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Cracking the Rich Code Reviews - Jim Britt’s Volume 4 eBook

November 20, 2020 GMT

New York, NY - ( NewMediaWire ) - November 20, 2020 - Cracking the Rich Code is an e-book authored by entrepreneur Jim Britt and two other co-authors Kevin Harrington and Christina Kumar. Available in a digital format, the book is packed with powerful entrepreneurial tips, stories, secrets, and strategies.

The authors tell their stories in compelling, entertaining, and interesting ways. Each author takes readers on a journey to realize what they can give and how they can Crack their very own Rich Code.

On their sales page, the authors of Cracking The Rich Code are confident that the guide can help readers grow their businesses to higher levels and aims at creating positive results with their proven business strategies. According to the authors, chances are the book has what upcoming entrepreneurs need to excel their businesses into the top 5% in their categories worldwide.


Starting a business and making it successful are two different things. Many startups die before their fifth birthday, which implies that business success requires wisdom and guidance. However, what if you found the secrets, tips, and strategies to get ahead?

Read this review to learn more about  Cracking the Rich Code e-book.

Cracking the Rich Code: What it Covers

According to the authors, the guide contains life-changing information, with each chapter bringing a surprise empowering gift. The book is meant to redesign the listener’s money philosophy and financial destiny.

The following are the main topics covered in the e-book:

  • Revenue BOOSTING strategies
  • Business productivity tips
  • Proven business tools used in the real world
  • Mindset training every business leader needs
  • Exclusive contact information of authors

Cracking the Rich Code AuthorsJim Britt

Jim Britt is a seasoned entrepreneur and author of several best-selling books and programs. A renowned business leader, Britt, is also a highly sought-after keynote speaker for various audiences.

Based on his sterling performance, Jim was named one of the world’s top 20 coaches. He’s also among the  top 50 speakers worldwide, earning him the “Best of the Best” award. As a performance coach and trainer, Jim utilizes his skills and experience as a leading expert to deliver amazing results.


Britt works with small business entrepreneurs and anyone looking to eliminate the blocks that stop their success in any area of life.

Through the years, Jim has created wealth worth millions of dollars. He also has several streams of passive income from multiple business models. Jim is an expert in human behavior, and he knows exactly what motivates people to take action and accomplish great things in life and business.

He also understands what makes people stuck. Currently, Jim concentrates on sharing his skills to influence others to succeed in business and life.

Kevin Harrington

Kevin Harrington is the brain behind the infomercial, As Seen On TV. A celebrity entrepreneur, he is also the Co-Founder of the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) and the Electronic Retailers Association (ERA).

With experience spanning more than 40 years, Kevin is an internationally recognized entrepreneur. He has seen the launch of more than 20 businesses with a cumulative turnover of more than $100 million.

Kevin has collaborated with more than a dozen public companies. He has launched over 500 innovative products, which have generated over $5 billion in global sales. He’s collaborated with celebrities and iconic brands, including Tony Little, Jack Lalane, and Kim Kardashian, among others.

Kevin focuses on innovative product development, design, and launching. He’s also into infomercial products and production. Kevin’s sterling performance earned him the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012.

Christina Kumar

Christina Kumar hails from Northern Carolina. She’s an experienced writer, journalist, and an award winner of Google for Entrepreneurs. As a journalist, Christina has interviewed more than 100 public figures, celebrities, and CEOs.

Christina has an extensive network and shares her skills and experience to help people acquire more PR skills to expand their businesses. With a background in professional modeling and acting, Christina likes to collaborate with and engage familiar brands in the sector.

With an honors degree in Management and Business, Christina focuses on PR and speaking engagements. Her services revolve around the following areas:

  • PR & Marketing Consultation: Christina guides business owners into growing their enterprises. She accomplishes this by offering several techniques relevant to their needs.
  • Public Speaking: In this area, Christina addresses various  topics in Entrepreneurship, Media, and Business.
  • Partnerships: Christina collaborates with several organizations on various projects.

Cracking the Rich Code: Price and where to buy

According to the information on their sales page, the Cracking the Rich Code e-book is available for purchase on their  official website. Interested buyers can place their orders through a secure checkout system that allows multiple payment methods.

One copy of the e-book goes for only $20. Once you place your order, you get instant access to the copy. Importantly, each purchase is supported by a 60-day money-back guarantee. In case you don’t receive your product or receive a corrupted copy, you can ask for a full refund from the author. To contact, ClickBank is the selling website for the digital eBook. Consumers can reach out to a  live chat or call toll free here.

Pros and Cons of Cracking the Rich Code

The Pros

  • Instant access
  • Multiple payment options
  • Affordable, only $20 per copy
  • Available in digital format doesn’t need physical storage space.
  • Available in six languages

The Cons

  • Accessible through third-party sites like Amazon—this can compromise quality.
  • Only available to users with internet-enabled devices

Cracking the Rich Code: Final Word

If you’re looking for ways to revamp your enterprise or your life and achieve success, this e-book could be just what you need. With the tips and strategies provided by accomplished entrepreneurs and life coaches, you cannot go wrong with a copy of  Cracking the Rich Code.

All the same, the ultimate success with the book depends on your willingness to implement the tips given. Additionally, it comes with exclusive contact information of the authors. You can use this information to reach out to the authors with any questions or concerns you may have.

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