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Luminae Reviews - Scam or Ingredients in SANE Luminae Pills Really Work?

December 2, 2020 GMT

New York, NY - ( NewMediaWire ) - December 2, 2020 - Luminae by SANE Laboratories is a dietary supplement that offers help in weight loss. According to the official website, the release of this supplement helps all those who are already on their weight loss track and need something to super-boost their progress. This is different than any typical fat burner because it accelerates your progress by 3X.

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Obesity is a complicated health problem that has numerous causes and factors involved. Genetics and environmental factors play a huge part, but no one can ignore the importance of a healthy diet and exercise in weight gain. The hectic work life has shortened the time spent on meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking.

That is why people prefer to order pre-made or frozen food that has no nutrition and empty calories. Also, gym memberships are expensive, and taking time to exhaust yourself into the gym is least desired by people coming home after a long day at work.


Does this mean one should stop ignoring his health and let obesity hit him? How about someone tells you that changing a few habits and using Luminae pills can do this for you? Let’s find out how Luminae ingredients trigger a fast weight loss in its user.

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SANE Luminae Review

According to the details mentioned on the official website, SANE Luminae is a natural dietary supplement that offers fat loss - using one capsule of Luminae daily increases the body’s capacity to melt fat. The vital ingredients inside Luminae, like green tea extract, bromelain, and grapefruit extract, work on underlying factors that hinder weight loss.

It has no caffeine or any stimulatory chemical inside, which means you can use it at any time. It will not affect their performance and body function, and using Luminae is just like using any multivitamin pill.

It uses a unique weight loss method called 7-Keto, which works on the resting metabolic rate (RMR), allowing the body to burn more fat than average. According to the official website, the ingredients inside Luminae are responsible for all these benefits, here is what to know about it.


Notable Features of SANE Luminae as mentioned on its official website:

  • This supplement targets the set-point, resting metabolic rate, and hormonal health to promote weight loss.
  • It is a 100% risk-free product as it uses natural ingredients inside its formula.
  • It is a therapeutic level lipotropic formulation that effectively changes fat to energy and incites the body to burn more fat.
  • It processes carbohydrates in the diet and ensures complete metabolism so that no new fat cells are accumulated in the body.
  • It is a non-GMO, vegan-friendly formula that is made in the United States.

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How to Lose Weight with Luminae?

As mentioned by SANE, Luminae offers complete dietary support, which tricks the body into a natural weight loss. Although it doesn’t necessarily require its user to follow a diet or exercise, if someone combines it with these two, your weight loss progress can be tripled. For example, if your target is to lose only a couple of pounds, you can lose up to 6 pounds in one month using SANE Luminae daily. Though individual results may vary, here is how Luminae works.

  • It naturally triggers weight loss and uses fat to produce energy.
  • This energy is used to fuel body functions.
  • It sheds weight without reducing strength or losing muscle.
  • It triggers average weight loss progress.
  • It shows visible results within a few weeks.

To achieve all these results, SANE Luminae relies on its natural ingredients, all of which are scientifically proven for helping in weight loss. It improves the environment for the body to lose weight fast.

SANE Luminae Ingredients

There are four primary ingredients inside SANE Luminae, which are helpful to achieve this 3x weight loss. these ingredients include

  • Green tea leaf extract

Green tea is a part of many fat burners because of its natural potential to trigger weight loss. It has a low amount of caffeine but a high amount of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is scientifically proven to melt fat. It also contains many antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that reduce oxidative stress, detoxify the body and save from free radical damage.

  • Grapefruit seed extract

 Luminae by SANE Laboratories also contains grapefruit seed extract inside its formulation; like green tea extract, grapefruit is also associated with fat loss benefits, detoxification, and anti-aging.

  • 7-Keto DHEA

7-oxodehydroepiandrosterone, or most common as 7-Keto DHEA, helps increase the resting metabolic rate (RMR) of the body. RMR defines the resting phase during which the body continues to burn calories. This RMR is necessary to provide energy to the body to continue all functions, including heartbeat, blood circulation, and breathing. Although people believe that the body burns fat after exercise, whereas most of it is due to the RMR. Usually, a person has to eat less to lower this RMR level. But 7-keto DHEA helps to achieve the same state without requiring dieting.

  • Bromelain

Bromelain is an active ingredient obtained from pineapples. SANE Luminae uses bromelain to burn more fat than average, to get better results in less time.

  • Additional- niacin, calcium

These ingredients have individual benefits for humans, and as a formula, their benefits are maximized. Using it for a few weeks improves health, sheds stubborn fat layers and makes a person more active and energetic.

To see the complete list of Luminae ingredients and their working, visit here!

Where to Buy Luminae? Pricing and Refund Policy!

SANE Luminae is a reasonably priced dietary supplement. You can buy one bottle for $67.00 only. But this price will drop to $38.00 (46% off) per bottle if you choose to purchase a six-bottle pack. Additionally, the six-bottle pack comes with a free nationwide shipment.

There are 30 capsules in each bottle of Luminae, and one bottle typically lasts for one month. If you wish to continue using it for a few months, the best is to buy its three or six bottles pack.

This is the official website link to purchase Luminae capsules!


All orders of Luminae receive a free eBook, “99 Weight Loss Smoothies”. The original price of this eBook is $14.00, but it is free for Luminae users.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

SANE Luminae supplement comes with a year-long refund policy. It means you can request for a refund if you cannot see any changes in your weight using Luminae capsules. The purpose of using Luminae is to improve weight loss, and if it fails to achieve this target, the customer has every right to get his money back, according to SANE Laboratories. There are no questions asked, and the money reversal takes a few business days to complete.

More about SANE Luminae Capsules as mentioned on

  • The ingredients inside its formulation offer up to 300% faster weight loss than average.
  • It not only lowers your weight but also improves hormonal health, glucose metabolism, and blood pressure.
  • It detoxifies the body and filters all toxic substances, free radicals, and ions.
  • It converts body fats into energy without damaging the muscle.
  • All of its ingredients are clinically proven for efficacy and safety.
  • It has no side effects, even in the long term.

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How to Contact SANE Laboratories?

SANE Laboratories, founded by Jonathan Bailor. have a high reputation for producing high-quality nutritional supplements. It makes nootropics, digestive health booster, and many other dietary supplements that are high in demand.

The founder and SEO, Jonathan Bailor, is also a famous writer, best known for two best-selling books, “The Setpoint Diet” and “The Calorie Myth.”  For more details on company, orders and refund policy, you can contact the customer care like at or give them a call at (347) 979-1735

Frequently asked questions on Luminae supplement

Is it better than other weight loss pills?

Of course, Luminae is better than all other weight loss pills, mainly because it uses herbal ingredients inside. Also, it offers long term weight loss benefits instead of temporary effects.

How many bottles do you need?

If your target weight is up to 5 pounds, using one bottle is also enough. Those who want to lose more than 5 pounds should order at least three or six bottles of SANE Luminae and use it later.

Can you use grapefruit juice and green tea instead of this supplement?

Although this supplement has grapefruit and green tea extract inside, it is not the equivalent of the dietary sources. There are many other ingredients inside SANE Luminae pills, all of which act as a synergistic formula and improve each other’s effects. You can not get the same benefits from grapefruit juice, green tea, and this supplement.

Who can use Sane Luminae safely?

Anyone over 18 years of age, without an underlying medical condition, can use it. A pregnant and nursing mother should also not use this supplement.

How long does it take to show results?

Individual results may vary. The duration required to lose weight depends upon a person’s health status, current weight, and target weight. It usually takes a couple of months to see a drastic body transformation using Luminae pills, a healthy diet, and moderate exercise.

Luminae Reviews - Conclusion

SANE Luminae is a herbal fat burner loaded with 7-keto DHEA to speed up the body’s natural weight loss. While most supplements come with a 30- or 60-day money back guarantee, Luminae offers 365-days long money back offers, showing the company’s confidence in their product.

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