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Smoke-Free Life Program Reviews - Learn How to Quit Smoking?

December 23, 2020 GMT

Homewood, IL - ( NewMediaWire ) - December 23, 2020 - Do you desire to live a healthy life and quit smoking once and for all? Well, you should try the Smoke-Free Life Program. This two-phase comprehensive audio track program is easy and straightforward, and anyone can use it comfortably to eliminate cigarette cravings. Nonetheless, determination and will power will help users to benefit from the program.

Smoking has almost become part of our lives to some extent. So, quitting smoking can transform your life for the better. But since many people find it challenging to make this change, it’s essential to start the preparation phase.


How Does The Smoke-Free Life Program Work?

The Smoke-Free Life program works to reprogram the brain waves. The audio tracks in the program emit theta waves that reprogram the brain when you’re awake. And as a result, this increases your brain’s capacity to process new information. Ultimately, it helps the brain to create new memories and alters the subconscious mind.

Conversely, positive affirmations work to improve the subconscious part of the mind. So, continually feeding the subconscious mind with positive affirmations helps to program the mind positively. Therefore, the Smoke-Free Life program consists of powerful exercises that improve both the conscious and subconscious mind.

The good thing is that the program is easy and straightforward to follow. It primarily consists of two main phases; the preparation phase and the quitting phase. As mentioned earlier, determination and willpower are essential to ensure you achieve the desired goals and finally quit smoking. Let’s first tackle the first phase, the change/preparation phase.

The preparation stage

In this section, just put on the headphones and listen attentively to an audio track titled ‘prepare for change.’ This auto-recording is designed to feed positive vibrations to the brain and enforce positive change. It reprograms the subconscious mind and helps you believe that it’s possible to change your life and life a healthier lifestyle.

The program also comes with an online workspace with various assignments that prepare you accordingly. But in this section, you haven’t yet started to learn how to quit smoking. The preparation stage usually lasts for seven days, and after a week, you should be ready to continue with the program.


The quit smoking stage

In the second week, your smoke-free lifestyle officially starts. Promise yourself that you’ll not smoke again. Dispose of all cigarettes at home, as well as ashtrays and lighters. Then wear your headphones and make you are comfortable. Listen to the audio track titled ′ Quit Smoking.′ As you listen to the 15-minute audio track, think about all of the positive reasons why you’ll not smoke again. In the personal workspace, monitor your daily progress and work on the exercises and assignments.

Beat the cravings!

After following the program for two weeks, you’ll experience extreme cravings to smoke a cigarette. If this happens, wear your headphones to listen to the audio track titled ′ Stop the Craving ′ track. Listening to the audio track will help to eliminate the cravings. That said, you can listen to the audio track as much as you want.

This should be your daily routine until you eliminate the craving once and for all. Ensure you have all the audio tracks and headphones with you throughout the day. So, start each day by listening to the audio track labeled ‘Quit Smoking.’ After that, listen to the audio track marked ‘Stop the cravings.’ Complete all the assignments on the online workplace.

Enjoy a smoke-free lifestyle.

Once you follow the program as intended, you’ll notice that the cravings diminish quickly, and they will disappear eventually. This can happen in only a few days, but sometimes it might take weeks. Nonetheless, the program can help you live a smoke-free lifestyle. What’s more, it will enhance your quality of life tremendously. That said, follow the program attentively, and you’ll receive its smoke-free benefits.

The Smoke free-life program includes:

  • Quality audio files with instructions on how to quit smoking
  • A starter guide
  • A short guide on how to beat the craving
  • Assignments to help one stay on track
  • It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Available digitally online and can be accessed anywhere
  • Easy to understand


  • Retrains the mind to help beat the cravings that lead to smoking
  • Written in a simple, easy to understand the language
  • Has short assignments that help users stay on track
  • Works on the subconscious mind to help eliminate smoking cravings
  • Detailed with daily routines designed to help you achieve your goals

Why purchase the Smoke-Free Life program?

Addiction is a severe problem that can destroy someone’s life. And as you well know, smoking causes both psychological and physical dependence. Nicotine leaves smokers with a satisfied and feel-good feeling that causes them to crave another cigarette. This automatically causes physical addiction. Smoking cigarettes is addictive and can quickly be ingrained into daily routines, leading to dependency. Often, it’s incredibly challenging to eliminate these tobacco cravings.

All decisions you make in life are influenced by the brain’s central parts, the subconscious part, and the conscious mind. The conscious mind decides to stop smoking. This is the part of the brain responsible for making rational and logical decisions. On the other hand, the subconscious mind influences decisions dominantly, even when you’re unaware.

Remember that the subconscious mind isn’t logical or rational. It works based on the programming of how you live daily. Smokes usually program the subconscious mind to find ways to continue smoking. So, after deciding to quit smoking through the conscious mind, the subconscious mind disagrees.

About the Creator

CEO of Jake Boss Life Tools, or better known as Koos Bossers, states, “Smoking is one of the greatest threats to the quality of life. The journey to my Smoke-free life took me 20 years and was an epic struggle. I desperately wanted to quit smoking, and my health suffered; after literally hundreds of failed attempts, I designed my program to quit smoking. A program that makes it possible for everyone to quit smoking easily. It helped me get and stay Smoke-free. I feel so blessed that my program helped so many other people reach their Smoke-free life.”

Smoke-Free Life Program FAQ’sCan smokers quit after smoking for a long time?

Yes! According to the website; Smokers of all ages will benefit from quitting:

  • Quit at about 30: gain ten (10) years of life expectancy.
  • Quit at about 40: gain nine (9) years of life expectancy.
  • Quit at about 50: increase six (6) years of life expectancy.
  • Quit at about 60: increase three (3) years of life expectancy

 Are there health benefits to quitting smoking?

  • Breathe more efficiently, 
  • extends the length of life, 
  • less stress, 
  • improves blood circulation, 
  • enhances the body’s blood flow, 
  • slow facial aging and the appearance of wrinkles, 
  • senses of smell and taste get a boost,
  • stops teeth becoming stained and have fresher breath, 
  • to name just a few.

Purchase Smoke-Free Life Program

To quit smoking once and for all and live a healthier lifestyle, make a purchase by visiting the official website and buy the 60 days risk-free digital program. Consumers will pay just $49.00 for the two-phase self help comprehensive audio track program to purchase Smoke-Free Life. The digital audio files can be downloaded in mp3-format and the documents in pdf-format. Once you buy the program, it will direct customers to a Thank you page where you can access and download all the Smoke-free life program files.

With the no-risk guarantee, you can request a full refund if you aren’t satisfied with the program for any reason. Contact the company by sending an email to https://jakebosslifetools.com/contact/with “Cancel” within the first 60 days after purchase to get a hassle-free refund.


The Smoke-Free Life program is helpful for anyone who desires to quit smoking. It works to alter the subconscious mind with positive affirmations in the form of audio recordings. Listening to the guide’s audio tracks will help you feel relaxed, and you’ll slowly eliminate smoking cravings.

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