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How to Find Social Media Accounts by Phone Number

October 10, 2020 GMT

Chicago, Illinois - ( NewMediaWire ) - October 10, 2020 - Social media is exciting, and it’s hard to resist the fun that goes on as people interact with each other online. It also makes it easy to reconnect with old friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues. But, if someone only has a contact number for a certain person and they want to connect with them online, they might ask: Can one find social media by phone number?

Yes, but it can be a challenge because most people are concerned about their privacy and will very rarely include their phone numbers in their social media network profiles. It will also take time because that person will have to enter the telephone number into every social media platform to see if it yields a result. 


After hours of fruitless searching, it might even seem impossible or yield minimal results. That’s unless one uses a special people search engine like Spokeo. 

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Why Find Someone on Social Media by Phone Number?

It is normal to feel skeptical when looking for someone by phone number. It does not sound very practical or even possible to find personal details, but it is. Most social media accounts are verified using phone numbers and, therefore, a profile will pop-up when the person’s number is searched. 

Apart from connecting socially, there are other reasons why one would use a phone number to find someone on social media. 

These may be to:

- Find background information before employing someone or taking a job from an employer. 

- Discover plenty of information about a particular company before attending an interview. 

- Remove old profiles that could be embarrassing to someone keen on building a flawless reputation online. 

- Find out more about a stranger before befriending them. 

- Keep an eye on children to see who they interact with online.

- Check on a spouse’s activities online. (Some people use their phone numbers to register pseudo accounts on various social media platforms.) 

What Can a Reverse Phone Search via Spokeo Reveal?

Spokeo’s confidential reverse phone search uses billions of white pages, directories, and online platforms to find and sum up the details of the person who owns that number. It’s an instant search and users could have the following information in a couple of minutes (if not seconds): 


- Social media profiles including details such as name, age, and gender.

- Contact information such as other phone numbers, social profiles, and email addresses.

- Social media connections, along with photos and dating profiles.

- Location including current address, co-residents, and past addresses.

- Family members who are related to the person, including their names, location, and contact information.

- Personal details, such as property ownership, estimated income, and interests.

- Criminal records (for additional cost).

What Social Media Accounts Can One Find by Phone Number?

After searching for a phone number on Spokeo, several social media profiles are likely to come up. They include:

- Facebook accounts

- Instagram accounts

- LinkedIn profiles

- Pinterest profiles

- Amazon profiles or wish lists

- Flickr accounts

- Websites

- Blogs

- Twitter accounts

Users can use Spokeo for free if they are only wanting basic information. To unlock a person’s complete profile, they will be required to pay a small fee. Spokeo offers a 7-day free membership trial for first-time users so that they can test-drive all the features. 

Other Things One Can Find Out By Looking Up a Phone Number

Spokeo makes it possible to identify a caller or the sender of a text if that number is not in your contacts. The detailed search will find the caller’s social media profiles, address, and full name, making it easy to decide whether the text or call is worth responding to. 

It helps to identify annoying callers trying to sell products or services. Not everyone wants to buy the latest health insurance package or product, and nobody enjoys answering a robocall. A detailed search in Spokeo will identify the origin of the call. 

It helps stay safe from phone scams. A reverse phone search shows the name and location of potential fraudsters. 

A quick phone search shows if the person is exactly what he or she claims to be. It makes it possible to avoid predators by checking out their real names and identity. 

What Can One Do With the Information Obtained by a Phone Search Number?

- Make wise decisions about connecting with unfamiliar individuals

It’s not always possible to find out everything about a person the first time you meet them. And, sometimes the most dangerous people can pose as harmless. If the only information that someone has is a telephone number, he or she can conduct a comprehensive search on a person before engaging with them in any way. 

For example, as the saying goes, a picture tells a thousand words. Spokeo also finds any images that a person has posted on the Internet. One can tell a lot about a person by the pics they post! A simple lookup by phone can reveal someone’s lifestyle and help the searcher make a wise decision, especially where dating is involved. 

- Find essential information that most people do not want to write down or struggle to remember

Most people are forgetful and quite lazy to note down things that mean a lot to their friends or family. For example, failing to note down someone’s address can make it hard to send them a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas card, but their address is just a click away with the person’s phone number. 

No need to call people to ask them for such information; Spokeo has all the information one needs as long as they are armed with a phone number. This is how one can find names, addresses, email addresses, and much more regarding a neighbor, distant family member, or an old friend.

- Find an email address

With a phone number, it is easy to find someone’s email address. There is a lot of information that an email address can help one find out. Almost every online profile includes an email and so it is possible to find a friend’s or relative’s accounts easily.

- Find out what old school friends are up to 

Reverse phone lookup will find websites and social media profiles like LinkedIn that show their success and career progress. 

- Find old friends

What happened to the girl or boy next door? If someone has their phone number he or she can get their email address and other details, and maybe reconnect after many years.

- Find out about an ex and bring closure

Spokeo’s searches are completely confidential. The person that is being researched does not know about it at all. For those people who have been through tough relationships or breakups, finding out about their ex could bring closure. 

- Buy that perfect gift for a special someone

When buying a gift for a loved one, it’s hard to decide what suits them, especially if they do not have a wishlist on Amazon. Spokeo is the quickest way to find out about their lifestyle and the things they like. Information such as their recent purchase or their Pinterest boards makes it easy to know what to buy as a gift for them. 


Finding social media by phone number is possible with Spokeo. Searchers can use a cell phone or landline number, even an old one will bring up results. With Spokeo’s help, one can quickly sift through extensive data, including billions of phone and white page records, government data, social media, and more to find that certain person. 

Don’t spend time wondering what happened to someone or waste time hunting, try Spokeo today and find them in next to no time.