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Feel Good Knees Review: Kill Your Joint Pain Using Feel Good Knees eBook!

October 30, 2020 GMT

New York, NY - ( NewMediaWire ) - October 30, 2020 - The Feel Good Knees book, a fast pain relief program developed by Todd Kuslikis, states it can not only help you by not only helping to control and reduce your knee pain but strengthen your knees to the point that they won’t hurt ever again.

It claims to do this with a series of exercises that have been used since ancient times to promote better knee health. In this Feel Good Knees review, we are going to take a closer look at this program to understand whether Feel Good Knees a legit program or not.


Understanding the Feel Good Knees Program 

Todd Kuslik is a veteran in the field of injury prevention, through his research found that the human body is capable of repairing and rebuilding almost any kind of damage it endures. All it requires is time, the specific nutrients, and for you to not get in the way.

The same can be done for knee pain. His research led him to understand that people face knee pain due to three specific causes; cellular inflammation, postural misalignment, and cartilage deterioration.

We know that maintain a good posture is key to feeling and looking good, but research has shown that even a slight deviation in ideal posture, even as much as 5%, can lead to almost 70%-90% more stress being placed on our knees.

Cellular inflammation has been found to be the root cause of knee pain in most American above the age of 45. Cartilage is the softer tissue found in our knee joint, which allows it to bend and move. Degradation of this tissue has been linked to various knee-related injuries.

These three factors can cause excruciating pain and make it so that one feels almost disabled. It also promotes a vicious cycle of bad knee health, as people with knee pain tend to try and not exercise as much, leading to not just weaker knees but also weight gain.

So Todd created the Feel Good Knees exercises, a series of isometric exercises which are designed to strengthen the knees and improve their mobility leading to a reduction and elimination of knee pain. Isometric exercises are simple and effective exercises done by only increasing and decreasing the tension in the muscles.


These exercises, Todd claims, have been widely used in Eastern therapeutic practices to help with a knee injury and recurring knee pain. Let’s take a look at the features of this program to understand how exactly it works. 

Features of the Feel Good Knees Method and how they work

The Feel Good Knees Program reviews by users states that you would need only 5 minutes of your time every day to perform these simple isometric exercises. By increasing and decreasing the tension in the muscles around the knee, Feel Good Knees states it can help to strengthen the joint without needing to move it excessively.

Given that you don’t need to move around too much for these exercises, they could be performed anywhere and at any time of the day. They are also low impact exercises, those who do not put too much strain on your joints or your body, so they can be performed with any other exercise routine you are currently following.

The exercise work by helping to combat the three knee pain factors we discussed previously. Specific exercise help to better the alignment of the kneecap with the joint socket, allowing for better motion and less strain. Better mobility also reduce the wear and tear of the present cartilage to increase the healthy lifespan of your knees.

The reduced wear and tear of the cartilage also reduce the inflammation response your body directs towards the joint to repair it. The exercises snowball one effect into the other, leading to an overall better condition of the knee.

The main advantage of the Feel Good Knees program

While pain relief is the primary goal of this program, it also aims to rebuild and strengthen your knees to keep them healthier for longer. As such, the exercises are multifunctional and have more than one benefit.

  • Better Overall Strength

Your knees are quite literally the pillars of your body. When the muscles and joints are healthy, you can expect to experience a boost in overall strength as well as an elevated mood, as you would be free of nagging pain.

  • Regrow Healthy Cartilage

Most people feel that the damaged cartilage in your knees is irreparable, but new studies claim that this may not be the case. As the exercises would improve joint mobility, the more fluid motions of your knee would reduce the amount of wear and tear the cartilage faces, allowing your body to rebuild and regrow the cartilage effectively.

  • Improved Painless Joint Mobility

Working in tandem with growing back the healthy cartilage, your knee would experience a much more comfortable and efficient way of moving, one that results in no pain. This would also allow you to explore other areas of exercise you would be wary of if you would be experiencing knee pain.

  • Reduce Inflammation and Promote Healing:

Since these exercises have been used through time, people have reported feeling a marked decrease in body and joint pain and an improvement in physical functioning and overall vitality as well.

  • Holistic and Natural Pain Relief:

The Feel Good Knees program has been designed for fast pain relief for those who have been suffering from chronic knee pain. It is entirely natural and requires only the exercises to work.

  • Knee Cap Realignment and Greater Stability:

The exercises help to realign the way your bones and knees work, improving their functioning and reducing the amount of stress placed on the joints. This leads to not only better posture and less knee pain, but also more excellent stability while walking and running.

Is the Feel Good Knees program useful?

While this is an entirely subjective question, what stands out about this program is that it states to tackle knee pain at the cause rather than merely helping to manage the symptoms. Pills and supplements say that they will take away your knee pain but don’t address the root cause of it.

It has been proven by science that the best way to keep knees healthy is to keep them active in some form of exercise or the other. So science does back the methodology of this program.

Added to that, several people who have left Feel Good Knees reviews on Google have stated that they have had a very positive experience when following the step by step process of this routine.

What will you learn from Feel good Knees execise program?

The Feel Good Knees PDF contains the simple exercises which you would need to do every day. The good news is they take only 5 minutes and require minimal movement, which means they can be done at almost any time and anywhere.

The book contains several illustrations to help you understand the exercises better, and you will also have access to a repository of videos which can give you a better understanding of how to perform them.

Te Feel Good knees program also claims to help you understand how to better care for the overall health of your knees, what exercises can benefit them and what you can do to make sure your knees don’t know the age, even if you do.

How much does Feel Good Knees program cost, and where can I get it?

Let’s face it; any form of knee rehabilitation or pain reduction can burn a decent-sized hole in your pocket. Everything from the pain killers, supplements, physiotherapy and knee surgery can run very high bills. However, this program is quite a bit cheaper than all of those options.

Usually, the listed price of Feel Good knees exercise program is $50, however, currently, there is a big sale going on, and you will be able to get it for $15 instead. When you buy this program, you are also eligible for a 60 day 100% money-back guarantee if you feel you do not see the desired results.

As a bonus on your purchase of this program, you will also receive two books which will help you promote better joint and overall health as well; “1 Minute Rejuvenation Finishers” & “Postural Alignment Guide”.

The first is a book with a list of ancillary exercises you can do after the 5-minute isometric exercises, or any time during the day really, to help with the recovery of your knees. The second is a book which lets you know of the six most common postural problems people face and what you can do to avoid them.

If you are interested in purchasing this program, please ensure that you download it only from the official website. You can even submit your Feel Good Knees review here to let others know if this program benefitted you.

Feel Good Knees review - Final Verdict

Knee pain is something everyone expects will happen to them at some point in their life, especially as they age. However, recent studies show this need not be the case if they were to care for their knees properly.

Many people who have already tried Feel Good knees exercise program have claimed they have had great results from it. If you are someone who has been experiencing knee pain or even want to keep yourself from going down that route, the Feel Good Knees method can be the routine to help you keep your knees healthy for a long time to come.

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