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TruthFinder Review - A Legitimate Background Check Service or Scam?

November 29, 2020 GMT

Atlanta, Georgia - ( NewMediaWire ) - November 29, 2020 - TruthFinder is an online background checking service that’s received high marks for ease of use and reporting accuracy. In this TruthFinder review, the legitimacy of TruthFinder will be explored as well as its downsides.

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Is TruthFinder Accurate? 

TruthFinder is a service that seeks to find what information people are looking for. Background check services usually rely on public records, and this is where their weakness lies. If the records are not updated or inaccurate, then the report will provide useful or up-to-date information.


However, in the case of TruthFinder, their final reports are proven to be accurate and up-to-date.

TruthFinder Pros:

- Android and iOS app

- Variety of filters and search parameters

- Unlimited background checks

- Offers more information than others

- Has details on how information collected may be used


- Requires a monthly fee

- No trial period

- Ties to the horoscope facts

Recent and Accurate Reporting

TruthFinder investigations go beyond just looking through public records to acquire the needed information. The service goes through several steps to ensure the details they provide are not outdated, confusing, or contradictory.

Other background research platforms provide a mix of both old and new information that can confuse clients and make their services unreliable.

Seamless User Experience

TruthFinder collates and presents the data in an easy to digest manner. The platform also has a mobile app for convenience. Users can simply open the app via mobile network data and get the investigation results right then and there.

Clear Transparency

The FCRA or Fair Credit Reporting Act has deemed it illegal for people to use the information gathered from background checks to influence their hiring decision. In the event that a background check reveals incriminating information, companies may not use it against a candidate or for employment purposes.

TruthFinder offers full disclosure on its website and a legal section informing subscribers how they can use the information. The explanations are concise, so there’s no confusion on what the user can and cannot do with the revelation of facts.


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TruthFinder isn’t perfect in other aspects, notably the following:

No Trial Period

TruthFinder is an all-in solution for those who want to get to the bottom of things. People who want to try the background check service will find themselves dissatisfied if they reached an impasse with the information.

Offering a free trial for a few days can alleviate these issues and draw more customers to the service. Also, having a pay-per-check option can be a good thing for those who need a one and done report. 

Using Scare and Hype Tactics

TruthFinder does not mince its words, from the full FCRA disclosure to saying how the information they uncovered can be disturbing or devastating. Furthermore, some messages can prove to be misleading or excite what they are about to reveal.

Linking to Astrology and Horoscope

In some reports, the background check service offers the customer a compatibility check via astrology and horoscopes. However, this is not appropriate on all background checks and can be seen as offensive in some cases.

TruthFinder Cost

While processing the first search, the user will be interrupted with a message that they should sign up to become a member. This unlocks the results they want at the cost of $28 a month, or roughly $1 a day. Two-month membership packages cost less at $46, but only slightly so.

The TruthFinder subscription allows for unlimited background searches through the website or app. When the membership expires, it auto-renews unless manually canceled before the time is up.

Additional costs are as follows:

- Reverse phone lookup services cost $4.99 a month (unlimited lookups)

- Downloading the background report as PDF costs an extra $2

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TruthFinder FAQ

Q: What Can I Do On TruthFinder?

A: Background check services can range from finding if an individual has marriage records, divorce records, criminal records, and more. Information gleaned on social media may be presented as well.

Those who may be wondering, “is TruthFinder accurate” will like how the information is prepared for them. All known information is collated, including the person’s social media handles, email address, phone number, educational background, names of friends, associated family members, job history, and criminal history.

Q: What Do TruthFinder Reviews Say About The Service?

A: Positive reviews mention how they received the information they want in an easy to read format. In terms of negative reviews, some complained that the report they received was inaccurate. Lastly, others said they received a lot of promotional emails once they signed up for a membership.

Q: How To Use Information Collected on TruthFinder?

A: The report in TruthFinder may not be used to judge a potential employee or job candidate, as per the FCRA. Members can look for long-lost friends, classmates, relatives, or family members thru the app or website. Individuals can check and see if a person is now married or if a suspicious person is what he or she seems.

Details such as someone’s email address, physical address, and social media account are usually more than enough for the member to contact the person they’re investigating.

Q: How Accurate is TruthFinder Background Check Information?

A: The information background check companies obtain may be different from one another since it’s all based on public records. Some will try to look it up on the internet, while others do a formal investigation and visit public or government places.

If the source of information is flawed, then it could lead to an inaccurate report. Furthermore, on occasion, some users reported that the information obtained was not 100% true. Therefore, it’s recommended that one should opt for a second opinion.

The Bottom Line

TruthFinder is a reputable and reliable background check service that focuses on detailed reporting and an intuitive interface. For people who wish to contact someone, such as an old friend or someone they met abroad, then TruthFinder is a good platform.

However, the mandatory monthly fee can put off those who are looking for one-and-done checks. Having to pay a fee for a whole month and not seeing the results in the end can be a frustrating experience. 

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