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Swim Spa Cost - Compare Prices From The Best Brands

November 17, 2020 GMT

San Francisco, California - ( NewMediaWire ) - November 17, 2020 - One of the most important things to consider when looking for a new swim spa is the cost. Consumers often don’t spend enough time comparing the prices on different models. 

While many swim spas cost more money upfront, they often have higher quality materials that help them to maintain their integrity longer and operate with lower monthly costs.

Yardsharing.org recently came out with an article discussing the major components of swim spa cost, including the initial cost, installation costs, and maintenance costs. Continue reading to learn more about what to expect when purchasing a swim spa.


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What Are Swim Spas?

A swim spa is essentially a small and portable pool that makes use of jets and current systems to propel users. The water flow current provides users with resistance to swim into. Essentially, users get the experience of a pool design without having to install a full-sized pool into their backyard space.

Many swim spas have the same options as hot tubs when it comes to features as well. Though they are very similar to pools, swim spas can be used throughout the year. They are also completely portable, allowing users to move it from one space to the next whenever they please.

Michael Phelps, most successful competitive swimming Olympian ever, helped give swim spas exposure when he released his model. To see details on his model see the  Michael Phelps Swim Spa Review page.

There are many benefits to using one including improving sleep, muscle tension, helping joints as well as it being a great crossing training method with any sport like tennis,  surfing, golf etc.

How Much Is a Swim Spa?

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One of the first questions that any consumer in their right mind should ask is,


“How much does a swim spa cost?”

The purchase price range for swim spas can vary and the range of prices is pretty large. Consumers can expect to spend a minimum of $8,000 on a new, low-end swim spa. Of course, as cutting-edge features are added to the equation and as designs get larger and larger, the price tag can quickly jump up to $30,000 or more.

For most people, a swim spa can be a pretty significant investment.

However, it is important to note that swim spa prices are still far less compared to the cost of a traditional swimming pool. Many swim spa buyers note that they save nearly half of what they would have spent on a traditional pool after buying a swim spa.

Swim spas have some noteworthy advantages compared to regular pools as well, including the fact that they can be used throughout the year thanks to the fact that the water can be heated, similar to hot tubs. Pools are mostly limited to summer depending on the area one lives in.

Essentially, the initial upfront cost of a swim spa might be worth a lot more than that of a swimming pool in the long run. Typically, the cost of a swim spa with solid features sits at the $15,000 price point.

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Installation Costs

Similar to a pool, depending on the property layout, the installation cost can be one of the hardest things to swallow when it comes to purchasing a swim spa. Prior to installation, consumers need to consider delivery costs as well.

People that don’t have easy access to flatbed trailers will need to have their swim spas delivered to their homes. The delivery costs can vary depending on where it is that a consumer lives, how large the swim spa model is, and how many people are needed to take it off the truck and move it to the installation location. Some people only end up spending a few-hundred dollars while some end up spending thousands.

It is important to find out whether or not a particular swim spa includes set-up costs or installation costs. The cost of installation for swim spas includes quite a few factors, as some can be far more time-consuming than others.

Buyers often have to ask themselves a few questions before buying a swim spa for sale.

Is there are sort of site preparation involved in the installation. If so, what kind of preparation is needed?

Is there any necessary electrical work required to convert a standard 110v to a 220v?

Will people be able to move the swim spa into the installation location or will it require some sort of large machinery, such as a crane?

One thing that many buyers do not consider is the fact that a swim spa is much heavier than a standard hot tub. Most swim spas are made out of a single piece of acrylic or fiberglass. Buyers must have a swim spa base, such as a slab of concrete that is over 6″ thick.

On average, consumers end up spending close to $1,500 when it comes to an above-ground swim spa installation. Those who need to rent a crane to haul the swim spa into the yard might end up spending another $1,000.

Next comes the question of whether to purchase an in-ground swim spa or an above-ground swim spa. In-ground swim spas don’t cost as much on the upfront purchase price, though the installations costs can add up very quickly. Installation for an in-ground swim spa is very similar to that of a traditional pool.

A hole will need to be dug that is larger than the size of the swim spa. Of course, that hole must also avoid any gas lines, water pipes, power cables, and phone lines too. The sides of the hole must be sprayed with some form of concrete or mortar to protect the sides of the spa from the Earth’s harmful elements.

On average, this type of in-ground installation can end up costing another $3,000, making in-ground installation the more expensive option.

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Maintenance Considerations

Once the swim spa has been set up, it must be filled with water. Swim spas can be filled using a hose, though the amount of water will completely depend on the swim spa dimensions. Once the water is in the tub, it will require chemicals to be kept clean.

Chemical products for swim spas are not a one-time purchase either. The types of chemicals depend on the tub, the climate conditions, and the maintenance schedule that one wants to acquire. Beyond chemicals for water purification, maintenance costs include the need for repairs later down the line. Cheaper swim spa models typically require more repairs throughout their lifetime compared to more expensive models.

While budget swim spas might be enticing, they typically use much cheaper materials for the current system, spa cabinet, pumps, and shell. Cutting costs upfront is never a good idea, as it typically leads to more work later down the line.

Within the realm of maintenance costs lies energy costs. One thing that most experienced swim spa owners recommend is finding swim spas with energy-efficient components. Inefficient models typically end up costing users hundreds more per year.

For the most part, electricity costs for a typical model can cost anywhere from $50 to $100 every month. Still, these swim spa costs are far less than the costs one would incur from a traditional pool.

Bottom Line - Finding The Best Swim Spa For a Lower Price

Swim spas are not cheap by any means. However, swimmers who want to enjoy the swim spa experience with one of the best models on the market can certainly save money by following the steps and recommendations above. There are plenty of options for all different types of backyard spaces.

With swim spas, consumers can enjoy all of the wonderful benefits of the swimming experience, performing various exercises with the assistance of innovative current technology. Plus, with many of the same features as hot tubs, such as high-quality jets and water-heating motors, swim spas can be used all-year-long for relaxation or family fun.

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