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Matthew Muller New Orleans Shares Why Running is One of His Keys to Success

November 19, 2020 GMT

New Orleans, LA - ( NewMediaWire ) - November 19, 2020 - When is the last time you went for a long jog? A long run might be just what your body, mind, and soul needs. For Matthew Muller New Orleans, jogging is one of his keys to success. Already busy with his career as a tour guide, teacher, and historian, Matthew Muller New Orleans  always makes sure to find time for jogging and other physical activities.

“It’s easy to find excuses when it comes to working out. You tell yourself you’ll go for a jog tomorrow, or hit the gym next week. But the next day arrives and you make more excuses,” Matthew Muller New Orleans says. “But if you stick to your schedule and work out, you’ve already scored one victory.”


Researchers have found that “small victories” can increase productivity. By accomplishing something, you can boost your morale and feel productive. This can lead to you achieving more. Working out is one small victory you can try to win every day. Simply checking your morning jog off the to-do list can leave you feeling better. Matthew Muller New Orleans believes sticking to a schedule is important.

“One of my strengths, I’d say, is setting a schedule and actually sticking to it,” Matthew Muller New Orleans claims. “When it comes to jogging and exercise, I set a time, and to borrow a phrase from Nike, I just do it. Sticking to schedules helps me stay focused and productive.”

Jogging is great for reducing stress as well. When you engage in physical activity, your brain often releases norepinephrine, a chemical compound that moderates your brain’s response to stress. So jogging then may be a good way to clear your mind and ensure strong mental health. Matthew Muller New Orleans has found jogging to be vital for reducing stress. This, in turn, has helped increase his productivity.

“Definitely, jogging is one of the best ways to reduce stress, at least for me. If I’m having a tough week, then go jogging for an hour or so, when I get back I feel much, much better. If you’re having problems at work or with loved ones, go for a jog. It can do wonders,” Matthew Muller New Orleans states.


As for the best time to run, Matthew Muller New Orleans is a fan of long runs in the rain:

“Running in the rain helps cool down the body, which allows a person to not sweat as much. This preserves vital electrolytes and minerals that the body loses during profuse sweating. Plus, it’s fun and a good distraction mentally on those long jogs.”

Matthew Muller New Orleans Offers Advice for Fending Off Boredom

Struggling with boredom while you jog? Unfortunately, boredom is an issue for many joggers. And it can be hard to go that extra mile if you’re bored. Fortunately, Matthew Muller New Orleans has some sage advice for struggling joggers.

“First, switch up where you run. Some days I go to the park, other days I stick to quiet streets. New scenery turns the jog into an adventure. Second, get a good audiobook. I usually have a history book piping through my earbuds while I run,” Matthew Muller New Orleans notes.