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ScreenKlean Review: Smart Carbon Cleaner Nanotech Pad Scam?

August 25, 2020 GMT

Homewood, IL - ( NewMediaWire ) - August 25, 2020 -  ScreenKlean is a chemical-free pad  that removes the dirt, oils, and other particles that can collect on surfaces like televisions and smartphones. The device doesn’t require any additional cleaning products, and it sanitizes as the user sweeps it across the surface.

What is ScreenKlean?

The world is filled with bacteria. As much as consumers like to believe that the weekly cleaning of their home is enough to eliminate it, particles float around the air and ultimately collect on the most expensive and sensitive surfaces in a home – screens. These screens are often attached to costly smartphones and big HD televisions and they are not meant to be cleaned with the same abrasive cleaners and clothes that users apply to other glass surfaces.


Unfortunately, many of the solutions to this issue – i.e. “screen-approved” cloths – aren’t a solution. Instead of eradicating the problem, they tend to smear the dust and other particles around, leaving the screen with shadows of smudges everywhere. Plus, the surface is still covered in bacteria that could spread sickness to anyone who touches it. For consumers that want a truly clean surface, there’s ScreenKlean.

ScreenKlean is compatible with any HD screen, even if it is on a television, tablet, phone, or any other surface. With no trace of buildup or even dust left behind, every image and video is clearer and cleaner. Considering that a smartphone spends so much time with the user’s fingertips or even face touching it, a clean surface is essential for everyday use.

Thanks to the delicate nature of the cleaning pad, it is safe to use on everything from an HD television screen to vintage watches. It also comes with its own travel case, used for safe storage and to clean the pad between uses.

How ScreenKlean Fights Bacteria

To eradicate bacteria and create a cleaner surface, ScreenKlean offers a carbon cleaning pad. These types of pads are notorious for their ability to attract oils and bacteria, removing it much more efficiently than a spray and a microfiber cloth. As the oil from fingerprints, food, and other sources is pulled directly from the surface, it won’t smear the mess around. The surface of a phone or television becomes clean with no streaks of dust or bacteria left behind.


The creators behind the ScreenKlean device state that the same  carbon cleaning method  has been used by a rather well-known entity for their use as well – NASA. Many products and technologies that NASA uses have been integrated into the daily lives of consumers everywhere, and their efficient method of cleaning sensitive surfaces is helpful in many more ways than just a space shuttle.

When the user swipes this pad across the surface that they want to clean, all of the dirt and oil is pulled away from the screen instantly and kept on the pad. If the pad becomes too dirty, it is “recharged” when the user slides it along the included clean carbon surface. With this smooth transition, the new cleaning molecules are clean and ready to remove unwanted bacteria and oil from another surface.

Unlike other cleaning products, this cloth won’t scratch the screen and there won’t be any changes to the screen quality. For a full demonstration of how to use the ScreenKlean pad, watch this video:  https://youtu.be/Uje5gzzPTNc.

Purchasing ScreenKlean

Only offered online,  users can buy one ScreenKlean set for $19.99  (plus the cost of shipping and handling), which is good for hundreds of uses. Still, for consumers that want to share this product with loved ones or keep one in every place that they might need it, there’s also:

  • Three ScreenKlean’s for $49.97 ($16.66 each)
  • Five ScreenKlean’s for $59.97 ($11.99 each)

Even though users will have to cover shipping for the single ScreenKlean device, the two multi-pack options come with free shipping.

Every pad comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, just in case the mess that users try to clean is far too rough for ScreenKlean.

Frequently Asked Questions About ScreenKleanIs this really used by NASA?

Yes. Thanks to the  lack of static electricity in these pads, astronauts have been able to use it to remove dust without the risk of contaminating their environment on the Space Shuttle or the International Space Station.

What makes the carbon pads different from microfiber cloths?

While microfiber is delicate and soft for any surface, they only move the dirt and grime, rather than removing the bacteria and cleaning the surface. The carbon pads fix this issue.

How long will the carbon pads still be able to clean the surface before being replaced?

The pads can be used about 150 times before the user might need a new one. However, the number of uses that the pads can withstand will depend on how much oil and dirt is on the surface, as well as how big the surface is that needs to be cleaned.

Will ScreenKlean erase scratches?

No. However, the use of ScreenKlean over other products can prevent scratches from occurring in the cleaning process.

How can consumers reach the company?

The customer service team can be reached via email at  info@carbonklean.com.


ScreenKlean allows users everywhere to keep their surfaces clean without introducing any new chemicals into the environment or any new scratches to the surface. When consumers spend so much money to purchase high-quality devices, they don’t want to destroy it for the sake of cleanliness. The carbon pad is much safer on surfaces, and the included case “recharges” it on an as-needed basis. With the option to cut costs with multiple cleaners ordered at once, users can stop destroying their belongings by making a switch.

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