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Azopt Cost, Coupons & Saving Tips - See This Review Before You Buy

December 29, 2020 GMT

New York, NY - ( NewMediaWire ) - December 29, 2020 - The medical cost on top of the cost of living has made it harder for many to afford quality medications. Even eyedrop medications like Azopt are turning out to be too expensive for the common folk. Vision is a necessity, and so is any medicine that can help improve it.

Local stores will charge you exorbitant medical fees for Azopt and, for that matter, any branded medicine. Instead, you can source it out from Canadian pharmacies that have the proper credentials. With their assistance, you can drive down the prices of otherwise expensive drugs.


In case Azopt is too expensive for you, there are alternatives. There are sources in the United Kingdom that have a generic equivalent of Azopt available for the common folk. So, you should consider branching out your search to shops in the UK as well.

Before making your buying decision, you should also get to know more about how the medicine works. So, continue reading if you are not aware yet of how an Azopt prescription works.

What is Azopt?

Azopt is a brand-name prescription medicine that comes in the form of eye drops. It contains the active drug brinzolamide. This drug is used for treating eye pressure caused by eye diseases like ocular hypertension and open-angle glaucoma.

Azopt eye drops come only in one dosage strength. The solution will have 10mg/mL brinzolamide. The dropper bottles of Azopt come in sizes of 5mL, 10mL, and 15mL. The generic equivalent, named after the drug brinzolamide itself, also comes in the same dosage strength and size.

Medication is vital for people suffering from eye problems. Azopt acts as a preventive measure against the risk of developing blindness. Without this medication, your eye disease may get out of control and permanently damage your sight.

Azopt is typically prescribed as an everyday eyedrop. This means you will need a hefty supply of this drug so that it lasts you for the long haul, the price for which will not be small. Even people who take Azopt for a short period of time find themselves struggling to pay for it. So, continue reading to find out how you can get around the high prices in the medicine market.

Who should and should not take Azopt?

You can avail this medicine only with a doctor’s prescription. Azopt works by decreasing fluid in your eyes. Without proper administration, you can end up reversing the effects of Azopt and damaging your eyesight instead.


People with open-angle glaucoma suffer from serious discomfort due to the high pressure in their eyes. Azopt contains a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor (brinzolamide). If not treated, glaucoma can damage your optic nerves and thereby your vision. The inhibitor blocks the action of an enzyme called carbonic anhydrase. The action taken by the drug reduces the amount of fluid in your eyes, which lowers the pressure.

The medicine can also treat the eye pressure that people with ocular hypertension experience. Unlike glaucoma, this disease increases eye pressure without any damage to the optic nerve. However, not treating it early on can increase the risk of later developing glaucoma. That is why it is important to start using Azopt immediately when you are diagnosed with this disease.

If you wear soft contact lenses, make sure not to use the eyedrop while wearing them. The drug can permanently stain your lenses.

It is not known yet if Azopt is safe for use by pregnant or breastfeeding women. So, best that you avoid any unnecessary risk and not take Azopt if you fall under this category.

It is common knowledge that you should not take medicine without knowing if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. You can get yourself tested to make sure you are not allergic to brinzolamide or any other ingredients in Azopt.

What is the dosage recommendation of this medicine?

As mentioned before, Azopt comes in only one dosage form that patients can buy in three different sizes. The size of the eyedropper the patient buys will depend on how much the doctor tells them to use and how often.

Since it comes in ophthalmic dosage form (eye drops), special administration instructions are needed from the doctor. You should avoid contaminating the solution before it enters your eye(s). So, make sure not to touch the dropper tip, and do not let the tip touch your eyes or skin.

If you wear contact lenses, administer the eye drops at least 15 mins before putting the lenses back on. Once you drop the solution in your eyes, keep your eyes closed for about 10-12 minutes.

For both ocular hypertension and open-angle glaucoma, doctors typically recommend one drop in the affected eye(s) three times a day.

If the patient checks any of the criteria mentioned below, they should show more caution with their daily dosage.

·       The patient is a child under 18 years of age

·       The patient has a history of kidney problems or liver disease

·       The patient has a history of eye problems, specifically in the cornea

·       The patient has an eye injury or an eye surgery planned

If you miss your dose, you can make up for it once you remember. However, don’t take the missed dose if it is almost time for the next eye drop. In that case, you can skip it and go back to your regular dosing schedule.

Are there any side effects of taking Azopt?

The doctor will only prescribe this drug if they believe that the benefits outweigh the risks to you. You may experience some side effects that tend to disappear once your body has adjusted to the medicine. If any of them persist or make you worry, consult with your doctor.

Here is a list of common side effects.

·       Temporarily blurred vision

·       Bitter or unusual taste

·       Dryness, discomfort, or itchiness in your eyes

·       Headache

Here is a list of some serious side effects that will require you to seek immediate medical attention.

·       Persistent nausea or vomiting

·       Yellowing or swelling of eyes

·       Sensitivity to light

·       Skin pain

·       Allergic reactions like trouble in breathing, hives, and rash

What is the cost of Azopt?

Glaucoma medications like Azopt have been doubling in cost in the last few years. This is a cause for concern, especially when you think about people with less than favorable financial situations. 

One way to get ahead of this money problem is to buy an insurance plan that covers the cost of this medication. In case you already have an insurance plan, check with your doctor if it covers Azopt as well.

Some accredited pharmacies can also help you out if your insurance does not cover the cost. In comparison to other locations, pharmacies in Canada offer their range of medicines at out-of-pocket costs.

You can even choose to get thrifty by using Azopt-specific coupons. They can dramatically reduce the price, going as low as $36.95 for a 5mL Azopt bottle. 

How you can save up on money while buying this medicine

Azopt does ask for a hefty price from the common folk. However, this is only when you buy from a local store. You can get economical and save money on your Azopt purchase either with an insurance plan, coupons, or by buying from accredited Canadian pharmacies.

Pharmacies in Canada take into account your financial situation and the high cost to provide you with discounted prices. These certified pharmacies are well-recognized for upholding high quality and safety standards when it comes to their medicines.

Another way to save up big bucks is by buying the generic equivalent of Azopt. The generic brinzolamide medication has the same active ingredients as Azopt but comes at a much lower price. A 5mL bottle of the generic drug goes for just $33.99!

With these solutions in mind, you can go ahead with your buying decision and see what fits your situation best.

To sum up

It is no surprise that a brand-name medication like Azopt comes at an expensive cost. What is surprising is that there is no shortage of cost-efficient solutions to buying this drug. Apart from having a generic alternative available in the market, Azopt can also be bought with discounted coupons. You can also take this a step further and get in touch with licensed Canadian pharmacies that have deals in place to save you money. This way, you can prioritize your health with no money worry troubling your mind!

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