye Trades. The WMM service teaches you the best ways to maximize your potential returns and reduce your risk to the bare minimum level.

Free Options Trading Book: Written by Jeff himself, this free resource is an e-book version of the Option Profit Accelerator. It provides details of the options trading that every trader should know.

Bullseye Trade Free Webinar: This resource is a bonus in exchange for your e-mail address. In this free trading webinar, Jeff exposes how his single recommended options trade each week can potentially double your investment every week.

Customer Support: Under the patronage of the Raging Bulls, you’ll receive high-level customer service delivered via e-mail, online chat service, or by in-house phone-based support.

Bullseye Trades Pricing and Plans

Bullseye Trades program comes with a single easy payment plan. For a full year membership, you need to pay only $48. This comes down to $4 per month and only a dollar per week. If you break it down further, you’ll only spend 18 cents each trading day in a month.

This makes up an incredibly affordable price for the best service that you receive from Jeff every Monday. Remember, the objective of this subscription is to help you, through Jeff’s trading strategies, double your investment every five trading days.

Bullseye Trades Pros and Cons


  • Simplicity: With just a single trading idea per week, the service leaves little space for error
  • Effectiveness: Jeff’s recommendations claim to provide profit margins between 50 and 300 percent of the member’s investment
  • Accountability: Jeff regularly provides his members with his trade activity. This helps them know that he’s not selling them one idea while engaging in something different
  • Cost: Most trading alert services charge at least twice the price of Bullseye Trades and sometimes much more—for similar rewards


  • Education: the program delivers minimal engagement, which keeps subscribers from gaining adequate knowledge required to trade aggressively
  • The program is limited: With just a single trading tip per week, members cannot leverage the capacity of day trading totally to improve their portfolios

Bullseye Trades Final Word

The Bullseye Trades service is a simple, no-nonsense options trading tool designed to help you maximize the gains in the stock market. The weekly tip delivered by options trading expert Jeff Bishop has an impressive record of yielding better returns regardless of your investment. As long as Jeff remains in the steering wheel of the program, subscribers can rest assured that even in 2020, they can still get a lot of value from the program. Bullseye Trades serves both beginners and seasoned traders alike.

To see the Raging Bull’s high-level trading strategies in action, be sure to  check out Jeff Bishop’s Bullseye Trading service today.