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How To Get Good Free Psychic Chat Readings Online

November 27, 2020 GMT

New York, NY - ( NewMediaWire ) - November 27, 2020 - We all need answers that only the future holds. Sometimes our human curiosity often gets the best of us and we feel like we can’t go on if we don’t know the answers to our most important questions. 

The good news is that, because of the internet, we can easily find spiritual guides who can reach other realms and give us answers to everything that worries us. But communicating with a psychic online is a different experience than it is in person. What can we expect from an online session and are psychic chats any good?


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Free Psychic Chat Readings - Are they any good? 

It’s natural to wonder whether the connection that you can have with your psychic can be translated over the internet. And it seems the answer is yes. When it comes to matters of the spirit, distance is irrelevant.

Although it depends on the psychic, there are some who seem to be able to focus better in familiar, undisturbed environments. This is because these spaces cut out distractions.

There’s no reason that you can’t get the same kind of results from an online psychic chat as you can in person or over the phone. Be careful when choosing your guide and make sure that you allow your intuition to guide you towards the right person,

Preparing for an Online Psychic Chat

As we’ve said, distance is not an obstacle in the way of a psychic reading. Although sight, touch and hearing can be useful tools for mediums to establish a connection, the most important element is energy.

The best way to ensure that an online psychic reading will be as good as a face to face one is to use your own power. Some people think that they would be helpless in such a situation, but it’s not so.  You have at your disposal powerful tools that you can use to create and maintain a connection to your psychic.

If you’re looking for a quality free psychic chat or even a longer psychic session, the below steps can help you achieve your goal.

Step 1 - Find a reputable platform

Not all psychics are created equal. Just like in real life, some are the real deal while others are scam artists. A great way to start separating out the fakes is by relying on a trusted psychic platform. These websites have screening processes for psychics and they ensure that seekers have a say in who has success on the platform. They display other people’s feedback clearly, so that this information can help you make a decision.


Here are some websites that we have reviewed before and that are sure to provide a quality service. is a great option. It is easy to use for any user, regardless of their technical level. They have special offers with free minutes all the time. You can keep an eye on them and join the 30 million people that have enjoyed their services since 1999.

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Kasamba offers free psychic chats for the first three minutes of any interaction with a psychic. They’ve been connecting people to spiritual guides for more than 20 years. Their top psychics have thousands of reviews as proof of their talent.

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Another platform that we can recommend is Psychic Source. This platform is very well respected in the community and you can be sure that the mediums you find here are authentic and helpful. 

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Step 2 - Settle on your intention 

The best thing you can do before starting to look for a psychic is to create a clear intention in your mind. You should focus your energy on what you want to find out; whether that’s a single question or the outcome of a more complicated situation.

If you don’t feel very centered, you can grab a piece of pen and paper. Write down everything you can think of about the issue that is troubling you or that you want to know more about. Do this until you feel like you have clarity. Then define what you want to know in a few phrases. If you need to, repeat the phrases to yourself out loud or in a whisper.

After you’ve done this you should be more centered and your energy more aligned with your purpose.

Step 3 - Look Patiently through Profiles

All the sites that we recommended allow you to browse through all psychic profiles. Once you see someone you are interested in, you can click on them to see their profile and read about them, their life, and their spirituality.

Take your time doing this. Choosing the right psychic for you can make a connection all that much easier or harder! That’s why it’s important to consult your instinct along the way. What are your feelings towards a particular profile picture? Does their profile attract you or not?

Go through this process a few times. This way you will start to have a handle on how the psychics who truly call to you make you feel.

Step 4 - Look at the Reviews

One of the reasons these platforms have gained the trust of so many millions of people is because they allow their users to post honest reviews for each psychic. Even if a fake medium makes it on these sites, they are rapidly called out. The negative reviews will discourage others from trying their services.

That’s why it’s best to look through testimonials from past clients when making your choice. You should look for reviews that mention accuracy but also try to take into account how people are describing the medium. It’s another good moment to use your intuition to see if you see that there is something drawing you to a particular psychic.

Choose a Specific Practice

Another helpful tip if you’re looking to create a successful spiritual online connection is to choose someone who specializes in a specific practice. This can be a method of divination you’ve tried before or just something that you’ve researched and feel an attraction to.

Here are a few different types of readings that you can find on reputable platforms. Go to one of our recommended websites and select the category you want. You will see a list of all the mediums who specialize in that particular reading or practice.


Some people find that they have a strange fascination with tarot. That they gravitate towards the symbols and art of the ancient tarot cards ever since they first saw it in a movie or on TV.

Specialized Tarot readers can interpret the ancient and powerful symbolism of the cards. They provide great insight into the future as well as the unknown present.

The tarot deck contains 78 cards all detailing aspects of physical and spiritual life. The billions of possible arrangements and different types of spreads can shine a light on what’s to come and what to prepare for.

Crystal Readings

There are psychics that specialize in doing readings with the aid of crystals. If you’ve ever had such a reading before and found it to be  accurate, this might mean that a crystal connection will be easier to establish for you.

If so, that can increase your odds of getting the best possible psychic chat over the internet.If there is an existing energy connection between you and the practice itself it will be easier for the psychic to breach the distance.


You can find Western, Vedic and Chinese astrologers on online psychic platforms. It may seem like a horoscope is not the best tool to use to question the unknown about specific and important situations. But horoscopes used to be much more than what they are today.

In medieval times, royals would have personal astrologers. They would dig deep into what the stars predicted about the king’s lives based on their birth information. Your zodiac sign is just one aspect of what the stars have to say, and it’s not the only important one.

If you know your exact time of birth, to the hour and the minute, an astrologer can tell you much more than what other zodiac sign you are compatible with.

Beware of bots

Although there are reputable platforms where you can find legitimate free psychic chat opportunities, there are also some you should steer clear of.

Any type of website or platform that doesn’t connect you to a live person and claims to have their computer system make predictions is useless and should be avoided. Never pay for these solutions. We have tried many of them, and it’s never provided any kind of accurate predictions or helpful insight.

Online Psychic Chat - The Conclusion

Free psychic chats can truly provide important answers to our most pressing questions. But it’s also up to us. Getting a psychic reading through the internet can be a little trickier than it is in real life but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

It’s very likely that you can create a true and lasting connection with a medium you find online. But it’s important to do your part to increase your odds.

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