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Global Media Ambassador for Fight to Fame, Carlos Kremer, Honored as the World’s Number One Cage Announcer for the Fourth Year Running

March 4, 2021 GMT

NEW YORK - ( NewMediaWire ) - March 3, 2021 - Recently appointed as their global media ambassador, Fight to Fame’s Carlos Kremer has now been named the world’s number one cage announcer for the fourth consecutive year by FightBook MMA. Fight to Fame promises global competitors the chance to become belt-holding champions and reality television stars alongside numerous other opportunities.

“We’re delighted to announce that our global media ambassador, Carlos Kremer, has once again been honored as the world’s number one cage announcer,” said a Fight to Fame representative earlier this week.


Carlos Kremer officially joined Fight to Fame, the first sports entertainment platform of its kind looking to pave the way to fame for a new generation of action superstars, in 2020.

Kremer signed on as Fight to Fame’s official spokesman and global media ambassador and served as the host of the much-anticipated reality television show. He’s also expected to help guide the show’s mentorship program alongside fellow ambassadors listed on the website.

“On the global stage, Carlos’s voice not only inspires many athletes around the world but also promotes sporting events to a wide range of boxing fans,” stated a Fight to Fame representative upon announcing news of Kremer’s latest announcer recognition. Also known as the Roaring Lion, he’s reportedly famed for catchphrases, including, “The stage is my life, and the microphone is my future,” according to the brand.

Now named FightBook MMA’s number one cage announcer for a fourth consecutive time, Carlos Kremer is admired by fans of mixed martial arts from around the world as one of the best voices in the industry. Kremer has previously served as a member of the U.S. Marine Corps, worked as a radio host and commentator, and as a martial arts champion himself, boasts numerous titles and medals from the Pan Am Games, World Jiu-Jitsu Championships, and more.

“I turned over a new leaf when I discovered boxing and MMA, and having these sports as an outlet has made a huge impact on my life and the lives of countless others,” Carlos remarked on the subject. “I truly believe we can save kids from life on the streets and give them a focus while teaching them the value of hard work, discipline, and setting goals,” he explains.


Upon first announcing news of Fight to Fame and Carlos Kremer’s planned partnership in late 2019, the organization’s global operations chairman, Tim Smithe, had this to say: “Carlos’s passion is inspiring, and it’s clear that he only wants the best for his fellow fighters, and helping them get the exposure and praise they deserve.”

“We very much admire his intention to make a positive social impact and help teach the rising generation that being a great fighter isn’t just about strength or technique,” Smithe went on, “but also about having a good heart and the desire to be part of a global community.”

Fight to Fame has combined three lucrative and distinctly separate industries into one vast business. Comprising blockchain, movies, and sports, their BMS model promises a path to becoming a professional MMA fighter and, potentially, an action movie star via the innovative leveraging of blockchain and associated technologies.

Touted to become the ideal platform for movie production, fans of Fight to Fame will be invited to vote on and participate in choosing the next generation of action heroes. Fight to Fame aims to become the only action star factory in Hollywood, the brand’s founders suggested. “We’re looking to build a new generation of world champions at the only action star factory in Hollywood, backed by innovative and unique blockchain technology,” they say.

Fight to Fame has recently made the headlines on several fronts and was not long since rated by Harvard University as a leader in its industry. “The future of entertainment is well and truly here, and Fight to Fame is leading the charge with confidence and exhilaration backing its growth and progress every step of the way,” said the private Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Ivy League research Harvard Policy Review.

As one of the oldest higher learning institutions in the United States and one of the most prestigious locations worldwide, the university’s famous Harvard Policy Review features content from experts in academia, the public sector, and the private sector.

This followed after the official launch of Fight to Fame’s live-streaming activities toward the end of last year. News of their various endeavors has also been covered by Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and several other prestigious media outlets.

The organization’s global media ambassador taking the world’s top cage announcer recognition once again marks the latest in a long list of recent, highly positive new stories surrounding Fight to Fame. “We congratulate Carlos on once more winning the title of world’s number one cage announcer,” added a member of the brand’s organizing committee.