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Instant Checkmate Reviews 2021: Is It a Safe and Reliable Service? ( Review)

December 27, 2020 GMT

Dallas, Texas - ( NewMediaWire ) - December 26, 2020 - Instant Checkmate is a service that lets you do a background check on anyone.  You can find someone’s social media profiles, arrest records, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and other information.

But is it a reliable service? And how thorough are the results compared to competitors? In this instant checkmate review you’ll learn if it’s a good fit for your needs.

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Instant Checkmate Pros & Cons


- Easy to use search tool

5-day trial for $1

- Has a mobile app

- Different search methods

- Finds hidden information

- Identity theft protection included in their monthly plan


- Cannot purchase individual reports

- Slow loading

- Poor customer support

User Interface Review

The makers of Instant Checkmate have made sure that users are comfortable with the search experience. The site is clean, easy to navigate and works most of the time. The next step or link through the process is in reach and available in one click. There’s a search function that allows users to search by phone number or email address, which can come in handy for those who would want to verify the identity of an account in classifieds or dating websites.

Those who would want to do a quick background check can enter the person’s phone number and see if the individual has a criminal record.

Review of the Results

Public record search sites such as Instant Checkmate are not under the jurisdiction of the CRA (Consumer Reporting Agency), which means the information obtained may not be used for screening tenants, hiring employees and others.

Instant Checkmate reveals this piece of information right from the start and even has a check box which makes the user agree the background check may not be used for such things.

Comprehensive public information equals social media accounts, which can prove to be a treasure trove of information in itself.

Instant Checkmate Points of Improvement

The site isn’t thoroughly transparent when it comes to pricing and services. There isn’t a page that lists the plans and costs. Instant Checkmate works when a background check is performed but doesn’t reveal the price until later.


The $1 5-day trial is offered randomly and to users who are hesitant to try out the company’s background check service. At first the results will show that a check costs $25 but then turns around and gives the $1 promo before the user could close the window.

There’s also the matter of accidental charges and the process of refunding. Instant Checkmate auto-renews subscriptions and sign-ups and charges the user’s credit card without him or her knowing. The site will only refund 12 months’ worth of accidental charges this way.

Lastly, the platform offers a horoscope compatibility for the person undergoing a background check, which in itself is unprofessional.

Instant Checkmate Background Check Cost

Instant Checkmate has two report options- monthly and one-time, with costs being notably higher than the competition. A standard membership will allow the user to search by location and name and will require a PayPal account or credit card. Agreeing to this and signing up means the person will be charged for the duration and then some, e.g., a 3-month subscription costs $83.47, then by the end the user will be charged $83.47 for another 3 months.

It’s recommended to get the $1 5-day trial to see what Instant Checkmate can do in regards to phone lookups, background checks and more. However, subscribers should remember to cancel before the 5 days are over so they won’t be hit with a recurring bill.

After a report is generated the user will be asked to upgrade to premium, which is said to contain more details. Unlocking to a premium tier is another $19.99 charge. A PDF download is also available for $2.99. However, most users take a screenshot of the report and save it as an image.

Instant Checkmate works for unknown callers and checking whether an email address is coming from a real person or a scammer. The phone lookup is available for $4.99 per month while the email reverse lookup is part of the standard membership plan.

Is Instant Checkmate or TruthFinder Better

In terms of features both TruthFinder and Instant Checkmate have the same transparency disclosure and an app users can download for checking on the go. However, Instant Checkmate has a $1 5-day trial and does not add to the fluff compared to TruthFinder.  Truthfinder is more transparent with pricing and gives better results for social media profiles in our experience.  Another similar site is intelius which has background checks that are better for marriage and divorce history, lawsuits, bankruptcies, and liens.

Instant Checkmate FAQs

What Can I Do With The Information?

The information obtained from Instant Checkmate may not be used for legal purposes and may not be used as evidence. Furthermore, it’s recommended to double check the details against official records to make sure it’s accurate and correct.

Instant Checkmate’s people finder and background check services may not be used to influence decisions regarding tenant screening, insurance, employment, consumer credit and the like. It can be used for personal research, such as screening potential partners, people in a neighborhood or the parents of a classmate.

How Can I Maximize Using Instant Checkmate?

It’s recommended that users try the $1 5-day trial before committing to a full month subscription. Here, they can experience what Instant Checkmate has to offer, including people search, phone number lookup and more.

What Are People Saying About Instant Checkmate?

The website has a respectable A+ rating in the Better Business Bureau. User reviews on trusted sites mention the company’s lack of transparency when it comes to billing and membership renewals, which lead to months of recurring charges. Therefore, it’s recommended to cancel the service before the time is up.

The Bottom Line

Instant Checkmate does the job when it comes to doing the best background check searches and phone number lookups. It’s reliable and has a clean, easy to use interface. The $1 5-day trial is a nice touch for those who only need to search a name or check an unknown caller.