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Humulin R Vial Cost, Coupons & Saving Tips - See This Review Before You Buy

December 29, 2020 GMT

Don’t Buy Another Humulin R Vial Until You Read This Review!

New York, NY - ( NewMediaWire ) - December 29, 2020 - The prices of medication are taking a toll by the hour. As a result, bearing high expenses is the only option you are left with. Moreover, these prices drastically affect your lifelong savings. It is particularly so when it comes to high-end medicines.

Essential drugs such as Humulin R Vial also fall under this category. You will neither find any relief on its price by the government nor at your local pharmacy. What if you could get your hands on a few ways to procure this insulin without breaking the bank?


Humulin R is a vital injection for diabetic patients. The soaring cost of this drug can indefinitely consume all your savings as you will need the medication regularly. There is good news for you! You can procure this injection at relatively affordable prices.

Discount coupon codes and a few other recognized resources can help get your medicine at a pocket-friendly price. All that, without compromising on the quality of the insulin injection. Are you wondering how?

If you purchase Humulin R vials from accredited Canadian pharmacies, you can enjoy huge discounts. These pharmacies have been helping multiple individuals by offering budget-friendly prices for such high-end drugs.

Did your doctor prescribe the Humulin R injection? Before you buy this drug or start your course, it is imperative to get a detailed insight into this medicine. Here is an informative review of this insulin, along with cost-effective ways of procuring it without any hassle.

What is Humulin R?

Humulin R, also known as Insulin Regular Human, is essentially an insulin dose for people with diabetes. It is actually human-made insulin that is used as a substitute for insulin naturally produced in your body.

Humulin R is a solution that comprises of human biosynthetic insulin injection. It is readily available in vials of 2 quantities—3 ml and 10 ml.

One milliliter of Humulin R contains a solution of the following ingredients:

·       human insulin (100 units)

·       metacresol (2.5mg)

·       glycerin (16 mg)

·       zinc (0.015mg/100 units)

·       water

The Humulin R aids in controlling escalated levels of blood sugar, and as a result, preventing multiple severe health issues. These may include kidney damage, sexual problems, blindness, and problems in nerves and limbs. Additionally, if you can control your diabetes, the risk of heart attack will reduce automatically.


The insulin instantly improves the metabolism of your body and reduces the blood sugar level. It allows the glucose to transfer into your cells so that your body can break it down and use it for energy.

Who Should Take Humulin R Vial?

Humulin R is a prescription drug recommended for patients suffering from type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus. It regulates the level of insulin in your blood and urine and allows effortless urination. Humulin R will give the best results when accompanied by a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine.

Humulin R is of two types: U-100 and U-500. These refer to 100 units and 500 units of human biosynthetic insulin solution, respectively. Before purchasing the vial, check the package to ensure you are choosing the right option.

You must note that if not administered in the recommended manner, Humulin R can have profound implications. Therefore, you must discuss about all your health issues with a doctor and then start this course.

Make sure that you do not give Humulin R to a child who is younger than 2 years. Apart from that, you should Not take Humulin R if you:

·       have an allergy to insulin

·       are below 18 years having type 2 diabetes

·       have low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)

You must note that the insulin level in your body can be affected by various activities and conditions. Illness (nausea, etc.), other medication, the course of pregnancy, travel, exercise, etc., can change the insulin content in your body.

You must be in touch with your doctor continually or keep a regular check on your insulin level at home. That is because your Humulin R dose may change accordingly.

What is the Recommended Dosage and Administration of Humulin R Vial?

Your Humulin R injection dosage will depend on your age and the type of diabetes that you have. Therefore, the dosage of every individual is specially-curated to meet the requirement of that person. You need to consult your doctor for the precise dosage.

That said, a typical adult who has type 1 diabetes is recommended to take. 0.2-0.4 units/kg/day. Thus, if you are 60 kgs, you will need to take 12-24 units of Humulin R/day. You can divide the portion into 3 and administer before 15-30 minutes of each meal.

In case you have type 2 diabetes, the suggested dosage is 10 units/day or 0.1-0.2 unit/kg/day. Similar to the former administration, you must take Humulin R before 15-30 minutes of your meal. You can also divide it into 2 or 3 portions for the day, as suggested by your doctor.

Note that you need to check your insulin level regularly and take the dose accordingly. Incorrect dosage may prove to be useless or harmful for your health.

Does Humulin R Have Side Effects?

Humulin R is a high-end drug used to treat severe diabetic issues. Needless to say, it has some severe side effects. The most common is hypoglycemia, among others. It may lead to symptoms such as excessive sweating, restlessness, seizures, weakness, heartbeat fluctuation, and more.

Here are the other common side effects of Humulin R:

·       Body pain

·       Headache

·       Redistribution and accumulation of body fat

·       Diarrhea

·       Resistance to insulin

·       Allergic reactions

In some cases, you may get severe allergic reactions that require immediate treatment.

·       Rashes on the entire body

·       Wheezing

·       A significant fluctuation in blood pressure

·       Wheezing

Patients suffering from hypoglycemia must always carry a chocolate bar or some other source of sugar.

What is the Cost of Humulin R Vial?

Humulin R is one of the several powerful yet essential drugs that have sky-high prices. Procuring these drugs can lead to a boom in your monthly expenditure and, resultantly, reduce your savings. However, there are some useful ways to get around this problem.

On average, one 10 ml Humulin R vial cost may vary from $150-$200 or more. It can be considerably expensive as you need this drug for the long term.

How to Save Up on Humulin R Vial?

Opting to purchase your monthly Humulin R Vial supply from recognized Canadian pharmacies is an excellent option. These pharmacies offer great discounts and special schemes for their customers.

Are you thinking about how to order from a certified Canadian pharmacy? These pharmacies are easy to reach via phone, mail, or fax, all from the comfort of your home. Once you have ordered, they will ship the drugs to your doorstep with the utmost-precautions.

What’s more? You can enjoy the discounted rates whether you reside in the United States or any other part of the world. Canadian pharmacies can offer you a 10ml Humulin R vial only at $87. That is not all. If you choose to purchase 10 vials, you will get a price as low as $424. Isn’t that a superb budget-friendly deal?

Apart from this, you can also use Humulin R coupon codes to buy the drug at affordable prices. Having medical insurance can further reduce the cost of this drug.

Summing Up

Humulin R is quintessential for diabetic patients, and you cannot keep yourself from using the drug despite your low budget. Still, it is a high-end drug that can drastically decrease your monthly savings.

Not if you choose a cost-effective method of ordering it from Canadian pharmacies. These are well-known for their medical supplies in Canada as well as multiple other countries of the world. Alternatively, you can choose some exciting discount coupon codes for the same.

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