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Immediate Edge Review - Scam App or Legit? Proof of Results

September 23, 2020 GMT

New York, NY - ( NewMediaWire ) - September 23, 2020 - A typical life coach will advise individuals on future objectives more determinedly than a normal person but they sometimes miss the essential facts to include which can cost you later. However, as per us, we believe in achieving financial prosperity, it is best to get the right information and then take any action.

This is likely the reason why we get so many messages about crypto-currency automated trading sites. Everybody wishes to recognize the safest ones which can be considered reliable from a long list of crypto trading platforms. So today we are going to review the claims of one such crypto software which is Immediate Edge.


Immediate Edge is a digital cryptocurrency bot that makes it easier to trade automatically in the foreign exchange and bitcoins-currency markets using analytics and innovative technologies. As the Immediate Edge site has the featured testimonials of people who are making massive sums of money almost right away, it seems impossible to believe yet difficult to judge how successful this robot is in terms of raising cash flow. And this is the core reason why we went for user trials and conducted this review report based on identifying the Immediate Edge as a scam-free platform and checking its Legitimacy.

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Who is behind the Immediate Edge?

You might already be thinking about it and we caught your suspicion. So the individual considered to be an Immediate Edge visionary is Edwin James. He earned millions with crypto algorithmic trading & forex trading tools. According to him, he has mixed all of his experience and learning to build a platform like Immediate Edge which is a privilege for  newcomers to contribute for  and reap the gains.

Immediate Edge, Legit or Scam?

YES! The Immediate Edge is a legit Crypto software. Our team had a great time evaluating and using Immediate Edge’s functionality. It is a legal auto trading site that can be used by everyone on the crypto-currency market who wants to earn good money. It is not only about gaining profits but enjoying earning passively. We are willing to take part in Immediate Edge because it provides another opportunity for the public to make profits passively, irrespective of their demanding careers.


Our evaluation showed that the chance of winning on Immediate Edge is quite strong, we received a 97% output as the win percentage, which is the probable reason behind so many users with the auto trader making a lot of money. We also verified that the crypto software is certified and legitimate. On the Immediate Edge website, the minimum contribution is $250, and the maximum deposit value is $15,000. Immediate Edge is also reliable and straightforward, as it has no secret fees with a 24/7 customer service system.

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Immediate Edge Overview

Immediate Edge is an online trading site which can be used to exchange cryptocurrencies conveniently. The device operates automatically, without the investor’s involvement at all. Immediate Edge is valid, all the characteristics of the auto trading platform have been carefully checked, and everything runs perfectly.

We found out that the automated trading system on Immediate Edge works so well because there is a special algorithm that enhances the function of the trading robots. This is how the system finds and completes the best trading deals for the investors on the platform.

With the bot’s efficiency, even the newbies can have the advantage of earning. Basically, there are two options for investors who would like to make some money from the crypto-currency business; they can either deal through a manual process or use an automated trading tool such as Immediate Edge.

In order to find better bargains in the market, the manual trading process is carried out well only by skilled traders who have advanced trading abilities. The existing system, however, is standardized with auto trading systems such as Immediate Edge; there is no need for trading competence since the machines do all the working.

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How Does it Work?

The operational approach we encountered on Immediate Edge is comparable to the other exemplary auto trading systems that people rated best.

In order to determine the best crypto exchange offers, Immediate Edge interacts with a trading robot that can search the cryptocurrency market in secs. The exchanging robots purchase the cryptocurrency at a reduced price when reasonable offers are identified and sell when the prices rise. All we had to do throughout the test was to press on the button to launch the trading automaton and the software did the better remaining part of the task.

We noted that after a trade run ends, the payout device on Immediate Edge is configured to start. The earnings and assets are credited to the wallet of the users and they may immediately start another trading session for the day or just withdraw the profits. the pIt was so easy to use Immediate Edge because with this highly profitable cryptocurrency trading network, anyone can make money.

Top Features of Immediate Edge

As an automatic trading platform, Immediate Edge is right at the top point of convenience and user friendly system. Its features make it a highly competitive trading bot.

1. Fast Withdrawal or Deposits

Considering people’s doubts about the volatile nature of a cryptocurrency platform, fast withdrawals are a relief. Immediate Edge enables users to withdraw their money, even on a regular basis, or whenever they want. To make a fast deposit anytime, go to the robot’s fund management tab, a form will show up. the user has to fill in the withdrawal form. Within 48 hours or less, the withdrawal amount will immediately be transferred to your provided bank account. 

For the fast deposits,  We made one using a Visa bank card. We chose our preferred form of payment on the deposit page and submitted the payment information. Within seconds, our deposits were moved to the Immediate Edge wallet. You can start your adventurous money making with a minimum amount of $250 which is a benefit because you won’t be risking your financial stability.

2. Easy Registration

Immediate Edge’s registration process is simpler than  anything. it just requires you to enter your identity as your name, email address, your phone number and a password. An email will be sent to your mailbox for validation after you have submitted your registration details. Once you choose to click the attachment link they have provided you to validate your account, the process will be done.

3. No Fees or Extra Costs

Creating an account on Immediate Edge to become a part of this platform does not require any fee or extra costs apart from the deposit you will make after creating an account to trade. 

4 Demo or Live Trading

The Immediate Edge crypto software is extremely user friendly with introducing the two forms of trading for the new or skilled investors. 

Demo Trade

Investors have a chance to use the demo trading tool. It is a free trade method used to learn how auto trade systems operate and to gain further insight. Our one of the great experiences on this platform was demo trading with Immediate Edge. We recommend the investors to try this feature, before using the live trading.

Live Trade

We were happy to find that with Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin, the live trading at Immediate Edge can be undertaken. As the profit value of investors improves with further trading options.

With Immediate Edge, our live trading experience was an incredible experience. We observed how the trading devices worked efficiently and picked the best offers in the market appropriately.

5. Attentive Customer Service

You can only reach out to Immediate Edge’s customer support after you become a registered member of the website. however, it is available 24/7 through live chat and calls.

Final Word

We are confident to claim that Immediate Edge is a beneficial crypto software. With the results, our team is convinced that Immediate Edge has become one of the best value tools for the cryptocurrency market that anyone can use to generate a daily income. However, you must read as many user reviews as you need to be sure about this platform. When you will read other people’s experiences, you will be able to make a wise decision.

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