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Stronger Together Reviews - Collier FitFam Couples Program?

October 14, 2020 GMT

Los Angeles, CA - ( NewMediaWire ) - October 14, 2020 - Stronger Together by Collier Fit Fam is a challenge for consumers to work out in a way that brings people together as a unified pursuit of fitness. The program is a  4-week couple’s fitness challenge  that helps you reach your fitness goals together. The program doesn’t require a demanding diet or extreme workouts, but it is based on the connection between people to help motivate and drive the demand to get healthier.

What is Stronger Together?


Taking care of the body requires commitment, but how many consumers don’t bother to get involved with fitness for the sake of their social life? Spending time with a partner or friend is always a bit more fun than getting sweaty, leading consumers away from healthier habits. Most exercise plans are independent and lonely, requiring every bit of the user’s focus to be successful. However, Stronger Together breaks the mold.

Before the creators go into the requirements of the program, Stronger Together explains that it isn’t an extreme dieting program, and there’s no need to stop all of the carbohydrates possible. Though intermittent fasting is a helpful diet, that also isn’t  Stronger Together’s  purpose. Instead, as the creator’s state, “it’s someone.”

Consumers are motivated by the people around them, and that concept means that the user’s fitness partner’s experience level. It’s all about motivation. Some studies show that having a partner during a workout regimen can help consumers work out more consistently and stick with eating plans more easily.

Along with the ability to work out, this proximity, combined with a heightened heart rate, makes every exercise session into a step towards intimacy. This is a bond, unlike any other, and it eliminates the excuse of “no time” that many consumers use to explain away why they haven’t started on their weight loss program. Plus, with a partner around, the time begins to fly much more quickly.

Developed by Sammy and Shailey Collier, this couple saw an opportunity to use their skills as athletes as a way to improve their health together instead of apart.

Purchasing Stronger Together

To join the Stronger Together challenge, the total cost to users is $39.95. This charge is a one-time transaction, and all of the materials are digital. Users will be able to access it as soon as it is purchased.


There is no return policy listed on the main website, but ClickBank (the third-party merchant) offers a 60-day window to return and be reached at  https://www.clkbank.com/#!/.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stronger TogetherHow does this program break up the workout?

Every cycle of the Stronger Together system focuses on two-week intervals of use. Every time a new session is introduced, the body experiences a boost for each muscle group that won’t become boring but will still show the user results.

Who is this program for?

Both men and women can get results from this regimen. The company also offers a Couples Program that can be done as a relationship-building fitness routine.

What if users still want to lose more weight?

Not a problem. The program can be repeated every 30 days until they reach the goal they want to achieve.

What if the user is not in a relationship?

That’s not a problem. The program thrives on working with another person, but that companion doesn’t need to be a romantic partner. Users can get involved with a friend, sibling, parent, or any other person that wants to get in shape with them.

What’s included in the Stronger Together program?

With the purchase, users will receive access to warm-up sessions, methods of working out at home or the gym, full breakdowns of every exercise to improve the form, and motivational statements to stay involved. Users will also get a discounted nutrition guide to follow during the workout.

Final Thoughts

Stronger Together  centers around having a workout partner to keep up the motivation for the regimen. While it is unclear if both users need to purchase the program, all of the details should make working out substantially easier than working out alone. The website doesn’t describe much information about the dieting or fitness routines that the user will need. The entire focus is on working out with another person, so users will likely have to purchase to see what will be required.