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SaniBand Reviews - Wearable Hand Sanitation for Protection?

December 31, 2020 GMT

Homewood, IL - ( NewMediaWire ) - December 31, 2020 - It is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the present situation that prevails on the planet will take quite some time to pass.

The Covid-19 pandemic had bought the world to a standstill, everything was put on hold.

Although places all around the world are opening up and adjusting to the new rules and regulations put forth to counter the Covid-19 virus, things are not like they used to be.

With that being said, everyone should make sure they are taking precautions to stay safe and healthy. That means you need to sanitize your hands in regular intervals, sanitizers have the ability to kill the covid-19 virus and prevent it from entering your body.


Maintaining social distancing is equally crucial, but the importance of sanitizing your hands cannot be quantified.

But carrying a sanitizer everywhere and using it can be quite frustrating. That is why we are here to tell you about SaniBand, this one-of-a-kind sanitizer that can be worn on the hand and be used with the utmost ease. This the very first wearable sanitation device.

What is SaniBand?

SaniBand is a unique sanitizer dispenser, you can wear this watch-like product on your wrist and just squeeze and use the sanitizer.

With SaniBand by your side, you will not have to use public sanitizer dispensers and ensure safety from the virus.

With SaniBand you can stay safe and clean on the go. Furthermore, the manufacturers use medical grade silicone for the body of SaniBand, this is done to give you the best quality product. The silicone used is hypoallergenic and also is germ-free. You can wear SaniBand on your hand all day long without feeling uncomfortable.

Plus, if you’re worried about the sanitizer leaking from the band, then don’t. SaniBand is leakproof, which implies that the sanitizer in the band will not leak, even a little. They also have sealable caps which you can use to dispense the sanitizer or use to fill the band with sanitizer.

As mentioned above, you can refill the band with your own sanitizer. SaniBand is reusable, so you do not have to worry about buying a new one every time the sanitizer gets over.

The adjustable strap used in SaniBand can fit anyone. Furthermore, each SaniBand is made in the highest quality facility to make sure you get the best product. In addition to this, SaniBand is extremely light to carry, it weighs almost nothing and you can be sure that you can wear it all day long without feeling uncomfortable.


SaniBand can be used by anyone. It should be used by people who go out regularly and by people who come into contact with others.

This product is ideal for doctors, teachers, nurses, retail workers, and everyone else.

To make things even more interesting, SaniBand comes in 5 different colors, namely, white, purple, blue, black, and pink.

What’s more?

Each SaniBand comes with 1 EZ-fill bottle. You can use this bottle to fill sanitizer into your SaniBand.

Where To Buy SaniBand?

You can purchase this unique sanitation device only on their official website.

They also offer several exciting deals and offers, make sure you take advantage of that.

Here are some great offers to get behind

Buy 3 SaniBands for $39.90 and get 2 free

Buy 5 SaniBands for $59.85 and get 5 free

They also have a 50% offer going on as well.

Additionally, they do not charge any shipping fee. They also ship internationally, when you make an international order, then it will be delivered within 7days and if that does not happen, then they will give you a complete refund.

If you ordered it from within the country, then you will receive your order within 3 to 5 business days. Also, when you place your order, you will receive a tracking ID, you can track your order till it reaches you.

If that wasn’t enough, they also are offering a 30-day cash back guarantee, which means, if you find the product to be unsatisfactory, then you can ask for a refund from the company.

SaniBand: Is It Worth It?

In short, yes, it is worth it. In times like these, innovative technology helps in making life easier and safer.

So make sure you pick up your SaniBand at the earliest possible.

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