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Arctic Breeze - Personal Mini Air Cooler for Hot Summer Times

July 17, 2020 GMT

New York, NY - ( NewMediaWire ) - July 17, 2020 -   Arctic Breeze - Everyone knows this: in summer there are days when it is simply too warm. To be more precise, so much heat is generated that you can hardly stand it in your apartment. But it’s not much better outside either. An air conditioning system is therefore necessary. But these devices produce a high noise level, consume a lot of electricity and are also not very cheap to buy. Therefore many people think about whether they should get an alternative. Therefore, today we will explain some details about Arctic Breeze, a mini air cooler that refreshes and disinfects the air as well as consumes little electricity. We have taken a look at the device in detail and explain in the following what is important.

What is Arctic Breeze?

This product is a mini air cooler that can be placed in any room and does its job quietly and as well as possible. It uses both water and ice and, due to its low noise level, it can also be placed in the bedroom, where it will provide up to eight hours of fresh air. It can also be used in other situations, for example at work, or simply take it with you on holiday. The manufacturer emphasizes the following features:


-       Easy to use

-       Space-saving

-       Cools the room down to an ideal temperature

-       Consumes little energy

In addition, there are some adjustment options that Arctic Breeze has, so that the Mini air cooler can be individually adjusted to suit every need. Thanks to Arctic Breeze, one can do without the expensive purchase of an air conditioning system.

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Arctic Breeze evaluation and recommendation

After a small test and all the research, we think that Arctic Breeze can do the job of a normal air conditioner. It provides fresh air, and the mini air cooler can be set to different levels. The temperature in the room will be pleasant and at the same time, it is very safe to use without having to worry about it. Arctic Breeze is ideal for creating fresh air, humidifying the air, but also cleaning it. The use on vacation, at home as well as during work is highly recommended so that you won’t want to miss the device anymore. Arctic Breeze has all the features you need to make the most of it.

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General information about the Mini air cooler


Anyone who is considering buying an air conditioning system will repeatedly encounter disgruntled users who have bought such a device but complain about the immense power consumption. The purchase costs are also high, and so you buy a device that causes a lot of work, but in the end, you do not use it properly. Moreover, it does not bring any relief in warm summer nights, because it is too loud. Therefore a mini air cooler is the better alternative, especially for the night. The Arctic Breeze Mini Air Cooler is a popular device both at work and at home, which produces fresh air, even humidifies it and works with normal water or ice. The Mini Air Cooler is connected via USB, so you can be sure that you will always find a connection.

Arctic Breeze reviews

In our research we also looked for testimonials from users who have already tried Arctic Breeze. This way, we hoped that you could see how good the device really is. However, we found out that most users are very satisfied with the device and do not want to miss it anymore. Most use it both at home and at work, where the Mini Air Cooler has become an essential tool for keeping a cool head. Praise was also repeatedly given for its simple operation, which is easy to use and is also suitable for people who are not very familiar with technical equipment. We have not been able to find any negative experience reports. We therefore assume that users would be very happy to recommend the Mini Air Cooler to others.

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Why do I need this Mini Air Cooler?

In principle, the Arctic Breeze is aimed at all those who would like to purchase an alternative for the typical air conditioning system. A unit that does not draw too much power, runs quietly, and does a good job. Age is not important, nor is gender. Even people who don’t have an excessive know-how about technical devices can get a product with which they can get along well with Arctic Breeze. Thanks to this mini air cooler you can enjoy fresh air even on warm days, which refreshes you and makes it more bearable when it is actually too warm. In addition to the groups of people already mentioned, the Arctic Breeze also appeals to people who have already tried an alternative but were not satisfied with it. In principle, Arctic Breeze gives everyone the opportunity to buy a good product and benefit from it.

Known FAQ about this product

In this section we clarify the final questions that come into question regarding shipping and other issues.

Q: Is the order free of shipping costs?

A: Arctic Breeze ships free of charge.

Q: What about the shelf life of the offers?

A: The offers that can be found on the manufacturer’s website have an expiry date. It is therefore worthwhile to take action if you have the opportunity to do so.

Q: Can I take the Mini Air Cooler with me on the road?

A: That is no problem. It can be a valuable companion in the office, at home or on holiday that you don’t want to do without.

Q: How long is the delivery time?

A: The Arctic Breeze is shipped shortly after the order is placed and usually arrives at its new owner a few days later. The Mini air cooler is shipped by well-known services such as DHL and Co.

Q: How is the unit operated?

A: First the water tank is filled up, then you just set the intensity. Everything else is done by the Mini Aircooler.

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Where can I buy Arctic Breeze?

Arctic Breeze is best purchased directly from the manufacturer, who has his own online shop on the Internet. Here you can be sure that it is the original Arctic Breeze and that you will have no problems. To place an order, simply enter the data in the order form, select the payment method and send the order. Since the Arctic Breeze is paid by Paypal or credit card, you are on the safe side. A short time later, your Mini Aircooler will be shipped and you can start using it immediately without any problems.

The supplier also provides special offer formats, which are however time limited. These usually contain several devices, so that you can fully equip your household with the Arctic Breeze. Or you have one for your home and can take another one to work. The good news is that each individual device within the range of offers is cheaper than if you place an individual order. So it’s worthwhile in any case if you have the option.

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What advantages and disadvantages does the Arctic Breeze

Each gadget has its own advantages and disadvantages. In the following list we would like to give you an overview so that you can more easily choose Arctic Breeze if you are not sure about it.


-       Easy to use

-       Safe setup options

-       Humidifies, cools and purifies the air

-       Long-term run mode for the night, which runs for up to 8 hours

-       Three setting options

-       USB connection


-       None known

As you can see, you can expect nothing but advantages from Arctic Breeze and you don’t have to worry about the disadvantages. The device has the ability to generate fresh air and is also very quiet. For greater adaptability, it has three settings that will benefit you.

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Does the unit have any risks or problems?

In general, we can answer this question with “no”. However, for some people eight hours of operation is too short. However, in most cases these are actually sufficient, because hardly anyone sleeps eight hours at a stretch. It is also questionable whether one gets a replacement filter if the existing one has become old. Otherwise, there are no problems or risks.

Arctic Breeze - Technical facts

In this section we will summarize once again what there is to say about the Mini air cooler from a technical point of view.

-       Efficient air cooling technology

-       User-friendly operation

-       Standard USB power supply unit

-       3 speeds adjustable

-       Cleans, humidifies and cools the air

Fresh air is thus produced with this device without any problems. Apart from that there are unfortunately no details about the technology, which we can summarize here.

Contact Info

The company concerned was: Novads OU, Valukoja 22, 11415 Tallinn Estonia. There is also a support email address that can be used. It is A few international telephone numbers are also available: +44 20 3808 9234. It is advisable to contact the manufacturer in English to get a meaningful answer.

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