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Phoenix Home Buying Company Shares Some of the Benefits of Selling to an Investor

January 9, 2021 GMT

New York, NY - ( NewMediaWire ) - January 9, 2021 - Selling a home often requires more repair work than one might expect. Not only might sellers need to deal with the desire of buyers to have a home in pristine condition, but they might also run afoul of lenders who have very specific guidelines about the condition of a home. The following reasons point out exactly why so many sellers who have neither the time nor money to deal with repairs decide to sell their homes “as-is” to real estate investors. 

No Showings

When selling to an investor, seller’s don’t have to put up with many potential buyers walking through their home while they’re still trying to live there. It can be very difficult to arrange times to show a home that do not impact an owner’s ability to live his or her life. Investors can be much more flexible and willing to work around the seller’s schedule and what is convenient for them.


A Quick Experience

One thing that might surprise most traditional sellers is that selling a home to a real estate investor as-is can be quite quick. This is due to two factors overlapping - the lack of outside funding needed by most investors and the lack of repairs needed on the part of the seller. Because the investor is buying as-is as can generally pay in cash, the actual closing date could be scheduled quickly instead of dragged out of the course of more than a month as one would see with a traditional sale.

No Repairs Required

When preparing to list a home the traditional way, the seller’s upfront expenses can really start to climb if there are a lot of deferred maintenance or repairs that have been put off. Whether this means fixing holes in walls that have been covered by paintings of replacing flooring that’s started to buckle in one spot, these expensive surprises can make it difficult for those without a fair bit of cash on hand (or a great deal of equity) to sell their homes. When selling as-is, though, sellers can avoid those surprises.

Simply put, working with a real estate investor is a good way for individuals to remove the possibility of out-of-pocket expenses from the home sales process. Not only will the seller not have to worry about making any repairs, but he or she won’t have to worry about the costs associated with waiting on a lengthy closing period. This allows the seller to move on without worrying about how he or she will be able to afford to sell his or her home.


A Smooth Transaction

One of the most beneficial parts of selling to a real estate investor is how professional the process will be. The seller will never have to worry about the buyer backing out because he or she suddenly has a change of heart about how the house looks, nor will there be new demands that crop up just before closing. Instead, the investor will look at the process as a business transaction and do all that he or she can to make sure that it is conducted as professionally and efficiently as possible.

Selling a home to a real estate investor as-is takes away many of the headaches that come from selling a home that’s in need of serious repairs. Not only does it get rid of the need to do repairs, but it also takes much of the uncertainty out of selling a home.

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