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Testogen Reviews: How Well Does this Supplement Boost Testosterone? (Testogen Review)

November 7, 2020 GMT

Phoenix, Arizona - ( NewMediaWire ) - November 06, 2020 - Testogen is a natural testosterone booster designed for men by Wolfson Berg Limited. FDA approved, Testogen aims to help increase energy and libido amongst aging men.

The genetic traits that define a man include having tight muscles, broad shoulders, and exceptional performance both in the gym and in bed, amongst several others. However, there are times when as a man you may realize that you are gradually losing some or all of these features. No matter how hard you exercise, your efforts remain futile and inadequate.


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Of course, there is a reason for all this. Although your testosterone levels may not be where they used to, there is something that you can do about it. A powerful test boosting supplement like Testogen can be a great short cut to more testosterone.

But before you try this supplement, as a smart consumer, you must already have some questions about Testogen. Maybe one of your buddies at the gym has recommended it, or everyone in the office is talking about how great of a supplement it is. At the end of the day, have you been questioning the validity of these claims? 

This Testogen review will provide you with the science behind testogen and give you in-depth information regarding this testosterone booster’s company and effectiveness.

Let’s start with the overview of the Testogen brand

As you may already know, Testogen is a natural testosterone booster designed for men. It is manufactured by Wolfson Berg Limited, one of the oldest companies in the world of supplements.

Testogen is FDA approved and is formulated in a state of the art facility. The team behind this supplement conducted thorough research before unveiling a product that can help increase energy and libido amongst aging men.

Unlike the other testosterone boosters out there, Testogen is one of a kind. To kick things off, it’s 100% natural and doesn’t contain chemicals, meaning that it’s safe for consumption. It’s worth mentioning that Wolfson Berg Limited guarantees that this supplement is very effective and that results become visible within two weeks of use.


One of the most frequently asked questions that this company comes across is: does Testogen work? Allow us to dive deeper into the overview of the product. This supplement boosts the natural production of testosterone in the body, however it is not a treatment option for testosterone. 

Being a supplement, one can take Testogen without it being prescribed by a physician. Of course, gaining the insight of a medical expert will ensure you get the most out of this supplement.

According to the manufacturer, it can boost both energy and stamina. When we look at the ingredients found in the supplement, there is ZMA which has been known to improve testosterone levels in the body.

To back up this claim, there was a study done back in 2000 on a group of twenty-seven footballers who were given ZMA. The entire group recorded an increase of 32% in testosterone levels after taking it for 2 months. The study also showed that ZMA boosts body functioning power, energy levels, and muscle strength. 

From the ingredients point of view, our analysis shows that Testogen is indeed quite effective in boosting testosterone in men. Later on, we will look at ZMA on an in-depth level alongside other ingredients found in testogen.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Testogen?

Before we list the advantages and disadvantages of this supplement, we must address the issue of detecting the early signs of testosterone deficiency. This condition is very common in men. The problem is, most people ignore the early warning signs.

What most men don’t understand is that the sooner you start taking a supplement for your testosterone deficiency, the faster you can get back to your normal energetic, and active life.

Early signs of testosterone deficiency:

- Low libido

- Muscle loss

- Chronic fatigue

- Weight increase

- Poor muscle recovery

- Hair loss

Note: Some of these signs could signal other conditions if you happen to experience at least three at once and continuously. 

If you’re experiencing these conditions, you should consider using Testogen. Failure to boost your testosterone can impact your relationships, work, and life in general.


100% Natural

Very few supplements can boast being completely natural. Well, this is one of the reasons why Testogen is so popular. All elements found in the ingredients are organic, meaning that the side effects experienced will be minimal.

Increases Libido

Low libido can make marriage and relationships a nightmare. This can, however, be avoided by taking Testogen.

Improved Workouts

By boosting your testosterone levels, you will notice more muscle gain and faster muscle recovery. The combination of these two factors guarantees efficient workout sessions.


Buying a Single Bottle is Costly

Compared to the 3-bottle package, buying one bottle is more expensive. Considering that it’s your first time and may be reluctant towards buying 3 bottles, please be informed that Testogen has a 100-day money-back guarantee if you are not pleased with the supplement.

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If You Skip a Pill You Reduce Its Benefits

The Testogen dose requires you to take 4 pills a day to get maximum benefits. If you have a busy schedule, remembering to take these pills can be a challenge, but you can always set alarms or reminders.

What Does Testogen Do?

The primary factor that distinguishes Testogen from other testosterone boosters is that it contains nearly all ingredients in one pill. This supplement is suitable for men aged between 25 to 70 that have noticed a decrease in their testosterone levels.

To understand what Testogen does, you must familiarize yourself with what testosterone is, the building block of masculinity. Testosterone is what makes you strong, provides stamina and willpower to accomplish many of your daily activities. Having a deficiency in this compound can change your perception of life as you know it.

Testogen is simply a lifesaver for men that are experiencing testosterone deficiency. Being a non-prescription type of supplement, you get to avoid the embarrassment of explaining to your doctor why you may need a testosterone injection. It also saves you a lot of money because testosterone injections can be quite expensive.

When you start taking Testogen, you should still continue working out and eating healthy. Remember that this supplement boosts only your testosterone, and in order to achieve a masculine physique, you will have to exercise and eat healthily.

What are the Key Ingredients Found in Testogen?


We talked about ZMA earlier as one of the main ingredients found in Testogen. ZMA consists of 30mg Zinc, 450mg Magnesium Aspartate, and 12mg Vitamin B6. All these compounds contribute to the production of hundreds of enzymes in your body.

Regarding testosterone deficiency, Zinc is responsible for enhancing the production of testosterone. Vitamin B6 on the other hand aids in increasing serotonin production thus improving mood. The role of magnesium is to facilitate these chemical reactions.

D-Aspartic Acid (DAA)

The DAA compound leans mostly towards the side of increasing libido by boosting sperm production.


This is an ancient herb that is known for increasing testosterone levels. Studies on the herb have shown that it can also boost libido, strength, and stamina in men.

Vitamin D3

A deficiency in vitamin D3 has been linked to low testosterone levels. This is why Testogen contains adequate amounts of Vitamin D3 to address this deficiency.

Red Ginseng Extract

A widely known Chinese medical herb, Red Ginseng can be used to treat low sex drive, weak immunity, and anxiety/depression. In this case, if you experience softer erections, red ginseng will improve your libido.

Other ingredients include:

- Stinging nettle extract

- Bioperine

- Boron

How Does Testogen Work?

Let’s circle back to the role of testosterone in a man’s body. This information will be vital in helping you know how Testogen works.

Testosterone is a hormone that is produced in the male’s testicles. It’s responsible for various functions, controlling sexual development, sperm production, the building of muscle mass, and contributing to a masculine physique.

As you grow up, your testosterone levels start to increase when you reach puberty. However, as you age, your levels of testosterone start to decrease. This is when you realize you are no longer as strong as you used to be and your sexual desire is completely depleted.

These symptoms are easily recognizable for a man. In most cases, you won’t even need a medical diagnosis to know that your testosterone levels are low. Not only will it affect your sex life, but your self-esteem will be low and this can impair mental health.

Thanks to Testogen, you can reverse the effects of testosterone deficiency. Within two weeks of taking this supplement, your testosterone levels will go back to where they used to be. You will feel and look stronger, and have the stamina to work, exercise, and perform your duties in bed.

Benefits of Taking Testogen

After reading all the above, you have probably noticed some of the benefits of taking Testogen. However, it is essential that we list all of them so that when you start your first dose, you know what to expect after two weeks.

Adhering to the recommended Testogen dosage will benefit you in the following ways:

- You will notice a significant improvement in your sex life,

- You will be able to get firmer erections and last longer in bed,

- It will kick away the constant fatigue caused by testosterone deficiency, making it possible for you to wake up on time, carry out your duties efficiently, and have the energy to exercise,

- Testogen will ensure you get adequate sleep and rest,

- Your body will be able to build lean muscle mass by absorbing nutrients accordingly,

- The more testosterone you have in your system, the stronger you will feel.

Recommended Dosage of Testogen and How to Use It Effectively

According to Wolfson Berg Limited, the recommended dosage of Testogen is four pills per day. Each pill should be taken under a time gap of four hours with the first one being taken before breakfast. Because every bottle comes with 120 pills, it should last you for a month.

This dosage is recommended for men of all ages except those who are below 18 years regardless of the symptoms they are experiencing. It is advisable to check the ingredients listed to confirm you’re not allergic to them. If you are taking other medications, seek medical advice from your doctor before starting on Testogen.

Are Any There Side Effects?

As mentioned earlier, all ingredients found in Testogen are 100% natural and safe for consumption. During the first days of starting on the supplement, you may experience some light headache which is a common side effect. There have been no other reported side effects.

What Does the World Think of Testogen?

If there is a supplement that has been highly praised by its users, its testogen. The number of positive reviews that can be found online are uncountable. Testogen customers have a lot of good things to say such as how effective and fast it revives masculinity. Feel free to check these positive Testogen reviews online.

Bottom Line

As we wrap up our Testogen review, we must hand it to Wolfson Berg Limited for creating the best natural testosterone booster. Even though the results are not instant, they are long-lasting when they kick in after continuous use of the supplement.

Packed with plenty of natural ingredients, Testogen will improve your libido, increase your strength/stamina, put an end to fatigue, and much more. Accompanied by thorough workouts, Testogen will give you the perfect body you have been craving for years.

What are you waiting for? Give Testogen a try today.

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