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Joel Litman Hidden Alpha Reviews

November 25, 2020 GMT

New York, NY - ( NewMediaWire ) - November 25, 2020 - As COVID-19 continues to challenge human existence, the entire world is finding means of protecting themselves. Aside from social distancing and maintaining healthy handwashing habits, one action that’s led to a future of endless possibilities is working from home. With a growing number of companies shifting select operations to be completed at home, it becomes imperative for investors to research what potential stocks can lead the way. Fortunately, business professor, stock analyst, and editor, Joel Litman insists he can help those who are interested.


In a recent presentation, he noted that a “ second wave of these “At-Home” stocks is poised to do the same [as Zoom and DocuSign], ” adding that the trend will continue after the latest announcements that Facebook, Twitter, and Google employees among others will continue to work from home until further notice. This is where it is best to fit to introduce what Joel likes to call the “At-Home Revolution.”

What is the “At-Home Revolution”?

The “ At-Home Revolution ” is the title given to Joel’s stock picks. One can think of it as a basket housing company details of diverse industries that support home and convenience operations as a whole. As briefly mentioned above, Zoom, a communications technology company, became essential with the first-ever global lockdown. More specifically, it allowed employees-employers and teacher-students relationships to prosper. This naturally allowed the company’s stock to see enormous gains. This trend was also witnessed as appointments can be attended virtually.

Despite all that, Joel believes he’s found the next set of winners that are likely to see an upside in both the short- and long-haul. To support investors of all levels, Joel appears to have compiled a couple of reports with diverse investment ideas. Namely:

Research Report #1: The Top Five “Work From Home” Stocks You Should Buy

Inside the first report, individuals will come to learn of five stocks that are hinted to range from the cybersecurity industry to anything that aligns with working from home (i.e., virtual workplaces, software, and means of increasing effectiveness). Opportunities such as Zoom and DocuSign have peaked, making them less affordable and attractive for profit-generating purposes. Therefore, individuals can think of this report as the “next wave of companies” to be watchful of.


Research Report #2: The Top Three “Play at Home” Stocks You Should Buy

Inside the second report, Joel and his team assert to have found the top three companies that are likely to lead “the biggest boom in home entertainment” for a couple of years into the future. As for what these companies stand for, his team has thrown hints that they are leaders in “at-home content and entertainment and a content producer,” adding that the third company “licenses its tech to “device” companies like Apple and others.”

Research Report #3: The Top Three “Supply Your Home” Stocks You Should Buy

Another industry that successfully surpassed the “at-home trend” is ecommerce. In light of that, Joel Litman insists that this space is likely to “explode even higher,” and he’s been eyeing one telehealth stock that is poised to skyrocket. For those who are unaware, telehealth is where patients and healthcare professionals resolve any health issue by meeting virtually. One that’s already established itself is Teledoc, but clearly, more similar opportunities are likely to rise.

Bonus: The One “Protect Your Home” Stock You Should Buy

The bonus that ties everything together called the “Protect Your Home” Stock, is deemed an extension of the  At-Home Revolution that focuses on investments that guarantee one’s safety.

In summary, the only way for investors to get a hold of any of these educational materials is by first signing up to Hidden Alpha.

What is Hidden Alpha?

Hidden Alpha is a newly launched flagship research service that informs investors on the safest ways to earn investment returns in the stock market. It is described as a one-stop-shop for one’s entire investment needs. As described, Joel will be sharing his research and recommendations, both of which are normally only accessible by his hedge fund and money manager clients. He went on to make the case that he will go over the finest of details in Hidden Alpha so that the overall decision-making processes are straightforward.

Here’s a briefing on what Hidden Alpha heavily emphasizes:

“We are seeking large-cap, safe stocks that still have the opportunity for big gains […] In each monthly issue of Hidden Alpha, we publish the stock that offers our subscribers the safest and best chance at doubling their money […] And of course, we recommend how to proceed in your account to take full advantage of the situation.”

What does the Hidden Alpha membership include?

For the entirety of the year, the  Hidden Alpha membership  is said to include the following incentives:

12 issues released the first Monday of every month that summarize a new investment idea or any changes to Joel’s celebrated model portfolio

Daily updates delivered before the market opens and after it closes, along with insights from insiders

Access to Joel’s Altimetry Daily Authority, which includes a briefing on Joel’s stock grading system

Access to a library that is completely filled with archived research reports and recommendations

How much does a membership to Hidden Alpha cost?

Normally, a membership to Hidden Alpha would average out to about $199 per year, however, for a limited time, this service will be offered for $49 (for the first year). Every year thereafter will cost $199. Furthermore, Joel protected his service with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If within the first month of signing up, Joel’s approaches do not please investors, customer service can be reached regarding his refund policy in the following ways:

Email: info@altimetry.com

Phone: 1 (800) 701-9346

Mailing Address: 110 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA 02141

Who is the editor of Hidden Alpha?

By now, it should be clear that Joel Litman is the editor of Hidden Alpha. As far as his experience goes, Joel is a widely acclaimed professor who has presented lectures at prestigious business schools, including Harvard, Wharton, LBS, and Chicago Booth, to name a few. He’s held a position as one of Wall Street’s finest until he decided to quit and launch his startup, Valens Research, a company devoted to investment research and analytics.

As the  President, CEO, and Chief Investment Strategist of Valens Research, he provides advice on the stock market’s entirety (i.e., equities, corporate credit, and macroeconomic strategy, among others). His perception on finances has since been shared on CNBC, Barron’s, Institutional Investor, and Forbes. Who can forget his contributions to Harvard Business Review, SeekingAlpha, and published books! These are just some of the many efforts that have rewarded him kindly, and these factors alone seem reasonable for his position as the editor of this service. To further dive into Joel’s credibility, check out his LinkedIn  here.

Final Verdict

Hidden Alpha is an investment research service that aims to keep up with current global trends and, consequently, seeks out investment opportunities in the stock market that reflect the former. As more and more companies decide to allow employees to work from home (even students who are now completing their degrees from home), innovative solutions become critical. Joel believes that his experience and eye for the finest of details will allow him to pinpoint new companies that are likely to bring enormous gains. At a measly $49, investors can now go over Joel’s complete process in picking stocks, which definitely checks off value for the price! Above all, this service can help fill in the gap of one’s pre-existing research to consider all aspects before investing.  To find out more about Joel Litman’s Hidden Alpha, click here >>

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