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Bullfrog Spas Reviews - See Prices. Models & Pros/Cons

December 8, 2020 GMT

Chicago, Illinois - ( NewMediaWire ) - December 08, 2020 - Researching brands, including Bullfrog, and need more information before you pull the trigger on a hot tub? It is a large investment and doing your due diligence is the right move. That is why YardSharing.org put together this Bullfrog Hot Tub Review including pricing & models.
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Bullfrog Spas Pricing

Bullfrog is quite transparent with its price model compared to many other spa manufacturers out there, which is one of the reasons why we believe it is one of the  best hot tub brands around. Of course, the final price depends on how you decide to customize your hot tub and what kinds of additional features you choose to add on.


The Bullfrog Spas lineup is divided up into three distinct tiers, including their luxury tier, high-tier, and mid-tier. The luxury tubs, otherwise known as the M Series, STIL Series, and A Series, sit anywhere from $13,000 to $18,000 or more. The high-tier tubs, otherwise known as the R Series, range from $9,000 to $12,000. Lastly, the mid-tier tubs, otherwise known as the X-Series, range from $5,000 to $8,000.

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A Deeper Look At Bullfrog Spas

Bullfrog Spas has been quite the game-changer in the modern hot tub industry.  When the brand introduced its custom JetPak therapy system to the world,  hot tub companies turned on their heads.

Bullfrog is definitely in the luxury range of hot tubs. Every Bullfrog spa provides a custom hydrotherapy experience, which is difficult to find in other hot tubs. Beyond that, each Bullfrog spa boasts a variety of high-quality features that are well worth getting excited over.

Bullfrog Spas Models

There are 28 models to choose from under the Bullfrog Spas umbrella, many of which come with completely customizable features.

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M Series

The M Series, which is the company ‘Elite’ line, has three massive tubs to choose from, which come decked out with all of the latest high-tech features.  The M Series tubs boast luxurious aesthetics and the unique jetpak therapy system for a one-of-a-kind hydrotherapy experience.


Every M Series tub comes complete with Simplicity water care, smart sensor technology, multi-functional controls, and unique layouts with traditional and lounge seating.

STIL Series

For those after a modern look, the STIL Series is a clear winner.  It’s almost as if Frank Lloyd Wright came in and designed these tubs himself. Much smaller than the M Series, the STIL Series tubs feature room for 3-6 people. The two tubs in this lineup come with open-concept seating, which makes them the perfect choice for small groups and families.

Beyond the unique designs, the STIL Series tubs are known for providing bio-engineered massages to meet the hydrotherapy needs of most customers.

A Series

The A-Series remains within the luxury tier, providing users with both stylish and advanced design features. There are nine hot tubs to choose from in this Series, which range from 3-9 people in terms of capacity.

Every A Series spa comes complete with the JetPak Therapy System, which has jets placed in every premium seat location around each tub for the best-possible hydrotherapy experience.

There are plenty of unique colors to choose from with the A-Series, ranging from slate to chestnut to driftwood and beyond.

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R Series

Stepping down into the mid-range is the R Series, which boasts a high-quality collection of seven luxury spas at value prices. Just like the other tubs in higher tiers, the R Series comes with all of the best customizable features to help create a unique spa experience catered to the user.

The tubs range from 3-8 people in terms of capacity, and each has a unique seating design with spa seats and lounges. Jetpaks can be found in multiple seat locations for a more versatile massage.

X Series

Finally, we have the X Series, a budget-friendly hot tub that makes use of the same cutting-edge reliability and engineering that the rest of the hot tubs use. It’s well worth noting that you get many of the same premium features on the X Series as you do with other tubs in the lineup, including full-foam insulation, a solid one-piece base, and the wood-free Enduraframe.

Beyond that, the X Series tubs come with impressive water and lighting features and deluxe components that come together to rival some of the best hot tub models in the industry.

Bullfrog Spas Features

Most of the spas in the Bullfrog lineup make use of the unique JetPak system, which provides users with modular seatbacks. You can choose between 18 JetPak modules for the higher-end tubs, though thanks to the unique design found on the STIL spas, that series only allows for six.

Every JetPak module focuses on specific massage types or problem areas. For example, the high-pressure NeckMasseuse JetPak works to untie knots in the neck area while the RainShower JetPak has 42 gentle jets, providing a calmer, full-body massage. Plus, the JetPak system doesn’t use as much tubing as a traditional system, meaning there is less room for error when it comes to malfunctions or leaks.

Of course, as a true hot tub lover might expect, Bullfrog Spas provides users with all of the expected upgradable features, including LED lighting, audio systems, waterfalls, sanitation systems, and a variety of shell and cabinet color options. Every Bullfrog spa uses the dual-filter Wellspring system, which allows 100% of the water to run through with every cycle. Those who want to push their hot tubs even further can upgrade to in-line sanitation or ozone sanitation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Costco Carry This Brand?

Yes, through their Road Shows, to learn about Road Shows and details see our page here Bullfrog Spas Costco.

Where Can I Buy A Bullfrog Spas Hot Tub?

Bullfrog Spas has hundreds of dealers across the United States, making it easy for prospective customers to find dealers near them. Bullfrog Spas has a  dealer locator on its website where consumers can enter their zip code to find the closest dealer.

Costco members should also note that Bullfrog Spas are among the line of Costco Hot Tubs. Of course, if you want to take a look at Costco Bullfrog Spas, you must wait for a roadshow to come to town. Costco roadshows take place all around the country. You can visit the Costco website to find out more.

Do Bullfrog Spas Come With a Warranty?

The A and STIL hot tub models are the only ones that carry the standard Bullfrog hot tub warranty. Each part of every Bullfrog hot tub comes with a separate and unique warranty, including the Enduraframe, shell structure, spa cover, and equipment.

It is worth noting the one-year warranty agreements for the smaller parts as well, including the control system, the control panel, the jet systems, lighting system, and more. Information on Bullfrog hot tub warranties can be found on the  website.

Does Bullfrog Spas Provide Customer Service?

It’s always nice to know that a company that designs excellent products also provides supreme customer service. Whether you have questions about product care, product maintenance, or thoughts about the products they offer, you can get in touch with the wonderful services team at the  Bullfrog website.

Are There Replacement Parts Available for Bullfrog Spas?

In the case that you ever run into any issues with your tub, it’s nice to know that just about any Bullfrog tub part can be found through your local Bullfrog dealer. From jets to Jetpaks to pumps to filters, it’s easy to find the product that you are looking for.

What Other Options would You Recommend Looking Into?

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Final Verdict - Should I Purchase a Bullfrog Hot Tub?

We hope that you enjoyed our Bullfrog Spas review.

A Bullfrog hot tub is an excellent investment for any consumer seeking out comfort and high-quality product design. From comfortable lounge seats to one-of-a-kind JetPaks, there are plenty of things left to desire when it comes to picking out your brand new Bullfrog tub.

Beyond the cutting-edge construction, the company is well-known for its customer service and warranty programs. Overall, Bullfrog manufactures some of the best spa products on the market and it is surely a brand that all spa lovers can enjoy.

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