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Cinderella Solution Reviews (2021 UPDATE) Scam or Best Diet System?

January 4, 2021 GMT

Houston, Texas - ( NewMediaWire ) - January 04, 2021 - announces the release of the report “Cinderella Solution Reviews.”

This is an update review for the new product version in 2021. See the official website here.

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Cinderella Solution is a weight loss program specially designed for the female body by Carly Donovan. She saw a gap in the availability of gender-specific weight-loss supplements in the market. Most solutions are made for both genders, although women’s bodies work differently from men’s.


This Cinderella Solution is built on the premise that women’s weight gain is primarily driven by hormonal changes that females experience from puberty. These hormones usually cause a slump in the metabolic rate, which, in turn, contributes to additional weight.

When hormonal changes are combined with poor diet, lifestyle, and a family history of obesity, most women find themselves trapped in rapid weight gain. The Cinderella Solution is customized to work in sync with their bodies’ hormonal changes for quick solutions without the torturous regimens seen in many weight loss methods.

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What does the Cinderella Solution do differently?

Carly Donovan realized grueling workouts and strict diet restrictions were futile when uncoordinated with the changes inside the body. Instead, she created a weight loss program that involved a two-step approach and worked in under a month. On behalf of a strict diet, her Cinderella Solution plan involved making some alterations to food combinations and added a little exercise. According to the Cinderella Solution review, the solution works by enhancing the body’s natural fat-burning mechanism without putting it under pressure, which makes it get quicker results than most workout programs.

From research, Carly Donavan discovered that a number of women from certain parts of the world ate fat-filled foods but did not add any weight. It was found that the trick was not eating leaner foods but how these foods were combined. The Cinderella Solution technical approach to weight loss helps overrun other factors that may be at play to increase weight, such as family history, diet, and lifestyle.


The Process of shedding weight in the Cinderella Solution

The entire Cinderella Solution program for weight loss lasts 28 days. Carly Donovan built it around the Japanese Shoku-Iko, a term that stands for nutritional planning. Shoku-Iko sets the food and flavor pairing guidelines in a way to help achieve a balance of hormones and body metabolism. Besides, the flavor pairing aims to enhance the internal balance and ensure that the body is internally strong.

View pricing and testimonials for the Cinderella Solution

The phases of Cinderella Solution include the following

Ignite Phase

Users start with ignite weight loss solution, which takes 14 days. It aims to teach users the need for nutritional meals on their journey to lose weight. It has several meal options available in the stage meant to create the right atmosphere that will trigger the desired hormones for the women to start losing weight. At Cinderella Solution ignite stage, one is supposed to eat three meals in a day.

Launch Phase

The launch phase of Cinderella Solution introduces a new array of foods in a meal plan. Besides, unlike the ignite stage where users are supposed to take three meals each day, this stage requires them to take four. The meals are meant to accelerate fat burning and boost user’s immunity at the same time. They increase the body’s metabolic rate, thereby ensuring that very little fat is stored under the skin.

The key to losing weight fast is ensuring that one picks the right food combination. Some of the popular combinations in the Cinderella Solution include the following:

- Green tea and min

- Fish and fresh garlic

- Apple fruit and chocolate

- Greek yogurt and sweet potatoes

- Barnins and ricotta

The combinations enhance the body’s metabolism and lead to rapid weight loss.

Details of the program manual

On purchasing Cinderella Solution, users get a manual that is divided into several sections, as listed below.

Cinderella Solution main manual

The Cinderella Solution manual starts by explaining the roles of hormones in enhancing weight loss. It also explains different types of hormones in a woman’s body and how each contributes to weight loss. It is divided into four sections, as shown below.

Part 1: The Cinderella Solution program explained

Chapter 1: Explaining weight loss

This portion explains weight loss from the inside out. It also shows users how and where to start with the weight loss solution.

Chapter 2: The Cinderella Solution rituals for weight loss

- Coupling of food

- A detailed look at flavor pairing

- Nutrition timing

- A series of slim-sequencing exercises

Chapter 3: Ignite and Launch Approach

- The ignite phase

- The launch phase

- Cycling launch and ignite phases

Part Two: How to use the daily nutrition blueprint book

Chapter 4: 14-day calendars

- A set of daily meal plans

- Bonus recipes that offer alternatives to daily meal plans

Chapter 5: Food pairing ritual guide and macros

The chapter teaches about different food types and their contribution to the weight loss effort. They include:

- Prime proteins

- Angel carbs

- Royal fats

- Power carbs

Chapter 6: How to time the meals and the frequency

This section gives a detailed guide on how to time meals for weight loss. It also highlights the number of meals one should take in a day.

Part 3: DIY meal creator

This section has four chapters that cover the following:

- A 3-step instruction guide to meal preparation

- Meal pairing legends for Ignite and Launch stages

- Understanding food portion options

- Food and portion blocks

In addition to the main manual, the Cinderella Solution comes with the following sections:

- A quick start guide for people who do not want to go through the long manual

- A movement sequencing guide that explains the kind of workouts one should take when using the program

- A bonus Cinderella Solution nutritional blueprint that contains everything that Cary Donavan used to lose 84 pounds

- Cinderella Solution university book that explains the main causes of weight gain and loss in women.

Price and refund policy for the Cinderella Solution

Women can purchase the Cinderella Solution online from the official website. For each copy of the solution they purchase, customers get a bonus Cinderella Accelerator System worth 150 USD. The program has a 60 day money back guarantee for those who do not get meaningful results from using it. The 60 day money back means that one can try the solution for almost two months before deciding if it is worth her time and money and get a full refund if it is not.

Is the Cinderella Solution worth the time and money?

From the Cinderella Solution review, it is clear that the weight loss program is easy to use, does not count calories like most methods, and is not restrictive. From user reviews, the Carly Donovan weight loss method actually helps users lose weight in the shortest time possible. Besides, the money back guarantee gives a safety net to those who are not sure that the program would work for them. The weight loss solution is well worth the time and money for any woman out there who intends to lose weight without disrupting her general routine.

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