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NordVPN Reddit Review - Is NordVPN Really Worth It? (Do Redditors Upvote Nordvpn?)

December 21, 2020 GMT

Dallas, Texas - ( NewMediaWire ) - December 21, 2020 - NordVPN is one of the most discussed VPNs on Reddit with an estimated 56,000 comments across all subreddits and threads. The NordVPN company itself claims to take advantage of the latest security protocols to safeguard users’ data and offers various subscription packages for different budgets. But, is NordVPN safe? Do Reddit users like this VPN?

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This NordVPN review aims to compile the most upvoted reddit discussions about the vpn regarding its features, subscription plans, security protocols, privacy, and whether or not the Reddit community recommend this particular VPN. 


Overview of the Top NordVPN reviews on reddit to check out:  

Reddit is well-known for being one of the best places to find honest reviews regarding any product you’re thinking of buying. So, it’s no wonder that many look to Reddit for advice on choosing a great VPN. With that said, NordVPN could easily be considered the top VPN on Reddit, with an estimated 56,000 comments on Reddit forums and threads.

While NordVPN is slightly more expensive than the competition, the company claims its VPN features are well worth the cost. This is further supported by Reddit users who frequently comment saying that the prices are reasonable, especially if you opt for the annual plan. 


They offer three subscription plans: $11.95/month, $69.00 per year, or $54.00 every six months. Customers are offered several payment solutions, including PayPal, credit cards, cryptocurrencies, and other online payment methods. 

Note that the company doesn’t offer a free trial because, according to them, scammers were taking advantage of it. Instead, individuals are given a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is positively mentioned on Reddit forums as enough time to decide whether the platform is suitable or not.

NordVPN Basic Features

Most VPN services allow a maximum of five connections at the same time. But, with NordVPN, users can connect six devices simultaneously. Users can also get a static IP address that costs $5.83/month, which is $69.96/year. The company offers dedicated IP addresses in Germany, the US, the UK, Netherlands, and France. 

This helps prevent a person’s connection from being blocked, especially for those who frequently connect to the same region. Users also enjoy access to additional features that improve their privacy online, which is considered a must-have feature amongst Reddit users. 

For instance, NordVPN provides access to the Tor anonymization network, which makes it difficult for hackers to trace your connection. Plus, this also lets users access hidden websites, although at reduced speeds. 

Individuals can also enjoy multihop connections known as “Double VPN.” Therefore, even if some part of your connection is compromised, you can rest assured since your connection is still protected.

NordVPN Security Protocols

NordVPN supports OpenVPN, which is open-source and, as such, has been thoroughly examined for potential problems. NordVPN also supports IKev2/IPSec, though IKEv2 is only available on macOS and iOS platforms.

Additionally, this platform uses NordLynx protocol (WireGuard) on Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows apps. Also, note that OpenVPN is also available on these platforms as a backup, but users aren’t able to change protocols manually. 

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Servers and Server Locations

Anyone who frequents Reddit threads and forums will tell you that a good VPN service should have multiple server locations. Thus, providing users with many options for geo-spoofing their location while at the same time improving the chances of having an actual physical server location nearby. 

This is because it’s recommended by tech experts and Reddit users alike that users should connect to a VPN server close to their actual location for a more reliable connection and increased performance.

NordVPN is available in 59 countries, with servers covering several locations worldwide, including South Africa, Europe, Asia, South America, and the Middle East. Though, the majority of their servers are in the US and the UK. 

NordVPN also has additional servers (albeit with different internet policies) in Turkey, Hong Kong, and Vietnam. While users won’t be able to bypass censorship when connected to these servers, they still ensure privacy when browsing websites in these countries.

NordVPN Unique Features

More Than VPN Protection

Individuals can secure passwords using the NordPass manager for an extra fee. Plus, users can also use NordLocker to encrypt their files. This VPN company also introduced a Dark Web Monitor only available on iOS, which scans Dark Web repositories that steal login information. 

With this feature, users are alerted if their private information is detected and can immediately change their password on the affected service. However, it should be noted that this software only searches for credentials associated with the email address used to sign up for NordVPN, meaning it might not yet be an effective protective feature. 

Plus, some Reddit threads highlight that it would be useful if NordPass automatically generated passwords for websites. 

Ensures User’s Privacy

NordVPN operates legally in Panama, where companies are restricted from retaining user data. They clearly state that they don’t hold any information on user activity. Their privacy policy states that this company doesn’t log session information, IP addresses, used bandwidth, or any other sensitive data. 

They only retain a person’s username and the time of their last session for only 15 minutes after they’ve disconnected from the service. Reddit users have tested this and confidently report no leaks, no logs, and strong encryption. 

Various Useful Apps

This company offers a great user experience on all platforms - there’s the “Quick Connection” option, or Screen Tray, that connects individuals to servers that this company thinks are closest and suitable for them. This is useful, especially for people who’ve not used VPN services before. 

Users can change servers by clicking any location on the map or using the search bar at the top of the screen. You can also “pause” your connection and automatically reconnect after a pre-set time period. Note that some situations require disconnecting from the VPN, and with this pause option, you don’t need to remember to reconnect. 

Some users have commented on Reddit threads with minor issues related to the mobile app; for instance, there’s no self-testing option or line testing available. But many users on the Reddit community report that the app connects easily and doesn’t have any bugs. 

How NordVPN Works on Other Platforms

Individuals can use NordVPN to unblock Netflix if they’re connected to servers in certain regions. Netflix usually blocks VPNs aggressively. But with NordVPN, users can stream content from Netflix if connected to NordVPN servers in the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, and Japan. Click here to find out more about other VPNs that work with Netflix

Also, note that NordVPN is compatible with Android, macOS, Windows, iOS, and Linux. On iOS, it supports WireGuard, which adds an extra layer of security. Individuals can connect to this service on several devices, including mobile phones and some routers. This company also offers plugins for Firefox and Chrome browsers to secure traffic on these browsers.

Final Verdict

NordVPN faces stiff competition in the industry. Services like Mullvard VPN offer competitive charges compared to NordVPN price subscriptions. On the other hand, companies like ProtonVPN offer more features while others like Surfshark allow an unlimited number of connections. 

But, what makes NordVPN stand out among the Reddit community is that it offers the best features bundled together in one package compared to its competitors. The company has diverse servers across the globe, and they deliver an incredible user experience. 

From this NordVPN review, it’s evident that while slightly more expensive, they offer incredible features that make them worth considering.

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Reviews From Reddit Users About NordVPN

Reddit User >> NordVPN is cheap. It simply works.

Reddit User >> I have no complaints with NordVPN. The server speed is impressive and reliable.

Reddit User >> I’m extremely pleased with the service. I haven’t had any problems with the server speed. The only downside is that NordPass should let you generate passwords for sites.

Reddit User >> I’ve had NordVPN for about 18 months, and it’s worked for what I need it for. The UI is good, and I can use it on both my phone and desktop, which is useful in case I need access to blocked sites at University.

Reddit User >> NordVPN is the first one I tried, and to be honest, I’m very satisfied. The live customer support helped me solve an issue I had on both Windows 10 and my iPhone. 

Reddit User >> I’ve had no problems with the app or the server speeds; even the P2P servers are great.


Q: What is a VPN?

A: A VPN is a software service that creates a tunnel between a computer and the internet server being used. An individual’s web traffic gets routed between this tunnel. Hence even people using the same network cannot access other people’s data. 

VPNs also block malicious network operators from intercepting personal information or employing DNS poisoning techniques to deceive users into visiting phishing sites. With a VPN, a person’s web traffic can’t be monitored by their internet service providers. This is important since many internet service providers are known for selling anonymized user data.

Now, while a VPN can protect individuals from cybercrimes, they should choose the best VPN service. This is why individuals are encouraged to read a VPN review before committing to any brand. 

Q: Can I torrent with NordVPN?

A: Yes! Anyone hoping to torrent through a VPN is in luck. The majority of VPNs available on the market allow P2P traffic, which means it’s possible to torrent through almost any VPN. However, few VPNs have dedicated servers specifically designed to support peer-to-peer traffic. This is where NordVPN steps up. 

NordVPN is one of the best VPN torrenting options on the market, thanks to its impressive server speeds, privacy policies, and security protocols. Click this link to find out more about why NordVPN is one of the best VPNs for torrenting