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Kasamba Reviews: Are Their Psychic Readings Accurate and Legit? (Kasamba Review 2021)

November 7, 2020 GMT

Billings, Montana - ( NewMediaWire ) - November 07, 2020 - For the past 20 years, Kasamba claims to have provided accurate psychic readings to people from all corners of the world. Other than being the oldest, this psychic network has created a good reputation both online and offline. With apparently hundreds of skilled psychic readers gifted in different aspects, this site may be worth checking out.

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However, for anyone who has never received a psychic reading from Kasamba, it is understandable that they may be skeptical about trying this network. This kasamba review will explain how this site works and reveal whether users can rely on Kasamba to provide legit, quality psychic readings.

How Does Kasamba Work?

In the 21st century, finding a real psychic is like finding a needle in a stack of hay. This is one of the reasons why networks such as Kasamba exist. This website acts as a platform that links real psychics with people who need psychic readings. 

Kasamba has a fast and straightforward registration process that ensures you get your readings as soon as possible. Also, the availability of various payment methods makes it easier to fund your Kasamba account.

Whether you have been getting readings for the past four decades, or it’s your first time, this website clearly outlines the various service options alongside professional spiritual advisors. On this network, you have the freedom to browse through the different psychics’ profiles filtering out those that match your preferences. 

Secondly, you can choose a mode of receiving the reading that suits your wishes. This can be via phone or online chat sessions. Plus, first-time users get a free Kasamba psychic reading so that they can gauge if this network is right for them. 

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What Types of Readings are Offered at Kasamba?

People don’t share the same needs and desires. And, most psychics happen to be skilled in only certain types of readings. Because of this, Kasamba has taken the initiative to bring together psychics that offer nearly all types of readings. Whether you are interested in love or career readings, you can find them all at Kasamba.


Below are some of the readings offered at Kasamba:

- Rune casting

- Pet psychics

- Psychic mediums

- Aura readings

Love readings are further categorized into cheating and affairs, soul mate connections, marital life, gay and lesbian-friendly, single, dating, and more.

Tarot readings that help understand your life deeper are subdivided into fortune-telling, cartomancy, and angel card readings.

Dream analysis is useful if you are continually experiencing the same weird dream since a psychic can help you understand it deeper.

Astrology readings. Thanks to the diverse Kasamba horoscope, you can get astrological readings based on Vedic or Chinese astrology.

Additional Readings Provided by Kasamba Psychics

On their website, there is a ‘more’ tab that lists additional readings on the following categories:

- Religion

- Universal laws

- New age spirituality

- Picture readings

- Numerology

- Palm readings

- Paranormal

- Kabbalah

- Intimacy

- Past life readings

The team of experts at Kasamba understands that some people might find it hard to know which type of reading is in line with their problems. So to create room for error, you get three free minutes from every reading. This allows you to gauge the level of your connection with a reader within these three minutes and continue or discontinue the session without incurring any cost.

The Pros of Kasamba Psychic Network

This review would be incomplete if it didn’t have a list of this psychic network’s pros and cons. Even after being in operation for the past 20 years, Kasamba continues to excel in many sectors. Here are the reasons why people love this platform:

A Range of Psychic Readings 

Kasamba has practically all the psychic readings you may want to get. They even have a section where they address additional psychic readings such as numerology and past life readings.

Detailed Psychic Profiles 

With so many psychics on the network, one may be left wondering how do they know which psychic is ideal for them. But, thanks to the detailed and thorough psychic profiles, reviews, and ratings, you can easily point which psychic to book a session with.

Great Offers and Discounts

And as if all the above is not enough, Kasamba wins everyone over with their lucrative offers. For instance, all new members are guaranteed to get 50% off their first readings.

The Drawbacks

It’s important that this review highlights the few things that Kasamba is yet to offer its clients.

No Video Chat

The first downside is the network’s inability to offer video readings. There are some users who believe that face to face readings help create a stronger connection. 

Lack of Advanced Filtering Options

Their search tool lacks advanced filtering options. With so many psychics on the network, it can feel overwhelming when it’s time to narrow down to a particular one. 

Experienced Psychics Cost More

Their highly-skilled psychics happen to be very costly. Even though quality doesn’t come cheap, it’s not everyone who can afford those high rates.

The Bottom Line – Is Kasamba Legit or a Scam?

A high number of online fraud characterizes this modern era, even in the psychic reading industry. However, you can be assured that Kasamba is a legit psychic network. 

From the many positive Kasamba psychic reviews posted online, you can be guaranteed to find real psychics on this network. Other than that, with years of experience, Kasamba has managed to bring the best psychics from all over the world.

The above, accompanied by a wide range of psychic readings available, makes Kasamba the number one psychic network on the internet. To top it all up, Kasamba offers a 100% money-back guarantee for those who don’t feel satisfied with their readings. Plus, you get 3 minutes free with every new advisor.

Kasama Review FAQ

Q: Does Kasamba have an App?

A: To make your sessions more interesting and insightful, Kasamba introduced an app a while back. So if you aren’t near your computer, you can still get a reading through their app by downloading it on your phone. The app also gives you full-time access to Kasamba horoscopes daily. Note that the app is free to download and available on android and iOS.

To summarize this Kasamba review, it doesn’t exactly have the cheapest psychics, but they do have high quality readings and it is worth paying for if you want the best psychic reading possible in an online format.