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Health and Wellness Coach Bobby Chacko Discusses Several At-Home Tactics to Reduce Stress and Improve Overall Wellness

November 10, 2020 GMT

Boston, MA - ( NewMediaWire ) - November 10, 2020 - Relaxing isn’t lazy. It’s necessary. Countless studies have proven that excessive stress can cause major health problems, ranging from common illnesses and lack of sleep to chronic diseases. However, wellness expert Bobby Chacko recently explained that you don’t have to simply deal with stress. There are several things you can do at home to relieve excess stress and enjoy an overall healthier lifestyle. 


“Several stress-relieving activities can be performed anywhere,” Bobby Chacko said. “One of those activities is meditation.”

Bobby Chacko explained that the term “mediation” often comes with a stigma. People assume it’s something you must be into yoga or alternative medicine to practice. However, Bobby Chacko explains that mediation can benefit everyone, no matter what your beliefs or background may be. He suggests starting by simply taking a few minutes to close your eyes, tune out distractions, and practice being mindful. Focusing on the immediate moment relieves stresses associated with the past and future. 

“Those who find meditation difficult or boring may be in need of a more active stress-relieving activity,” Bobby Chacko explained. “Exercise is an excellent way to relieve stress.”

Bobby Chacko explained that stepping away from work and taking a walk around your neighborhood, going for a jog, or engaging in a sport you enjoy can be an ideal stress-reliever. He explained that other benefits of exercising outdoors include providing a change of scenery, and ultimately, a different mindset. 

“I always advise people to get creative when they’re feeling stressed,” Bobby Chacko said. “Step away from the parts of life that are causing stress and write, draw, paint, create music, or do something that sparks your inner creative.”

Bobby Chacko added that stress-relieving activities don’t have to take hours to complete or interfere with your workday. They can simply be added throughout the day in small increments. Meditate for three minutes, go for a 30-minute walk, or take an hour before or after dinner to paint. 


“Many of our daily habits also greatly affect our stress levels,” Bobby Chacko said. “Practicing healthy eating, enjoying leisure activities often, expressing gratitude, and making time for exercise should be priorities.”

Bobby Chacko finished by stating that reducing stress doesn’t have to involve going to the spa or taking a costly vacation. It’s something that can be done every day in the comfort of your home and in a matter of minutes. Stress-relieving activities don’t have to be monumental. Even the smallest ways of de-stressing can improve your day, and ultimately, improve your overall health.