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Brain Training for Dogs Review: Does Adrienne’s System Work?

December 28, 2020 GMT

Boston, MA - ( NewMediaWire ) - December 28, 2020 - Brain Training for Dogs - a newly updated online program for dog owners who are interested in training their dogs by helping to “develop their intelligence” has recently been released to the public by the program’s creator Adrienne Farricelli. The release of Farricelli’s updated system has generated a buzz of media attention, prompting an investigative review by Honesty First Reviews’ Tiffany Hendricks.

“The process of training your dog can be quite tricky, and many people give up out of despair,” says Hendricks. “This is especially true when It comes to attempting to eliminate undesirable behaviors like excessive barking, chewing up household items and digging holes all over the yard - this can be extremely frustrating for dog owners. As such, the idea of following a proven dog training system is an exciting prospect for any dog owner who has struggled with these issues. So when we were were informed about the release of Adrienne’s newly updated ‘Brain Training for Dogs’ program we were eager to take a detailed look at the course, so we could figure out if it’s actually a viable solution worth recommending to our readers.”  A special promotional offer for Brain Training for Dogs is available here on the Official Website.


Hendricks’ review reveals that the system provides customers with a comprehensive and science backed system for training well behaved, happy and obedient pets. Hendricks notes that in addition to the core training system the member’s area is contain a great deal of additional information covering a wide range of topics - from strategies to address various behavior problems to insights on dog and puppy psychology. 

“One key thing that stands out about Brain Training for Dogs and differentiates it from other dog training programs is the fact that it was created by a respected authority on the subject, who is also CPDT-KA certified, with years of experience implementing this exact system and seeing the results in real time,” says Hendricks. “Shockingly we discovered that many of the other well known dog training programs appear to come from ambiguous sources who likely have zero real-life experience working with pets, which is disturbing to say the least. Adrienne’s system on the other hand is ‘battlefield-tested’, and her experience as a top dog trainer has enabled her to create an actionable ‘force-free’ training plan, that has produced exceptional results for her clients.”


How Does Brain Training for Dogs Work? 

“Adrienne’s approach is entirely ‘force-free’ meaning that it is all about rewarding good behavior and giving your dog positive feedback, so they never have to experience any kind of pain or fear,” says Hendricks. “Her entire training philosophy centers around these gentle, science-based force-free methods that help build a strongly loving bond between you and your pooch. She also shows you how to engage your dog on a mental level, to help develop their innate intelligence. A lot of other training programs use old fashioned and disproven force and dominance techniques while completely overlooking the root cause behind your dog’s problematic behavior. Adrienne asserts that with the correct kind of mental stimulation and training you can get your dog to be more receptive when it comes to learning new information and that this ultimately results in a better behaved and more obedient pup.”

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What Is Included With Brain Training for Dogs?

Brain Training for Dogs is delivered via a secure membership site which allows customers to gain instant access to all of the training materials. The core training is divided into 7 modules ranging from “Preschool” to “University”, “Graduation” and then finally Module 7 “Einstein” where you’ll discover incredible “genius level” material including how to teach your dog to tidy up his toys after playing and even play the piano.

Also included are 7 “Trick Training Videos”, a massive content archive of 100+ in-depth articles that provide proven solutions for nearly every kind of behavior problem you can imagine, video demonstrations, a private member forum, troubleshooting segments, and a section on puppy training, potty training, crate training and more. 

The course layout is intuitive and it presents a very easy to-follow process that essentially tells you exactly what to do, step-by-step, to greatly improve your dogs behavior and eliminate even the toughest behavioral problems.

The digital content can be accessed on any smart phone, tablet or computer at any time and it is all backed by a full 60-day money back guarantee to ensure customers’ are fully satisfied with the quality of the material. 

The Brain Training for Dogs program is only available online on Adrinenne’s official website. Click here to access now for the special exclusive bonus offer.

“When it comes to dog training programs, they need to be simple and easy-to-follow so that you can actually implement the strategies” says Hendricks. “Brain Training for Dogs makes this easy and fun, and because Adrienne’s techniques are tested, proven, and easy to implement, we anticipate customers experiencing fantastic results using her system.

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