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Turkish Coffee Cup Readings - Symbols, Fortune Telling, Reading Coffee Grounds & More

November 19, 2020 GMT

Chicago, Illinois - ( NewMediaWire ) - November 19, 2020 - Fortune telling started many centuries ago in Europe and the Middle East. It wasn’t until the 17th century that fortune reading using tea was introduced. However, this practice in the Middle East preferred coffee grounds instead. Reading coffee grounds is a type of tasseography or fortune-telling that claims to gain insight into an individual’s life. 

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This article aims to explain how reading coffee grounds works, the meanings behind the symbols, and how psychics claim to use coffee cup readings to make predictions about the future.


Turkish Coffee Cup Reading

Turkish coffee readings are a popular type of tasseography. Tasseography comes from the French and Arabic word “tasse,” which means cup, and “graph,” which means writing. Tasseography includes reading using coffee grounds, tea leaves, and wine sediments. 

Turkish coffee cup readings are considered unique because they paint a more detailed picture of the coffee drinker’s life using various Turkish coffee reading symbols.

What Takes Place in Coffee Reading

A psychic reader is able to interpret residual coffee grounds on the saucer or in the cup because Turkish coffee tends to leave a thick, muddy remainder on the bottom of a cup or saucer.

Once a person finishes drinking their coffee, an advisor will swirl the cup up, pray, then place it on the saucer facing upside down. After, they’ll allow some time for the remaining coffee grounds to fall on the saucer. As the coffee grounds drips onto the saucer, they leave patterns on the cup’s surface while creating new ones on the saucer.

An advisor then interprets the images or patterns created to provide information about their client. He or she can help one gain insight into essential scenes, past events, paths to their future, initial letters, and the energy of people surrounding them.

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Symbols Used in Coffee Reading

There are varying coffee cup reading symbols. However, it’s important to mention that every reading is different, and readers use unique approaches during fortune-telling. Some things to consider include:



A symbol’s size determines the outcomes. If it’s big or occupies too much space in a cup or saucer, it could indicate something significant.


The amount of coffee that has accumulated in different places on a cup and saucer also affects predictions. For instance, how much coffee went into shaping a dog’s symbol can determine whether that dog is only symbolic or whether it represents an actual dog.


Where the shapes and symbols appear on the cup is also another essential factor. If they appear on a saucer’s periphery, for instance, it means that events aren’t that significant. The descending order of importance is from the cup’s center, peripheries, saucer’s center, and then saucer’s peripheries.


A “tower” symbol, for instance, can be interpreted differently. One reader may see it as riches, while another may interpret it as loneliness. The meaning of symbols depends on what context is being used. 

Some things that advisors consider are objects next to the tower, people inside or outside of it, and its connection to the latter story that’s shown on the cup and saucer.

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Turkish Coffee Cup Reading Symbols


Since coffee readings originated in the Middle East, the eye symbol represents an “evil eye.” In simpler terms, that is harmful spells or energies, black magic, negative people that are willing to harm someone, and so on.

A Pen or Pencil

This represents starting a new chapter in one’s life. It’s a chance to re-write one’s fate a new. It can also represent that a client’s profession involves art or writing.

A bird

This shows incoming news. How the news is important depends on the bird’s size and location. If it is located at the cup’s or saucer’s center, it means life-changing news, whereas if it’s at the periphery, it shows less relevant news.

Vehicles, a Ship, or Plane

Any form of transport represents a journey, movement, immigration, vacation, or a visitor coming from a far place. It could also show an inner transformation that is life-changing.


Animals in coffee cup readings are human qualities that one needs or has too much of. They may also represent other people in a client’s life.


These are actual individuals in one’s life. They can be seen on the cup or saucer. The reader can describe their qualities like thin, tall, overweight, hair type, or if they’re wearing glasses, etc., to help one understand who that person is.

Mountains and Bridges

Mountains represent a barrier or an obstacle in a person’s life, a challenging goal, or a location where someone physically lives. Bridges are a sign that one is arriving at a new place, or they can show connections between people, groups, or events. It can also mean that events are finally making sense.


It symbolizes an actual house or someone’s inner soul space. It can mean relocating to a different apartment or a significant change in their lives.

What Can Be Said About Online Coffee Cup Reading?

Well, the psychic industry has significantly changed. Nowadays, advisors offer their services online. Thankfully, coffee readers haven’t been left behind. Today, individuals don’t have to travel to the Middle East to get their reading. Instead, there are online coffee readings that are just a few clicks away.

Online coffee readers often use a cup, saucer, and coffee grounds on a client’s behalf to predict answers. Additionally, individuals can also send them an image of their cup through an email if they want. This is easier and more effective.

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