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6 Best Mattresses Reddit Users Loved: The Best Mattress Reddit Reviews and Posts (Top Hybrid, Memory Foam, and Other Types)

January 6, 2021 GMT

Seattle, Washington - ( NewMediaWire ) - January 06, 2021 - Anyone waking up with stiffness, aches, and pains should, without a doubt, consider upgrading their mattress, especially if their current one is seven years or older. However, with so many options available, choosing the ideal mattress can be a challenge. Plus, with most mattresses available to purchase online, it’s practically impossible to test a product before purchasing.

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This is where Reddit, an online platform with plenty of honest reviews, posts, and comments, comes in handy. No matter the product, many Reddit users have taken the time to post their advice and experience. As such, this article has put together the best mattresses on the market according to feedback and concerns left on Reddit. 

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How The Best Mattresses According To Redditors Were Evaluated

Support - When it comes to purchasing a new mattress, a big concern is support. That’s why mattresses that adjust to the sleeper, offer body-contouring and pressure relief ranked higher on this list.

Heat Resistance - Also referred to as “cooling,” ensuring heat is drawn away from the body is essential to a good night’s sleep. As such, mattresses with designs that promoted airflow and heat resistance were preferred. 

Layers - According to satisfied customers and many reviews on Reddit, a combination of layers and materials provides a more balanced sleeping experience, aiding comfort and support. Therefore, a higher ranking was given to mattresses with multiple layers.

Pain Relief - Another concern that was taken into consideration is pain relief. A mattress that is overly firm or lacking support will leave sleepers with aches and pains in the morning. 


Best Mattresses in 2020 According to Reddit Reviewers: At a Glance

1. Layla Mattress - Best Overall Mattress Reddit Users Love

2. Nolah 10 - Best Mattress Ideal for Combo Sleepers

3. Original Turf and Needle Mattress - Best Mattress Providing Comfort for All Sleepers

4. Leesa 10” Memory Foam Mattress - Best Mattress for a Cooler Sleeping Experience

5. Purple Mattress - Best Mattress for Pressure Relief

6. Idle Sleep - Best Hybrid Mattress

Best Mattresses in 2020 According to Reddit Reviewers

1. Layla Mattress - Best Overall Mattress Reddit Users Love

Redditors report the Layla Mattress as being a flippable game-changer and a truly versatile, great value for money product. The mattress boasts a soft side that is great for pressure relief and a firmer side that provides excellent support. The mattress is made from memory foam and also boasts some great cooling features.

Layla Mattress Positives According to Reddit Users

- Ideal for stomach sleepers

- Provides pain and joint relief

Lifetime warranty + 120-night sleep trial

- Cool sleeping

- Strong motion isolation

Layla Mattress Drawbacks

- Some off-gassing

- Potentially lacking in firmness for some

This Layla Mattress is designed and stacked as follows:

- Cover: On both sides of the Layla, there is a Thermogel-infused soft cover that is heat-dissipating.

- 3” Soft Layer: A copper-infused, anti-microbial layer of memory foam that efficiently traps heat.

- 2” Support Layer: A layer of convoluted support foam that supports the softer side.

- Base Layer: Between the two layers, there is a durable and thick base layer. 

- 1” Firm Layer: A firmer copper-infused layer, thanks to the lack of an additional support layer.

Highlights of the Layla Mattress

Construction: The Layla Mattress is made up of different materials and layers that, altogether, provide a perfect overall sleeping experience.

Heat Resistance: As the Layla is made entirely of foam, it is hotter than hybrid mattresses. However, a cool night’s sleep is still possible thanks to the Thermogel cover and copper infusion that draws heat away from the body.

Comfort: The Layla mattress can be flipped due to comfort layers on both the top as well as on the bottom. Plus, the copper-infused foam layers help promote body circulation. 

Support: The Layla is ideal for individuals who suffer from sleep-related stiffness. The base layer found between the soft and firm layers is great for people suffering from joint pain, particularly arthritis.

Motion Transfer: Due to the memory foam of the Layla, this mattress performs well when tested for motion transfer, this being a plus-side noted by many Reddit reviewers.

2. Nolah 10 - Best Mattress Ideal for Combo Sleepers

Another mattress that Reddit reviewers love is the Nolah All-foam mattress. This mattress features three layers, which altogether provide an exceptional level of comfort. 

Redditors report that the Nolah mattress avoids many of the problems associated with memory foam, such as feeling hot and stuck in one position. The Nolah, therefore, works perfectly for combo sleepers. The mattress is firm yet bouncy and reported by Reddit readers to be perfect for strict side sleepers too.

Nolah 10 Positives According to Reddit Users

- Great for combo sleepers

- Alleviates back pain

- Body-contouring and pressure relief

120-night sleep trial

Nolah 10 Drawbacks

- Lacking edge support

- Lacking bounce

The Nolah 10 is designed and stacked as follows:

- Cover: The all-natural polyester and viscose cover is exceptionally soft and creates a breathable feel that keeps heat away from the sleeper.

- 2.5” Comfort layer: This layer is made from Nolah’s proprietary foam, “Cooling Nolah AirFoam,” which provides support and body-contouring.

- 1.5” Transition layer: A softer layer of poly foam prevents the sleeper from feeling the denser bottom layer.

- 7” Base layer: The base layer is made up of high-density foam, which supports the body and the remaining layers.

Highlights of the Nolah 10 Mattress

Comfort: Redditors report that the Nolah uses AirFoam(TM) as an alternative to memory foam, this 2.5” layer under the cover providing pressure relief in sensitive areas. AirFoam is thicker than memory foam and has a slower response to pressure. AirFoam is more breathable than memory foam, ensuring a cool nights’ sleep.

Support: Underneath the polyfoam layer is a firm layer of higher-density poly foam that provides stability and support.

Pressure Relief: The Nolah 10 provides gentle pressure relief for your shoulders and hips, perfect for side sleepers as well as combo sleepers. 

Heat Resistance: The Cool Nolah Airform helps circulate airflow and better regulate the temperature within the mattress better thanks to its open cell foam design. 

3. Original Turf and Needle Mattress - Best Mattress Providing Comfort for All Sleepers

Another mattress that is commonly recommended by Redditors is the Turf and Needle Original. It is comfortable, soft, and provides a fantastic sleeping experience. Most Redditors only mentioned positive points about this mattress, stating that it doesn’t compromise on bounce or support.

Original Turf and Needle Positives According to Reddit Users

- Motion isolation

- Suitable with virtually any bed base

- Durable

- Adapts to the body

100-night sleep trial

Original Turf and Needle Drawbacks

- Lacks handle for lifting or moving

- Lacks edge support

- Only one firmness available (medium)

The Turf & Needle Original is designed and stacked as follows:

- Ultra-Soft, Cozy Cover: On top of the Original Turf and Needle is a breathable, softcover.

- Adaptive Open-Cell Foam: The Turf and Needle’s adaptive and open-cell foam bounces back, providing additional comfort for all sleepers.

- Durable Mattress Support: The mattress is rigid and long-lasting.

Highlights of the Turf and Needle Original Mattress

Pressure Relief: This mattress from Turf and Needle uses adapted foam that is engineered with customer feedback in mind. The mattress provided pressure relief where needed, built with an open-cell-like structure that adjusts to the body during sleep.

Support: Ideal for every type of sleeper of any weight or size, the Turf & Needle Original mattress boasts an additional support layer ensuring maximum comfort levels are maintained during the night.

Heat Resistance: An extra addition to this mattress from Turf and Needle is the cooling gel and heat wicking graphite present in the mattress’ adaptive foam. The gel pulls heat away from the body during the night, going on to disperse it out from the sides. This ensures a relaxed and comfortable night’s sleep.

Versatility: The Original Turf and Needle Mattress is versatile and can be used with virtually any type of bed base or frame, including adjustable frames, slatted frames, and box springs.

4. Leesa 10” Memory Foam Mattress - Best Mattress for a Cooler Sleeping Experience

The Leesa 10” Memory Foam Mattress is recommended time and time again by Redditors. This mattress is all-foam in design and comes with a breathable top cover. A cooler sleeping experience is possible thanks to its top later, added support, and comfort provided by its memory foam core.

Leesa 10” Positives According to Reddit Users

- Mattress remains cool

- Cover is seamless

- Motion isolation

- Mattress molds to and matches the body

100-night sleep trial

Leesa 10” Drawbacks

- No edge support

- Lacks handles for lifting or moving

- Some Reddit users report that it is too firm for their liking

The Leesa 10” Mattress is designed and stacked as follows:

- Breathable Cover (Twill Fabric): A breathable twill fabric cover is found on top of the mattress in a soft gray color. 

- Exclusive Foam: Underneath the cover is a breathable, responsive foam layer.

- Memory Foam: Beneath the bouncy and huggable foam later is a layer of memory foam that relieves pressure from the body, back, shoulders, and hips.

- Supportive Base Layer: Signature support is provided by the bottom layer of the Leesa 10” that is made up of foam compatible with all sleeping positions.

Highlights of the Leesa 10” Memory Foam Mattress

Breathable Foam: The top layer of the Leesa 10” is manufactured from breathable foam and noted for being cool and responsive. The foam used in the mattress is exclusive to Leesa and has all the bounce and hug associated with a great mattress, ensuring a comfortable nights’ sleep.

Memory Foam: Another feature of the Leesa 10” noted by Reddit users is the memory foam. The foam relieves pressure from the shoulders, back, and hips, hugging the body at the same time.

Signature Core Support: The core support of the Leesa 10” consists of a foam-based layer that provides added durability and support. The core support is compatible with all sleep positions and body types.

All-round Sleep: The design and build of this mattress ensure that it is perfect for all sleep positions since it is designed for maximum support and comfort for side, back, and even stomach positions. Redditors note that this mattress reduces lower back pain, ensuring a perfect all-round sleeping experience.

5. Purple Mattress - Best Mattress for Pressure Relief

Redditors also love the Purple Mattress with trademark Purple Grid support. The Purple Grid(TM) technology ensures airflow and eliminates pressure points, ensuring a comfortable and cool night’s sleep. The Purple Mattress provides support and comfort as it cradles the body as it sleeps.

Purple Mattress Positives According to Redditors

- Motion transfer is minimal

- Cool sleeping

- Noise is reduced due to motion isolation

- Minimizes pressure points and relieves back pain

- Great value for money

100-night sleep trial

Purple Mattress Drawbacks

- Edge support is poor

- Some Redditors commented that the mattress is slightly on the small side

The Purple Mattress is designed and stacked as follows:

- Soft Flex Cover: The cover of the Purple Mattress is soft, wave-knit, and bespoke. 

- 2” Purple Grid: Under the cover is the trademark 2” Purple Grid layer that provides support and flexes with the pressure points of the body.

- Comfort Foam (Dual Layered): The bottom layer of the Purple Mattress is made of dual-layered comfort foam. 

Highlights of the Purple Mattress

Instant No Pressure Support: The Purple Grid technology of this mattress flexes under pressure dynamically, ensuring it supports the back as it cradles the hips and shoulders. The upper layer is responsive and soft; the lower layer is made from high-density foam that is supportive and firm.

Heat Resistance: Cool sleeping is possible with the Purple Mattress, thanks to thousands of open-air channels that neutralize body heat throughout the night.

Wave Knit Cover: The wave knit cover ensures maximum flexibility, helping the mattress stretch while promoting cool airflow during the night.

6. Idle Sleep - Best Hybrid Mattress

Redditors commend the Idle Sleep for its flip-ability. The life of the Idle Sleep mattress is extended by the flippable design that also provides multiple firmness choices from one single mattress. The Idle Sleep is supportive and responsive due to its individually wrapped coil core and cooling effect provided by buoyancy foam. 

The medium firmness configuration of this mattress is reported as comfortable by virtually all Redditors who reviewed it.

Idle Sleep Mattress Positives According to Redditors

- Motion isolation

- Flippable design

- Free shipping and returns

- Good support and responsiveness

- Cool sleeping

Lifetime warranty + 18-month sleep trial

Idle Sleep Mattress Drawbacks 

- Price can be a little high without discounts

- No soft version available

This Idle Sleep Mattress is designed and stacked as follows:

- Fire Resistant Barrier: This layer, which is free from carcinogens and chemicals, protects the mattress from fire.

- 1” Contouring Foam: This layer is made from low-density foam, ensuring support and comfort as the mattress cradles the body.

- 2” Buoyancy Foam: The cooling properties and support that this mattress boasts are thanks to this layer that provides pressure relief that is reported to be four times better than memory foam.

- 1” Transition Foam: This layer provides cushioning that protects the coil layer found beneath.

Highlights of the Idle Sleep Mattress

Cover: The cover of this hybrid mattress is made of ThermaCool(TM), the material regulating body temperature and assuring a cool night’s sleep in summer and a warm night’s sleep in winter.

6” Edge to Edge Coils: This mattress is classed as a hybrid due to the presence of coils that ensure bounce and that also extend the life of a mattress.

Best Mattress Reddit Users Love FAQs

Q: Which is the Best Mattress?

A: There is no one correct answer to this question as not everyone will feel the same level of comfort with the same mattress. If this was the case, there would only be one type of mattress manufactured. It comes down to personal preferences, and as noted by Redditors, the following questions need to be addressed when shopping for a new mattress.

Q: How to Ensure a Mattress is Comfortable?

A: The easiest way to ensure comfort from a mattress is to physically try it out. Not everyone gets on with memory foam, some Redditors stating that they still prefer traditional, inner-sprung alternatives. Once a comfortable mattress has been located, it’s essential to evaluate the quality.

Q: How to Evaluate If a Mattress is of Good Quality?

A: The quality of a mattress is generally determined by the quality of its comfort layers and its support system. These could be made up of latex or poly foam, springs, memory foam, coils, or a mixture of the above elements.

Q: Which Type of Mattress Foam is the Best?

A: The quality of mattress foam is evaluated by its density. The denser, in lbs. per cubic foot, the better quality the mattress is.

Polyfoam: Polyfoam is widely used as a comfort material in mattresses and can be found in different qualities ranging from poor (less than 1.0lb/PCF) to 1.8 or more.

Memory Foam: Redditors note memory foam as being comfortable and durable. A negative point made in many Reddit reviews is that it lags in heat retention. The less-dense the memory foam used, the cooler the mattress will be.

Latex Foam: Latex foam is found in synthetic and organic versions and is reported as durable in all densities.

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