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Costco Water Delivery Review: The Membership Benefit Secret

December 22, 2020 GMT

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Phoenix, Arizona - ( NewMediaWire ) - December 22, 2020 - One perk of Costco memberships that many members are completely unaware of is Costco’s top-notch water delivery service. See pricing and details here

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Costco Water Delivery


Costco facilitates water delivery for the home or office. However, it should be noted that Costco does not actually sell the water or provide the water equipment that it provides members through its delivery service.

Instead, Costco works with a variety of suppliers, providing the majority of the U.S. market with a variety of water brands. Costco works hand in hand with a carbon-neutral water company known as Ready Refresh.

Customers often praise the ability to customize the delivery attributes, including the number of water bottles needed and the frequency of deliveries. However, it is important to note that there is a $12 minimum on average for every delivery.

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Who Is Ready Refresh?

Ready Refresh is a North American brand owned by the Nestle company. This means that all of the water brands available for the Costco member service fall under the umbrella of the Nestle company.

The availability of certain brands depends on the location. Most members are happy to find out that Costco provides a variety of popular regional brands, including Poland Spring, Zephyrhills, Deer Park, and more.

Costco members can schedule deliveries at a variety of intervals. Many home members go with monthly delivery cycles, while offices tend to go with weekly delivery cycles.

>> View Details & Pricing For Costco Water Delivery Here

The Benefits of Getting Water Delivered From Costco


Costco water delivery is a sanitary operation, which is more important than ever in the age of Coronavirus. All water bottles that are delivered to the home or office are completely clean and sanitized beforehand so that consumers can consume their water without worry.

There is a wide range of water dispensers available as well, each of which comes with a drip tray that can be cleaned with ease. Ready Refresh minimizes environmental impact by picking up empty bottles when customers are done with them. They then sanitize the bottles and recycle them for use later down the line.

In fact, Ready Refresh even claims that the company is the top in the industry for reusing 3- and 5-gallon bottles. Even DS Services does not match up.

The bottles are completely spill-proofed so that they do not leak during transport or installation. Bottom load dispensers are also available for those who purchase 5-gallon dispensers, though there are some extra fees included with bottom loading devices.

The charge for bottom load dispensers is $5 for Gold Star members and $3 for Executive members. This fee gets charged each billing cycle, which runs approximately four weeks. It is also important to note that bottom loading dispensers are not available in all areas.

Customers must get in contact with their local Costco to inquire.

Types of Bottled Water That Costco Provides

Spring Water

Springwater is collected in underground formations where water flows naturally to the surface of the Earth. While it maintains many of its original and natural minerals, it is still tested and filtered before distribution.

Purified Water

Purified water is manufactured and refined through a complicated process of deionization, distillation, reverse osmosis, or a number of other purification processes. Before bottling and distribution, this process removes any unwanted impurities.


Costco’s line of dispensers gives customers access to hot and cold water at their convenience. Whether users want to have a glass of cold water or a hot cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa, these dispensers make it easier than ever.

With modern designs, customers can find the best water dispenser for their decor. Each dispenser accepts either three or five-gallon bottles, has a removable drip tray for cleaning, and is easy to maintain overall.

Cost of Subscription

See The Price of Costco Water Delivery.

The cost of the subscription depends entirely on the Costco membership tier. Executive members will pay less for delivery services compared to Gold Star members.

Because Executive members pay an additional $60 per year for their Costco membership, they are receiving a better price point for delivery services.

Understanding the Details of Costco’s Delivery Services

Now, just because a customer has a Costco membership does not mean that they automatically get access to the best water delivery service. To receive low pricing on bottled water, they must sign into a service agreement.

Members must also consider the price of the dispenser, as well as bottle deposits and delivery fees.


- Costco is one of the cheaper water services out there right now.

- Ready Refresh is a very reliable business that provides its customers with top-notch support.

- Most of the water is sourced from Niagra bottling, which is one of the United States’ leading suppliers of water.


- Only members can enjoy this service.

- There might be a need for credit approval or a minimum number of orders depending on the region.

- Additional fees are not included in the cost per bottle, including the paper invoice, bottle deposit, etc.

Bottom Line - Are Costco’s Water Delivery Services Worth It?

It is important to review the details of the Cosco delivery agreement before signing the dotted line. Because members work with third parties for delivery services, they must take up any complaints with that third-party instead of Costco.

Having to work with a third party can be frustrating for some, though many find Ready Refresh to be a very professional service.

For those who are sick of piling in large packs of water into their shopping carts or hauling huge jugs of water to and from the home or office, the perks of Costco’s delivery services might be well justified.

>> See The Price of Costco Water Delivery Compared To Competing Brands