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Get Instagram Followers the Right Way: 7 Best Methods that Work

January 11, 2021 GMT
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New York, NY - ( NewMediaWire ) - January 10, 2021 - Everybody has a different reason for wanting lots of Instagram followers.

Some people want lots of Instagram followers so that they can have something to brag about in front of their friends. Some others want it for marketing purposes. And there are those who want it for the fame.

I’m pretty sure you know what you want yours for.

But what you probably don’t know is how to go about getting it. And that’s where I come in.

Generally speaking, there are two approaches one can use to get many Instagram followers.


1) The organic approach – e.g., hashtagging, cross-promotion, contest, giveaways, Instagram post optimization, etc.

2) And the inorganic approach – buying followers.

Hint: Tap here to buy Instagram followers. You’ll find real humans.

Usually, what people do is choose one approach and ignore the other.

But this is a very wrong way of doing it.

In order to get plenty of Instagram followers (and get them fast), you need all the strategies you can lay your hands on, whether organic and inorganic.

While all the methods that fall under the organic approach have the power to bring you tons of followers, they do take a lot of time and a considerable amount of effort before you start seeing results. But when you throw the methods of the inorganic approach into the mix, the results come quicker.

By and large, the point I’m trying to drive home is if you want to reach your goals faster, you have to adopt the two approaches because, as the saying goes, two heads are better than one. And even more so when the heads are good ones.

When people see that an account has a huge number of followers, they want to associate with it. If others are following this person, there has to be something special about them. I, too, want to find out.

All-day long, a profile with 750k followers will attract new followers better than one with 4k followers.

That’s just the power of social proof.

But what if I told you 50% of the followers in profile A are bought followers? Yes, I just wowed you. It’s possible the owner of that account bought half of the followers you see.

Now, simply because that person has chosen to adopt approach #1 (which gave him 50% followers) and approach #2 (which gave him 50% followers), they’ve been able to woo you successfully into following them. Imagine the number of people this social proof would have had the same effect on.


Disclaimer: This is just an illustration. It doesn’t mean Makeup.collectionig truly did buy Instagram followers.

That said, now let’s get to the discussion of the best organic and inorganic methods of getting followers.

Getting Instagram followers: the organic method

1.       Use Instagram Reels

Our first recommended method to gain followers on Instagram is Instagram’s newest feature – the reels. Unlike stories and feeds, which are only displayed to account followers, reels are shown to the entire public on Instagram.

Meaning that if you use this feature effectively, you can expose your content and profile to the entire Instagram community, which is a surefire way of gaining followers.

Another point that makes this strategy a good one is that lots of users haven’t started using it, which means if you start using it today, you have a huge chance of being discovered.

2.       Join Instagram engagement groups

Joining Instagram engagement groups is another effective way to gain followers organically. Instagram engagement groups, or Instagram pods as they’re otherwise known, are groups comprising of individuals of similar views and interests.

In these groups, you can get followers and likes from people who have shared interests. 

But if you’re serious about getting their attention, you should also return the favor by following fan pages for people who join the group.

In order to get followers quickly using this method, stick with joining groups that align with your niche.

While it can be tempting to join the biggest groups, it’s always best to join groups where people of similar views are.

Below is a figure showing a list of Instagram pods. You can find groups for travel, health, sports, wealth, fashion, wears, etc.

3.       Repost others’ content

You can also gain more followers on IG by tapping into the power of hashtagging.

Already your account belongs to a niche, and that niche most likely has a boatload of popular hashtags. What you do is to sift through these hashtags every day in search of the top-performing posts.

Once you identify these posts, all you have to do is repost them on your page (don’t forget to credit the creator). When choosing a video or photo to repost, be sure you’re the first or second person to repost the content; otherwise, you may not get god engagement for that content.

Now, when others search for hashtags relating to this content, your repost will be amongst the results they’ll see. And since you’ve reposted a top-performing post, chances are you’ll be amongst the highest-placed in the search.

4.       Get followers via BuzzFeed

Buzzfeed is another place to go to if you’re in need of Instagram followers.

On Buzzfeed, creators are allowed to embed a “follow me” button into articles so that readers can easily follow their favorite creators.

To be promoted on BuzzFeed, all you need is to satisfy the platform’s conditions. Once you do, your articles are accepted, with your Instagram profile embedded in them.

Since Buzzfeed receives an average of 130 million readers every month, getting a feature on their platform can translate to tons of Instagram follows.

5.       Cross-Promote on other social channels

How many of your Facebook friends are friends with you on Instagram? Let me not even mention Twitter, TikTok, Whatsapp, and the rest of them.

Many of us clamor for lots of Instagram followers, but we fail to recognize the pool of resources we have at our fingertips.

You can gain more followers on Instagram by simply asking your friends on other channels to follow you. Many of them even wish to follow you, but they can’t because they don’t even know your handle.

Reach out to them with a message, and watch your numbers grow.

As for those who may be reluctant to follow you from other channels, you can encourage them by showing them what they’re missing by refusing to follow you.

For example, if you run a football page on IG, you can send a broadcast to your Whatsapp, Twitter, and Facebook friends, which shows a snippet of your newest post on Instagram.

Just make sure your posts are interesting and engaging.

Also, don’t forget to promote your content on these other channels extensively so that they can reach those who aren’t friends with you yet.

6.       Optimize Your Instagram Posts

Optimizing your Instagram posts is as simple as paying attention to your captions, using the right hashtags, adding alt texts, and knowing when to post.

Using tools like Buffer and Later, you can schedule your posts to appear around the time your target audiences like to come online.

As far as creating captivating posts go, we recommend using a range of post types, from photo and video posts to carousels. 

The benefit of diversifying your Instagram content is that you can track your metrics to look for patterns. For example, if you notice that your carousel posts get more engagement and drive more new followers, you can focus on creating more. 

Next, spend more time crafting better captions. To create good captions, you can follow this formula: headline, setup, share, and call-to-action. 

Headline: this means starting your caption with a catchy line — something that piques people’s interest.

Setup: this means giving your followers a reason to keep reading – more like what’s in it for them? 

Share:  this means coming out with the message embedded in your post – that is, what you really want to say to your followers, whether it’s a story or a how-to tip.

And finally, call-to-action: this is the part that tells viewers what to do. Whether to comment on the post, share it to their stories, or click the link in bio.  

Getting Instagram followers: the inorganic method

7.       Buy followers

The inorganic approach to getting Instagram followers involves buying followers.

I know what you’re thinking: is it right to buy followers?

Yes, it is. Provided you’re doing it the right way.

Think of it as a way of paying people to give you the social proof you need to convince others you’re, indeed, cool to be followed.

The only time when you may land in trouble for buying Instagram followers is when you buy from a bad provider.

To ensure you’re buying followers the right way, follow these tips:

·         Buy From a reputable source that sells real followers

Not all providers that say “buy Instagram followers” are actually worth buying from. Lots of providers, nowadays, sell bot followers, which are not only bad for the reputation of your profile but are also counter-reactive to what you’re trying to do – to get more followers.

In case you didn’t know, Instagram has said it times without number that it doesn’t want bot users on its platform. Once they suspect an account is a bot, they’ll flag and remove the account.

Now imagine you’ve bought followers from a provider that sells bots; how long before Instagram deletes these accounts, and your follower count drops?

Ever heard someone say they bought a certain number of followers, and after a while, the number reduced? This happened because Instagram has purged some of its bot followers.

If you buy from a reputable provider like Stormlikes, however, you’ll be getting real humans – actual people who’re paid for the service of following people.

Note: If you’ll like to buy Instagram likes, you can also buy them from Stormlikes.

·         Buy one step at a time

When you want to buy Instagram followers, you need to ensure you are buying them in batches. For example, if your goal is to buy 10k followers, you can buy them over a span of months in varying batches, say 1k followers in month #1, 500 followers in month #2, 1,300 followers in month #3, and so on.

The reason why it makes sense to buy followers in this format is so that your account can look as natural as possible.

If you open an account today, and by next month you’ve already garnered 10k followers, people might get a little suspicious. If at all you’re lucky Instagram doesn’t flag you.

·         Buy followers that are relevant to your niche/profile

One terrible mistake people make when buying Instagram followers is they just buy a bunch of followers without paying attention to the niches these followers are coming from.

The whole point of buying followers is to build social proof and gain more exposure. If you’re buying followers from niches that are irrelevant to your content, there’s no way your bought followers will engage with your content.

The best way to ensure you’re buying niche-relevant followers is to buy from a reputable outlet like Stormlikes. Stormlikes doesn’t just match an account with random followers. They take their time to understand what an account is about and then sell followers that are relevant to this niche.                                                                                        /p>

·         Get organic followers through natural means.

Once you’ve bought your first set (batch) of followers, the next thing is to follow the six steps we mentioned above to gain organic followers.

Remember, we emphasized at the beginning of this post the importance of combining the two approaches.

You don’t want your account to be crawling with only bought followers. You want a healthy mix of both. And the best way to do this is to leverage the social proof you’ve gotten from your bought followers to gain organic followers.

·         Keep a certain ratio

Another good tip for buying Instagram followers is to always keep the ratio between bought followers and real followers at a minimum of 1:2.

That is, if your account has 1k organic followers at hand, and you want to buy followers, the maximum number of followers you should buy should be 500.

·         Verify the authenticity of your bought followers

Although outlets like Stormlikes will always feed you with real Instagram followers, you still want to double-check your package to affirm that this is the case.

Take your time to check each batch of followers you buy to ensure they’re real humans.

You can keep this at a frequency of 25% followers check.

That is, if you buy 100 followers, you’ll scrutinize any random 25 to see if they’re real followers.

This is a good way to confirm whether a provider is providing real followers or bots.


Getting Instagram followers is not so difficult; you just need a healthy mix of the two approaches we’ve discussed.

Although we haven’t discussed all the organic methods that are there, we’ve definitely touched on some important ones. Feel free to adopt any new ones you find. But make sure you do not forget to buy followers at every strategic point in time.




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