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Jon Torres Helps Aspiring Entrepreneurs Start Online Business

October 15, 2020 GMT

San Diego, California - ( NewMediaWire ) - October 15, 2020 - Who is Jon Torres? 

Jon Torres is a digital marketing expert living in San Diego, California. He is a graduate of CSU Chico where he majored in entrepreneurship. Using his background in business and years of professional experience, Jon now specializes in SEO and search marketing. 

Jon Torres is no stranger to hard work. Immigrating to the United States at a young age and overcame the adversity of learning a second language and navigating a new culture. He didn’t let this challenge slow him down-- instead, he used it to motivate himself to become the best at what he does. Today, Jon runs a successful agency and has helped several businesses shape profitable digital marketing strategies. 


From the beginning Jon has always had a deep interest in entrepreneurship and if there’s one thing he knows, it’s how to get creative. He’s been involved with multiple startups and has learned a lot along the way. Jon knows from personal experience what it takes to succeed in the world of online business.

Upon entering the marketing industry, Jon quickly noticed how many businesses struggled to establish an effective digital marketing strategy. With this in mind, Jon decided to start a digital marketing agency, BrandLovely.com, in order to help businesses succeed online. It was during this time when Jon learned the different techniques and strategies he utilizes to strengthen online business models. 

“Working with different types of online businesses has provided me with a broad overview of various types of business models, from eCommerce and lead generation, to local services. This has given me the skill set to help a wide spectrum of businesses reach their marketing goals and strengthen their online strategies.”  

Helping New Online Businesses Succeed

In addition to starting an agency, Jon runs JonTorres.com, where he provides guidance to young and aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to start their own digital marketing agencies. At JonTorres.com, online entrepreneurs can find free detailed guides and advice regarding digital marketing. 

JonTorres.com provides complete guidance on everything it takes to successfully build and monetize a website, grow your traffic, and bring in a real passive income. JonTorres.com offers a robust selection of free resources on how to make a passive income online, guidance on content marketing, SEO essentials, traffic generation, and the basics of online business. For those interested in affiliate marketing, you can find several comprehensive reviews on affiliate programs with high payouts across several lucrative niches. 


Jon believes that you don’t need to have a business degree or be an expert software developer to make money online. With just a laptop and the motivation to learn, anyone can successfully run an online business.  His readers can expand their knowledge on affiliate marketing, online business, WordPress and site-building, and how to utilize SEO. 

His expertise in digital marketing includes extensive knowledge of affiliate marketing. JonTorres.com covers the entire affiliate marketers’ journey, from start to finish. Jon’s mission is to make affiliate marketing accessible to anyone who is passionate about the field. Readers can learn how to succeed in affiliate marketing without even starting a website. 

After learning how to successfully earn a passive income with affiliate marketing, Jon decided to pass on his knowledge to new affiliate marketers. In his free, step-by-step guide to affiliate marketing, aspiring affiliate marketers can learn how to create an effective affiliate marketing strategy.  

In his guide to affiliate marketing, readers will learn the fundamentals of affiliate marketing, how affiliate marketers get paid, how to get started as an affiliate marketer, and how to choose the right products for your niche. Jon breaks down the best platforms for affiliate markers and the most profitable niches in affiliate marketing.

While Jon specializes in affiliate marketing, his passion is firmly rooted in digital marketing. He’s worked with many businesses to help them grow their online presence and nail down a digital marketing strategy. The one common thread that Jon has found with businesses who struggle to succeed online, is a lack of in-depth knowledge. It is Jon’s opinion that every business has the potential to succeed, all it takes is a willingness to learn. In his own words: 

“Digital marketing is about helping people find solutions to their problems, and effectively communicating that using the right platforms. It’s crucial to continue learning new strategies and techniques to effectively market products and services. My goal is to help businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs become the best digital marketers they can be. Knowledge is the only limitation-- once you learn how to market products effectively no one can stop you.”  

It’s this passion for helping aspiring digital marketers that has led Jon to where he is today. His work centers on highlighting an accessible path to success for anyone who wishes to start a digital agency. Jon’s work makes it possible for people with unique and diverse backgrounds to succeed in online business. 

Jon is currently working on an exciting new project that will further help aspiring digital marketers. He is developing a state-of-the-art online course where digital marketers can craft a solid strategy and make a substantial income online. This course will give students the tools to start a website from scratch, learn the editorial process, and understand how to monetize a blog. 

This course will cover everything from SEO to traffic generation. Students will also get expert advice on how to make a site profitable beyond just affiliate marketing. By the end of the course, students will have built their own site with the potential to make money. This course is designed for beginning entrepreneurs who are aspiring to earn 2-5k a month in passive income. Look out for Jon’s new course at the end of 2020. 

In the coming years, Jon will continue to grow his brand to help people reach new digital marketing goals. His goal is to make a positive impact on people’s lives and help them reach their financial and entrepreneurial goals through digital marketing.  

Company: Jon Torres Media 

Email: hello@jontorresl.com 

Website: jontorres.com