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Best Kratom Strains for Anxiety and Depression

October 20, 2020 GMT

New York, New York - ( NewMediaWire ) - October 20, 2020 - Globally, millions of people suffer from anxiety issues. It is part of life and being human to feel anxious or sad when exposed to certain situations. However, when the emotions persist to the point where one feels constantly agitated, it may be an anxiety disorder.  

Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that about 300 million people globally are suffering from anxiety. It’s no wonder that many are turning to alternative therapies such as kratom for anxiety and depression. 


This guide explores the best kratom strategy to manage anxiety. It also provides a detailed overview of how it works, its use, and the appropriate dosages. 

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How does Kratom Work?

Currently, good quality kratom from a trustworthykratom vendor is one of the best remedies for managing depression and anxiety. People who have an anxiety disorder are likely to have increased heart rate, difficulty falling asleep, rapid breathing, low concentration, and restlessness. 

Fortunately, kratom works like other opioids, with similar effects to those produced by morphine or codeine. But kratom is not highly addictive like other opioids. As a result, its ability to lessen many of the side effects of anxiety makes it the best in managing this condition. For instance, people who suffer from anxiety tend to have poor sleeping patterns, but they sleep well when taking kratom. Poor sleeping habits are caused by upset nerves, extreme sadness, and worries that kratom can help ease.

Additionally, kratom has medicinal alkaloids that are known to promote a calming effect on the body. Therefore, it calms down emotions when the body is unbalanced due to anxiety. The imbalances in emotions are prevalent among the people who suffer from anxiety.  

Conversely, kratom can increase productivity. In many cases, people with anxiety are likely to start falling behind in their responsibilities, become sloppy at work, and experience boredom. 


But those who suffer from such issues can use kratom so that they can become productive in their work, whether at home or at their workplaces. As a result, they will end up improving their overall quality of life. 

Best Kratom for Depression and Anxiety.

Kratom has a wide variety of strains based on dosage, origin, material consistency, and size. Therefore, they do not have the same effects. Most importantly, the effectiveness in dealing with anxiety disorder varies from one strain of kratom to another.  

Users can buy these recommended kratom strains online in powder, capsule, or tablet form. Here are the best kratom strains for anxiety and depression.  

Malay Kratom 

Malay kratom is one of the best strains that can be used for relaxation. It can alleviate many of the symptoms of depression and anxiety. It can also produce a feeling of euphoria and enhance moods among users. 

Moreover, it is great for individuals looking for a strain that can improve their productivity levels, increase their levels of physical and mental capabilities, and gain more focus at work. 

Malay Kratom strains are available in red-vein, green and white colors. But the green-vein is highly common and recommended for people with anxiety disorders. It is also considered to be a potent analgesic that has magnificent sedative effects. On the other hand, it comes with a uniquely therapeutic and aromatic smell that helps users relax and alleviates the mood.

Borneo Kratom

Borneo kratom is another famous strain used to control anxiety and depression. It contains 7-Hydroxyatrazine, but it is low in Mitragynine, making it the best for stimulation and pain relief. Medical experts recommend that individuals who wish to forget about their worries and enjoy a relaxed day filled with energy should take the Borneo Kratom strain early in the morning. 

Conversely, Borneo strain can be taken in the evening hours to relieve the body of all the pains suffered throughout the day. Complete relaxation will culminate in a night of uninterrupted and deep sleep. Fortunately, the strain produces minimal side effects. Therefore, people suffering from anxiety can take the recommended dosage, knowing that they will most likely not experience any adverse symptoms.

Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da is also one of the best and most potent kratom strains that’s a stimulant, gives pain relief, and enhances mood. It contains high levels of alkaloid 7-Hydroxymitragynine, which is responsible for its anxiety and pain-relieving features. Notably, the strain has a powerful sedative effect that does not reduce the user’s level of concentration. 

The Maeng Da strain is also available in white, green, and red colors. Red is one of the strongest and most common among the three colors. However, the green-vein is known for its mood and energy-boosting features. Therefore, it is the ideal strain for those suffering from anxiety disorder and would love to continue being productive at all times.

The Best Way to Take Kratom

People can access the best kratom strains for anxiety, but they may not enjoy the full potential if they do not know how to use them properly. The first step that users can take to ensure that they enjoy kratom’s maximum benefits is to determine the strain that suits their needs plus the best method to ingest it. 

Notably, there are several ways of ingesting kratom, and the method chosen will depend on the state of kratom. For example, kratom is available in powder form, capsules, tablets, or raw leaves that can be chewed directly. Therefore, how people ingest kratom will depend on the initial state, but it is recommended to choose forms with minimal processing. It implies that the tablet and capsules may not be as effective as the raw form.

Conversely, people can be assured of higher potency by chewing leaves plucked directly from trees. The leaves can also be dried, crushed, and mixed with favorite drinks and foods. For example, it is easier to mix kratom powder with juice, milk, water, and other beverages. 

Determining the Best Kratom Dosage

To get the best results, it is important to take the right doses of kratom. However, getting the right dose is a matter of trial and error. But experts recommend that people affected with anxiety disorders should start with moderate levels. Although low dosages can be appealing to many people, they come with varied concerns. For instance, the best kratom strains administered in low doses have been proven to cause more energy. Contrastingly, large doses have been found to lead to a buildup of tolerance by the body, reducing efficacy.

As users figure out an appropriate kratom dosage for anxiety, they should also consider that the effect and potency vary from one strain to another. After getting the strains they like, they can start to adjust the doses to determine the effects until the symptoms are alleviated from the body. 

But it is recommended that they limit kratom’s use to twice or thrice in a week to avoid tolerance buildup. Most importantly, consumers should not ignore any negative potential side effects such as sweating, drowsiness, constipation, fatigue, vomiting, and nausea. 

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