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20-Day Rapid Smoothie Diet Reviews (Derek Wahler) - Worthy Guide?

December 5, 2020 GMT

Homewood, IL - ( NewMediaWire ) - December 05, 2020 - The 20-Day Rapid Smoothie Diet is a weight loss program that outlines the user’s entire regimen to help them  shed weight quickly and without working out. The program outlines smoothie recipes that will naturally help the body to burn through fat for adults of all ages.

What is the 20-Day Rapid Smoothie Diet?

Losing weight at age 30 is significantly different than losing weight at age 45, regardless of gender. The metabolism doesn’t keep up in the way that it used to, making it harder to eat the same number of calories for the same result. Recent research at Harvard has found that the body accumulates bile in the stomach, which is directly linked to weight loss. However, many people remain unable to lose weight with calorie restrictions or less exercise, suggesting that there is more to this problem.


With the use of smoothies, the  20-Day Rapid Smoothie Diet  aims to help. Through this regimen, the creator says that it is possible to drop over 70 lbs. without adding any exercise or giving up meals. The first 20 lbs. are expected to come off during this 20-day regimen, shutting fat directly from the stomach at a rate of nearly 200% faster than other programs. In fact, the creators even suggest that a loss of two dress sizes in a week isn’t unfathomable.

This entire program is natural, and the meal plan is already made for the user to eliminate the guesswork. Most people start seeing their body change on the first day, even as they fill their body with nutrients from all of the healthy ingredients in the smoothies. It helps the user achieve a flat stomach, but they won’t have to be hungry, and the results will last.

How 20-Day Rapid Smoothie Diet Works?

The use of thick smoothies, like those found in the 20-Day Rapid Smoothie Diet, helps the body feel full at a more rapid pace than a regular meal, but why does that matter? When the body is full, the individual doesn’t seek out more food or feel desperately hungry, which means that they won’t indulge in all of the foods they would otherwise be dreaming of. Plus, rather than being a thick mix of protein and maybe a banana, these smoothies have many healthy and delicious ingredients.

It comes down to the fact that the body simply doesn’t a stringent workout routine or a diet plan that is fit for a hamster. The smoothies do the work for the user.


Purchasing Access to the 20-Day Rapid Smoothie Diet

To access all of the content offered with the 20-Day Rapid Smoothie Diet,  the total cost is $15. Everything is delivered as a digital download, allowing users to begin the program as soon as they make the payment.

Included Materials

The 20-Day Rapid Smoothie Diet is a complete system that outlines everything that the user will need to know to engage in this program. The main guide will explain exactly what the user needs to drink and eat on their created schedule. The recipes included offer both the smoothies and regular meals that help the fat to come off. The body will start transitioning into a fat-burning machine within 24 hours, targeting the stomach and the rest of the user’s midsection.

Along with the main guide, the user will receive several bonuses, starting with the 5-Minute Rapid Smoothie Recipe Book. The recipe book has multiple smoothies they only take 5 minutes to prepare, making it easier for consumers on a tight schedule to continue to follow the program.

The next bonus is Weekend Rapid Smoothie Detox. The guide takes over the user’s weekend for a quick loss of up to 10 lbs. over just a few days. Users won’t need to consume high amounts of protein and vegetables, but they will still lose weight and even make themselves look years younger.

The Frozen Fruit Smoothie Recipe Book is the third bonus, showing users what they can do with frozen fruits without the sugar. Far too many people consume fruit smoothies that cause weight gain, which is the opposite of their goal. By using these recipes, users won’t need any expensive or fancy ingredients to get healthier.

Next, there is the Fat-Burning Protein Smoothies Guide. All of the smoothies in this recipe are rich with protein to help them feel satiated without plating up an entire meal. The body requires protein to maintain the muscles and their strength, but it is also necessary to trigger metabolism.

Rapid Smoothie Diet Quick Start Guide starts the user off on the right foot, helping them to engage in the routine quickly. This guide is beneficial for consumers that may want to start on their weight loss but does not have time to read the entire guide right away.

The final bonus – 100 Calorie Fat-Blasting Smoothies –  helps the user to subdue their appetite without consuming too many calories.

Frequently Asked Questions About the 20-Day Rapid Smoothie Diet

How do consumers know if the 20-Day Rapid Smoothie Diet will work for them?

This program caters perfectly to anyone with at least 15 lbs. They want to shed but have yet to make it happen. It doesn’t matter if they’ve already tried other trendy diets and failed because this program is not like them. Instead, it helps users to activate the hormones in their body that controlled weight loss.

Is the 20-Day Rapid Smoothie Diet safe?

So far, there have been no adverse effects with the use of this program. Consumers as young as their 30s and as old as their 80s have seen great results as they’ve engaged in it. However, anyone with a medical condition may want to speak with a doctor before they begin.

Do users need to be fit before they begin?

Not at all. This program aims to help consumers that need to lose more than just a couple of pounds and have yet to succeed. Some people have to lose up to 50 pounds and have seen success with the 20-Day Rapid Smoothie Diet.

Is it possible to lose weight too quickly during 20-Day Rapid Smoothie Diet?

The majority of people will experience a loss of no more than 11 lbs. during the first week, thus some people lose as little as 3 lbs. if the user feels that they’re losing weight too quickly, they can adjust the program to suit their needs.

What if this program doesn’t help the user to lose their weight?

All users would need to do is contact the company to get a complete refund.

Will users get bored with all the diet food?

No, because there isn’t any. There aren’t low fat foods or low-calorie snacks that users have to purchase to see a change. The program uses affordable groceries that can be found at a local store nearly anywhere.

For more questions, speak with the customer service team by sending an email to


The 20-Day Rapid Smoothie Diet helps consumers to fight back against the weight that they’ve gained and achieve a healthier figure. The program is relatively easy to follow, considering that everything is laid out for the user. The only thing that they have to do is drink the smoothies and watch the weight come off.  It works for all adults, and it is relatively affordable to purchase.

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