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15-Minute Manifestation Reviews - Legit Meditation Program?

December 17, 2020 GMT

Homewood, IL - ( NewMediaWire ) - December 17, 2020 - 15-Minute Manifestation is a program that shows consumers how to change how their brain pushes them into the future. Furthermore, this program centers around someone who has used his particular type of  manifestation to become the successful entrepreneur  that he is today.

There is a press release, dated November 7, 2020, concerning the system.  According to the press release, “The 15 Minute Manifestation program is a completely digital program, which allows customers to get instant online access. The course includes 3 audio tracks that were created with the help of top audio engineers, NLP and hypnosis experts. These tracks combine what Sergey describes as the purest Theta frequencies with real natures sounds and guided meditation scripts designed to speak directly to the subconscious mind.”


What is a 15-Minute Manifestation?

Manifestation is controversial, but many people believe in the power that it has. While many people wonder how much they can actually achieve through it. The creator behind a program called 15-Minute Manifestation says that there’s a certain amount of change that can happen with the right beliefs. In fact, they say that they used this exact concept – “Gun to the Head” manifestation – to overcome their cancer diagnosis as a pre-teen.

The creator –  Eddie Sergey  – doesn’t have a background in college, and he didn’t finish elementary school. With the manifestation techniques that Eddie describes, he was even able to become a “financially abundant entrepreneur.” While this program will teach consumers what to do, users are also told that learning about this type of power was the worst thing that he could do. Interestingly, that’s exactly what he is asking users to do.

Eddie explains that the brain is running on the orders of what it has been doing for its entire life with the subconscious. To make a change, users have to create a new message in their subconscious, sending a magical stone that can change anything. Anyone can transform what they are going through, but they don’t need to spend hours in meditation every day to achieve it. The process is meant to be easy, and the creator said that a newborn could do the same thing (if they could follow such a program).

The concept of manifestation isn’t anything new – there are hundreds of meditation programs on the market today. However, with  15-Minute Manifestation, consumers will be changing their current narrative, the beliefs they hold about their life, and the fear they have about what will come if they have faith. These concepts rule the subconscious, and they are collectively referred to (by Eddie) as The Editor.


Through the program, consumers will learn what they can do to control the Editor, and the Editor is zoning in on two types of energy – the Wave and the Particle. The energy is specific to what is happening now and what is a possibility. 15-Minute Manifestation deals with the possibility, using Theta frequencies. Users don’t have to learn to do anything – they just had to listen. The process takes approximately three weeks to make a change, though everyone is different.

Purchasing the 15-Minute Manifestation

For $39.99, consumers get all of the curriculum that they need from 15-Minute Manifestation, including three different tracks and access to an app.

Along with the typical meditations, users will also receive a track on the delta brainwaves, which is called  Deep Sleep Now. This meditation is used to help keep the user’s sleep peaceful.

If the user doesn’t find themselves making a change in their life with this program, they have up to a year to request a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions About 15-Minute Manifestation

How could 15-Minute Manifestation be different from other products?

The program focuses on helping individuals change their Editor, rather than wish things into existence. The program is designed to change the user’s existing programming, though they don’t have to learn to make this happen. Instead, the tracks will do it for the user, based on research by the University College London.

What if consumers have already learned to manifest?

That doesn’t matter here. The program isn’t about learning. In fact, it works to undo this programming and establish it for themselves. The creator states that the reason that users may have not had success before is due to the way that they fill their minds with learning instead of programming.

Are there any potential side effects of using 15-Minute Manifestation?

No. However, some of the tracks can be incredibly relaxing, so they shouldn’t be listened to while driving or doing anything else that requires intense attention.

For any other questions, reach out to the customer service team by sending an email to  info@12minutemanifestation.com.


15-Minute Manifestation provides users with a way to change their life direction with meditation tracks and other resources. The goal is to change their brainwaves, which means that they won’t have the same potential for their future as before.  The program doesn’t take a lot of work, focusing instead on audio tracks that can change the mind’s general programming.

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