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TestoGen Review: Does TestoGen Boost Your Testosterone Levels?

November 23, 2020 GMT

New York, NY - ( NewMediaWire ) - November 23, 2020 - Do you feel tired and drained out all the time? Do you often face less energy levels and is it causing problems in your personal life? If you notice yourself becoming depressed or irritable for no apparent reason, then all these problems could indicate low testosterone levels.  

But what does low testosterone mean and how does it play a role in the functioning of our body? Testosterone is a male hormone, which is responsible for muscle development, stamina, and sexual activities. Bodybuilders and athletes need this hormone at a high level. However, sometimes the body cannot produce it in the right quantity, which creates deficiency. So, what should one do when they identify this deficiency in their body?


TestoGen is a supplement, which frees the testosterone present inside the body from the protein and makes it readily available for use. This natural booster supplement works wonders on your stamina along with improving lean muscles. 

Many experts agree that TestoGen is effective and provides a boost of testosterone. Still, some people may be confused or even worried about the safety and other TestoGen supplement aspects. We present a full review of the supplement, which will help you in making a well-informed decision. 

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More About Testosterone & TestoGen 

As people get older, it is natural for their bodies to start slowing down. One of the reasons is the hormone Testosterone, which is produced in lesser quantity as aging occurs. At times this deficiency can be found in young teens too due to hormonal imbalance or other medical issues. Testosterone is a hormone present in men’s and women’s bodies, but men produce approximately twenty times more of this hormone. Lower testosterone levels can result in lower energy levels, decreased stamina, and an increase in fat deposits, apart from many other adverse effects.

Luckily, there are some supplements that can help in restoring and boosting testosterone levels. TestoGen is one such supplement that promises to increase testosterone levels naturally and safely. You will be surprised to learn that TestoGen actually does not contain any testosterone! It contains ingredients that help in the increase of testosterone organically. It is the right thing because taking testosterone directly can have many adverse side effects, including high blood pressure, prostate swelling, and acne.


What Happens When You Take TestoGen?

Before taking any supplement, you must try to learn as much information about the product as you can. Many supplements make a lot of promises but are not able to fulfill them. By taking such harmful supplements, you may end up damaging your health. TestoGen has been tested extensively, and many users have verified its claims. If you take TestoGen, you will notice

  • Increase in muscle mass 
  • Improvement in strength, stamina, and endurance while working out
  • Maintain a healthy relationship with your partner
  • Burn fat and lose weight (Check our Leanbean review the best fat burner for women)
  • Boost in confidence
  • Improved mood and focus

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TestoGen Pros & Cons


  • Stimulates testosterone production: All the natural ingredients in this supplement promote testosterone production naturally, either directly or indirectly.
  • Lean muscles: TestoGen improves lean muscles and burns fat, so you end up with an athletic body.
  • Increase in stamina: This supplement will help you achieve good stamina, vitality, and strength. 
  • Improves Mood: Focus and concentration are necessary for doing anything well, and with this supplement, you will see a positive change. It also improves mood. 
  • Body shape: Increased lean mass burning of fat will result in a muscled & chiseled body shape. 
  • No side effects: Unlike many other supplements, TestoGen has no harmful side effects and is entirely safe. 


  • Availability: Unfortunately, this supplement is not available in stores like Walmart or GNC. One can buy it only through the official website.

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What Does TestoGen Contain?

We mentioned earlier, TestoGen does not have testosterone but contains substances that help the natural production of testosterone. All the ingredients in this supplement have been thoroughly tested and will give the promised results. The chief ingredients in TestoGen are:

D-Aspartic Acid

This is a regulator of amino acids and can increase testosterone manufacture by 45 % in only a few weeks. TestoGen has extra D-Aspartic acid when compared to most other supplements in the market. [ 1 ]


Magnesium acts as an essential mineral and crucial for testosterone production. It encourages good quality sleep,which is necessary for muscle regeneration as well. Natural magnesium sources are nuts, seeds, and leafy greens, but most people are not able to get the required amount in their daily diet. Each dose of TestoGen contains up to 200mg of magnesium. [ 2 ]

Vitamin D3

Studies have shown that males with enough Vitamin D percentage tend to have high testosterone levels. It also increases the quantity of free testosterone in the bloodstream and makes it readily available for the body. It works best when it combines with specific minerals, all of which are present in TestoGen. [ 3 ]

Nettle Leaf Extract

Nettle leaf extract prevents testosterone from sticking to SHBG protein, which leaves more testosterone in the bloodstream. The nettle leaf extract increases muscle mass as well as boosts your stamina. [ 4 ]

Korean Red Ginseng

This is a mutual and prevalent ingredient in numerous dietary supplements. It works as a stimulator and helps in increasing focus and concentration as well as give mental clarity. Many athletes chew on the raw ginseng root for more energy. [ 5 ]

Fenugreek Extract

Extract of fenugreek can help in increasing stamina, strength, and vitality. It also has antioxidant properties and can prevent the free radicals from damaging cells. [ 6 ]

Vitamin K1

Vitamin K1 allows the body to take in the Vitamin D3 more efficiently, and in the TestoGen supplement, its role is that of a supporter. It also helps in keeping the bones strong and healthy. [ 7 ]

Vitamin B6

A deficiency of Vitamin B6 can also decrease testosterone levels. It performs several essential physiological functions, from fat metabolism to the synthesis of neurotransmitters. [ 8 ]


Zinc acts as an essential mineral, required by our bodies for several processes. You can get zinc from natural sources like fish, shellfish, nuts, and certain vegetables. Zinc is water-dissolvable, and even too much sweating can remove it. This is why a supplement like TestoGen is especially suitable for people working out. [ 9 ]


In its natural form, boron is present in many green fresh vegetables & fruits, and even a small amount of it can raise testosterone points by up to 28%. Many bodybuilders increase their intake of boron to maintain their muscle mass. [ 10 ]


This substance is extracted with the base ingredients as the black pepper, and its primary function is to boost the bioavailability of dynamic components in TestoGen. It helps the user in absorbing everything else for maximum benefit. [ 11 ]

Other substances

TestoGen contains some other substances like gelatin and maltodextrin, which are inactive and are included for taste and consistency. 

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How To Take TestoGen?

Sometimes taking supplements can be tricky, but it is not so with TestoGen. Even if you have not taken any supplements before, you will find it easy to take this one. All that requires of you is to follow the instructions and directions fully. 

  • 4 capsules daily
  • All 4 capsules to be taken before breakfast
  • Take capsules with water
  • After 2 months, give a gap of 10 days

Though TestoGen is not habit-forming, a gap of 10 days will ensure that your body does not slow down. The capsule works even better after the gap. Repeat this cycle for best results.

The gel form of each capsule makes it easy to take even 4 of them at a time. It is best to take it with some food. You will notice results after about one month of regular usage. 

If you notice any harmful side effects, decrease the daily dose by two or three capsules 

How Does TestoGen Work?

The popularity of TestoGen is not a fluke. This capsule’s effectiveness and its ingredients make it the first choice for most people. Just taking 4 capsules a day can give you the desired results without any side effects. While many supplements promise great things but cannot deliver on their promises. Testogen does not overpromise and provides a safe and effective product to the users. The manufacturing process is stringently monitored, and all raw ingredients are of top quality. 

For men looking to increase their stamina or get a more chiseled body, there cannot be a better alternative to TestoGen. It is mainly formulated for men who, due to aging or any other factor like stress, medical issues, etc., are feeling a loss of energy, vitality, and strength. This powerful, natural supplement can give back their stamina and energy and bring back mental and physical wellbeing. 

When compared to its competition, TestoGen has proven to be much better in every way. Its ingredients, manufacturing, packaging, and shipping are all the better than those in the market. Most men will start to see results in just 4 weeks. 

  •  In 3 to 4 weeks, you can notice more liveliness, improved stamina, and strenuous workouts 
  • After 2 months you will notice better muscle tone and an increase in strength. Your body shape will start to change, as well.
  • After the 3rd month, apart from physical changes, you will start to notice an overall improvement in your well-being. 

Does Testogen Have Side Effects?

Before taking any dietary supplement, you must make sure that it is entirely safe. It is also necessary because there are many unsafe supplements in the market. However, if you look at the ingredients and learn more about them, you can see some supplements are safer than others. 

TestoGen has been extensively tested and has passed all the tests with flying colors. All the ingredients used in TestoGen are natural and have no side effects. After reading numerous reviews and feedback, it is easy to see that TestoGen is perfectly safe. However, you must ensure that you only take the suggested dose and in the right way. 

Where To Buy & Price Details 

TestoGen is not available on third-party marketplaces or stores like Walmart, GNC, or Vitamin Shoppe. You can only buy it from the company’s official website. Its pricing and buying details are 

  • One month’s supply with 120 capsules is for 59.99 dollars 
  • If you buy a 2 month’ supply, you get 120 capsules free. The total cost is 119.99 dollars
  • With 3 months’ supply, you get 240 capsules free. So, you get 600 capsules for 179.99 dollars after a discount of 169.96 dollars
  • A combo pack of 120 capsules and 60 ml instant testosterone booster drops costs 89.99 dollars
  • 3 bottles of capsules plus 3 bottles of Testo drops will cost 189.97 dollars.
  • Delivery with tracking will cost 7.49 dollars, and without tracking, it is free
  • On the final price, the company offers a coupon discount. Use code CORONA20 to get 20 % off.

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If you want to save money while buying TestoGen, it is best to buy multiple packs and make full use of the discounts. You also get an E-book with every purchase, which maximizes your progress with information about

  • Testosterone boosting foods
  • Strength training and guides & exercises
  • Alternative methods of boosting testosterone 

Shipping Details

As of now, TestoGen is only available online through the official website. It may seem like a problem to you at first, but it has many benefits.

  • Users will only get the genuine product and not cheap or harmful imitations
  • Resellers tend to inflate prices if demand is more, which will not be the case
  • You will get authentic products at the lowest prices

Worldwide shipping is available and is free if you order 3 or more bottles. Moreover, there is a 100-day, 100 % money-back guarantee. 

Final Verdict: Does TestoGen Really Work?

If you want to know, then yes, TestoGen as a testosterone booster really works. Almost 100 % of its users are happy with the results and tell you a lot about the product. You may spend hours working out, but it is only with the right supplement that your testosterone levels will rise. Moreover, with TestoGen, you get a completely safe supplement that will reduce body fat, build muscle, and naturally increase stamina. Choose this supplement and get your desired result. 

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