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Ditch Dieting Crash Course Review: Weight Loss Video Program

November 20, 2020 GMT

Los Angeles, CA - ( NewMediaWire ) - November 20, 2020 - The Ditch Dieting Crash Course is a six 20-minute video course to guide individuals on how they can give up dieting and regain their self-confidence in life. The Crash Course has helped many slim down and attains the body shape they’ve always dreamed of. The training material includes all the tactical tools to get off the proverbial yo-yo diet plans. All while empowering its users to eat whatever they want, when they want, and keeping their health in mind.


Who Is the Ditch Dieting Crash Course For?

The Ditch Dieting Crash Course was created for those who know precisely what they need to eat but don’t and have no idea why. It’s also for those controlled by their diet and see their scale numbers going upwards, then down, making them feel like they failed again in their weight loss mission. Many have tried a 30-day cleanse and tried to follow 8-week diets, but without any success. If one is to feel confident in their own body and secure about the way they look, slimming down is often a must. Completing a diet can do all this and bring the feeling of accomplishment, but unfortunately, the weight is almost immediately put back on, and there’s no way of understanding how it can be kept off. Feeling amazing from both a physical and emotional point of view is a great challenge. Losing weight sometimes requires too much discipline and motivation. Simultaneously, people need to think they’re more than just their body and try as hard as possible to not be obsessive in their weight loss journey.

How Does the Ditch Dieting Crash Course Work?

To remain focused on what’s truly important and still lose weight, people need to learn the truth about nutrition to understand the WHYs and HOWs of weight loss. They should know slimming down is a result of them feeling confident, healthy, and energized. At least, this is what’s needed to achieve long-term results. What they have to do first is stop stepping on the scales and feel good about themselves. Second, they need to give up any diet they may be on. Third, listen to the Ditch Dieting Crash Course advice and not give up food or social events in their life. Everyone who has tried this training program managed to lose weight by eating what they love without feeling guilty.

Who Created the Ditch Dieting Crash Course?


The Ditch Dieting Crash Course is created by a personal trainer and nutritionist named Andrea. A few years back, Andrea was struggling with diets as well. She was feeling like a failure and very worried about what people thought of the way she looked. This had her under the impression that she was defeated and overwhelmed all the time. Since she couldn’t figure out what to do to get out of this rut, she decided to do what her body and mind were telling her to do. Many individuals are looking for answers on what they should and can eat and when, for quick weight loss fixes that could have them shedding 7 to 10 pounds in just 1 week. While this is possible, it can’t be done by dieting. Weight loss happens when nutrition is wholly understood, also when the body and the mind are working in synergy. A complete body and mind transformation like this can be achieved by following Andrea’s Ditch Dieting Crash Course.

What Do People Get with the Ditch Dieting Crash Course?

Here’s what’s included in the Ditch Dieting Crash Course:

6-Module Video Course

These videos don’t last more than 20 minutes. They address every topic of the entire training, not to mention they don’t contain any fluff information, meaning they’re straight to the point and only talk about how weight loss can be implemented into one’s life very rapidly.

Access to the Ditch Dieting Crash Course Private Facebook Group

The Ditch Dieting Crash Course Private Facebook Group is a community of like-minded people who are either following the course or have completed it and managed to lose the weight they wanted to get rid of. Joining this group makes the Ditch Dieting experience even more fun.


Andrea will offer coaching calls on the Facebook community every week. She will do Q&As and meditations as well.

How Much Does Ditch Dieting Crash Course Cost?

The total value of the Ditch Dieting Crash Course is $997, but Andrea is now offering for only $197.00. By watching the six - 20-minute videos included in the training materials, individuals will become able to implement Andrea’s teachings and tools meant to change their mindset so that the extra weight they’re carrying is lost forever. The videos and other sources can be accessed via any internet browser. The other good news is that the $197.00 will need to be paid only once to obtain lifetime access to regularly updated content.

For those who don’t feel like the Ditch Dieting Crash Course is what they were expecting, can contact ClickBank the seller’s website, and will allow for the return or replacement of the product within 60 days from the date of purchase. Consumers can reach out to them by email or live chat at, https://www.clkbank.com/#!/.

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