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Keeps Review - Do Keeps Hair Loss Treatments Work? ( Review)

November 6, 2020 GMT

New York, New York - ( NewMediaWire ) - November 06, 2020 - Keeps is an online-only subscription service that specializes in treating male baldness. The company offers two of the most popular anti-hair loss medications that are also approved by the FDA. This Keeps review seeks to find the answers mostly asked by those who need a hair loss solution quickly and discreetly.

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Keeps First Look:



- Convenient: Everything, from registration to prescriptions, is done on the internet with the medication delivered straight to the doorstep.

- Reputable: All of the Keeps’ physicians are registered and board-certified to take consultations and prescribe hair loss medication.

- Cost-Effective: The products are given at a discounted price compared to traditional pharmacies. First orders are at 50% off with a code.


- Limited: Keeps only offers solutions to those suffering from androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness. Furthermore, consultation is not available in some parts of the US.

- Non-inclusive Insurance: Keeps’ consultations and products are not eligible for FSA/HSA withdrawals, and partnerships with insurance companies are non-existent.

Keeps Overview

Keeps products are designed to stop male pattern hair loss with active ingredients that are proven to work. Their topical foam solution consists of oral finasteride and ketoconazole.

Clinical studies show that about 80 percent of male subjects had crown hair loss stop when they began using finasteride. Sixty-six percent of male subjects with receding hairlines experienced favorable results, while about 2/3 of men reported the efficacy of minoxidil in treating hair loss.

There’s also evidence suggesting how both minoxidil and finasteride work better when used in conjunction than by themselves.

Keeps Online Service

Keeps is a subscription-based service that operates solely through its website. Those experiencing male pattern baldness can fill out a form and get treatment without stepping outside their homes. A treatment plan is recommended, and the medication will be delivered to the patient’s doorstep.

Keeps only use minoxidil and finasteride, two FDA-approved proponents against hair loss, and has a subscription plan to promote its long term benefits.


Keeps Products and Services

After a thorough medical consultation, Keeps can offer the following products:

- Finasteride tablets at 1mg dosing to be taken daily for receding hairline.

- Minoxidil 5 percent solution or foam to minimize crown thinning.

- Both minoxidil and finasteride to combat generalized hair thinning or hair loss.

- Ketoconazole shampoo to fight against dandruff or scalp itching. 

Getting Started

Starting a subscription with Keeps is relatively simple. Patients must undergo a consultation process and choose a plan that fits their needs. First-time orders are at 50% off to encourage positive follow-throughs. Depending on the results, the patient will be given minoxidil, finasteride, or a combination of the two depending on the circumstances.

Patients must complete their Keeps profile and answer a questionnaire that’s both medical and personal, e.g., shipping address, contact details, and password. The form is sent to a registered physician who will make the decision on what medication to provide. Once approved, the anti-hair loss medication will be shipped within 5 to 7 business days via UPS and USPS.

Keeps Hair Loss Product Plans

Finasteride. 3-month subscription for $75. First orders are 50% off.

Finasteride, or otherwise known as Propecia, is a popular male pattern baldness product approved by the FDA. Patients get 90 tablets of 1mg finasteride, which is taken once daily.

Minoxidil. 3-month subscription for $45. First orders are 50% off.

Minoxidil, or otherwise known as Rogaine, is a topical product that stops hair loss. Used regularly, it can promote hair growth where there was none before. Keeps results can be observed if the patient applies it twice a day for 3 or 4 months.

Minoxidil by Keeps come in solution ($30 for 3 months) or foam ($45 for 3 months).

Minoxidil + Finasteride. 3-month subscription for $105 to $120. First order 50% off.

A bundle for those who want to stop losing hair on their crown and their receding hairline. The shipment includes 3 minoxidil foam cans or 3 minoxidil bottle solutions and 90 1mg finasteride tablets.

Ketoconazole 2% Shampoo. 3 months for $30. 50% off first order.

Keeps’ version of an anti-dandruff shampoo, which works well with either finasteride or minoxidil. Instructions state that the patient must use it 2 to 3 times weekly.

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Review of Keeps Privacy Policy

Customers concerned about giving their personal information over will be comforted by the fact that the company is part of Thirty Madison, a renowned medical company. This influence allows Keeps to obtain the best security and privacy solutions to safeguard their website and their clients’ data.

Information provided during the screening process is kept away from prying eyes via the latest security protocols and encryptions. Keeps delivery comes in simple and discreet packaging, so the contents of the box are kept secret. For legal compliance, bottles and cans will have the patient’s name and what they contain.

Keeps Review FAQs

Q: Are Keeps Products Safe?

A: In terms of data protection and privacy Keeps delivers right on point. For its products, they’re backed by clinical studies and the approval of the FDA.

Q: Keeps Side Effects - What Are They?

Keeps’ products are generally safe to use. However, some men may experience keeps side effects. The drug finasteride is not recommended for everyone, and before taking it, a patient must undergo a consultation and receive a prescription from a qualified physician.

Finasteride side effects may include decreased sex drive, erectile dysfunction, and reduced sperm count. 

Minoxidil has fewer adverse effects and risks, but there are a few reported side effects, including fatigue, dizziness, skin irritation, and hair growth in unusual body parts. Patients who have a history of liver, kidney, or heart disease must get a doctor’s approval before using the product.

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